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Hey, aren’t you one of the five heartthrob zodiac signs? Let’s find out immediately who are the signs that cannot be resisted!

Magnetic gaze, hair that sways in the wind, a disturbing smile, lips that curl at the right point.
Hey, stop thinking about that person who immediately came to your mind reading the description above: we are talking about horoscope , we need to focus!
What do you say: would you like to discover with us which are the zodiac signs which are really impossible to resist ? Here are the Latin lovers of the zodiac : who knows if your partner is not among them!

The heartthrob zodiac signs: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Trust me, I’m not a Latin lover Cesare Cremonini sang , now too many years ago compared to what we would like to think they are.
No, today we have not decided to consult the Lunapop front man to draw up the horoscope ranking, don’t worry!

We want to find out with you what the heartthrob zodiac signs are and, to do this, we asked the stars and planets what they think of them as usual . Are there heartthrob zodiac signs ? And if so, what are they? Obviously the horoscope has given us a list of zodiac signs which, obviously, we just can’t resist.

What do you say: would you like to find out what they are?

Sagittarius: fifth place

We must acknowledge to Sagittarius that, while being a full-blown “heart stealer”, he is not really interested in breaking other people ‘s hearts in half . It simply… happens to him! Sagittarius is a sign that often makes an impression and, even more often, does not even realize it.

That’s why, therefore, Sagittarius touches a position in the ranking of the most heartthrobing zodiac signs of the whole zodiac. They don’t know how much they can create love in others and, therefore, they simply trample hearts … and they don’t even know it!

Leo: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Leo are famous for leaving behind a long trail of broken hearts . It is very difficult for Leos
to understand when someone is in love with them: they think that everyone, indifferently, adores them for how charismatic they are and they don’t think that feelings can have anything to do with it!

The Leos , then, are people who generally like to surround themselves with admirers: if someone does not idolize them, they immediately look at him with suspicion and even a little fear.
For Leos it’s normal to break hearts but, even for them, it’s not easy to realize or give in to others . They think too much of themselves to care about other people’s hearts!

Scorpio: third place

If we talk about charisma , of course, we can’t help but talk about Scorpios too.
Hey but wait a minute: we are talking about the most heartthrobing zodiac signs of the zodiac: how does the charisma get into them?

Obviously the charisma has a lot to do with it and, consequently, the Scorpios too . Those born under this sign are particularly fascinating people who, as a result, also end up stealing many hearts!
Be careful when you start feeling something for Scorpios – when they get their hands on someone’s heart, they generally never give it back!

Cancer: second place

Well yes, dear Cancer , you knew very well that you are in today’s ranking of the zodiacal signs most heartthrob in the zodiac but you did not expect to find yourself so high, did you?
We know well that yours is just pose : you are a real heartthrob even if you like to pretend it isn’t!

For Cancers , in fact, it takes very little to conquer others. They have a way of doing things that attract people to them and are able to manipulate the feelings and sensations of others without any restraint.
Hey, it’s the horoscope that says it! Cancers are people who really can’t help but be charming when they want .

Entrusting your heart to them is like entrusting a handful of rubies to Lupine: don’t think you can see them again!
There are few heartbreakers like Cancers : yet the first place in the ranking is for another zodiac sign!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of the most heartthrobing zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

Watch out, Gemini is coming !
This is a zodiac sign that is often viewed with a little worry or even simple nervousness . It is said of the Gemini that they never stand still, that they have no respect for anyone and that they always and only follow their own interest.

Well, it seems to us that these characteristics (pronounced or not) are those of a true heartthrob! Gemini
are people who tend to try to avoid stability: they run away from relationships and often end up taking the hearts of the people they meet with them!

Dealing with a Gemini isn’t easy but, of course, at least it’s not boring.
By dint of running away, Gemini will never be able to get bored or make you want to stay at home and read a book rather than spend even a minute in their company. More heartthrob than that!

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