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Zodiac Pairs That Are Better Friends Than Lovers

Zodiac Pairs That Are Better Friends Than Lovers Are…

Aries & Virgo:

Aries and Virgo may still not appear to be compatible at first sight, but once they form a bond, they have a fun. They both enjoy being outside and accomplishing goals. While this connection may appear to be a solid foundation for something more romantic, there may be a gap in their sexual habits that makes it difficult for these two to break free from their friend zone. Virgo appreciates a slow burn and prefers to take their time and enjoy plenty of foreplay, but Aries is impetuous and daring and wants to hook up whenever or anywhere else passion hits.

Taurus & Libra:

Taurus and Libra have both Venus as their governing star, which implies they are both drawn to the arts and beauty. Whenever these signs connect, they discover a soul mate who values the good things in life. They make really good activity partners, whether it’s visiting an art gallery or heading out for drinks. However, they lack sexual or romantic compatibility. Taureans can appear needy to an air sign like Libra because Libra is too emotionally detached. Hence, it’s best friends.

Gemini & Cancer:

Twins could communicate with anybody because to their governing planet, Mercury, but their relationship to Cancer is particularly potent. This emotive water sign allows Gemini to dig deeper than they previously imagined, and Cancer enjoys pulling out this part of Gemini. They could talk for hours and tell each other things they’ve never told anybody else, and that type of intimacy is quite powerful. Whenever it comes to a relationship, though, they would realize that they are triggering each other’s flaws. Gemini’s forthright style might irritate Cancerians, and Cancer, in turn, tightens its grip on independent twins.

Leo & Scorpio:

Scorpios have a hard time trusting and opening up to others, which makes it difficult to become close to them. The kind, generous, and faithful Leo, on the other hand, provides Scorpio the assurance they need to truly open up. Both signs admire and respect each other’s directness and honesty. They are both extremely powerful and charming, making them an unstoppable force when they band together as friends. It’s far more difficult for these two to connect romantically. All of the qualities they admire in each other as friends could become liabilities if they believe the other is vying for control in the relationship, which can lead to a lot of friction.

Capricorn & Sagittarius:

Caps and Sags are a sign combination that is unlike any other in the zodiac. Sag is a free spirit who believes in living in the moment. They are unconcerned about achievement or tradition and simply want to get out and explore everything life brings. Tradition, aspiration, and organization are all emphasized in Capricorn. As you can expect, this makes forming a romantic relationship quite difficult. They do, though, have a way of perfectly complimenting each other as buddies. Cap is there for Sag when they need advise or just a strong shoulder to cry on, and Sagittarius helps Capricorn relax a little and enjoy the moment.

Pisces & Aquarius:

Pisceans and Aquarians are not uncommonly drawn to each other. These two water signs have a romantic strain in them. Pisceans puts their heart on their sleeve, while Aquarian burys things a little bit deeper, but both have one. As a result, it’s likely that these friendships begin as sexual or romantic relationships and subsequently develop into friendships. Emotional closeness is where most relationships break down. Pisces loves to be swept off their feet by spectacular gestures, something Aquarius does not usually do. They express their affection in more constructive ways, such as allowing you to be a part of their innermost circle. It’s a love communication problem that usually leads to both parties agreeing that “just buddies” is a better fit for them.

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