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Brides, we identify those characteristics, typical of each sig

If you are desperate for the perfect wedding dress and, in any way, it seems to you that models suitable for you are proposed and if you firmly believe in the stars , stop here for a few minutes.

You will discover that one of the fashions that lately is becoming popular among brides is precisely that of identifying the wedding dress , following a special astrological calendar .

If it is true, in fact, that the zodiac signs heavily influence the character, the attitudes, the way of placing oneself and behaving, why not identify, precisely through the analysis of the zodiac , those characteristics, typical of each sign, which could, in in some way, condition and direct the choice of a wedding dress model rather than another.

On the other hand, the choice of the wedding dress, as we know, is all a complex question that includes the sphere of emotionality, psychology, the attitude of each bride. In short: to each zodiac sign their own wedding dress .

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Brides belonging to the sign of Aries will be characterized by a clean and contemporary taste, they will want straight, simple wedding dresses , free of frills or eccentric details, as smooth and linear as possible.

In fact this is a fire sign, characterized by a strong personality that concerns the masculine, who does not like what is superfluous or strictly decorative. The Aries woman has a modern, practical and clean taste that will certainly not make her appreciate the moment (particularly emotional and subjective) of choosing the wedding dress.

Do not suggest to a bride belonging to this zodiac sign princess dresses, wide and voluminous skirts, lace or lace with an antique taste, but rather suggest dresses with straight cuts, square, without too much excess: a model with a particular neckline or a very light draping on the shoulders, but also an elegant trouser suit.

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Rational, logical and constant sign. Absolutely traditional and classic wedding dresses are suitable for the bull bride , but enriched and made sensual by the use of sophisticated fabrics and textures, brocades, damasks, lace and elaborate laces that allow a glimpse or completely discover the strengths of the women belonging to these a sign that they have well-defined and muscular shoulders and a bursting décolleté.

Perfect, therefore, for bull brides, the models with dropped straps and wide sweetheart necklines, created in luxury materials, particularly elaborate, feminine, with mermaid cuts, tight or snug, or wider and more structured like a real princess of fairy tales.

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The eclectic passion of the twins woman will also be reflected in her wedding dress . If you are part of this astrological sign, you will certainly have a slightly restless sensitivity, in the perennial search for a balance between your purely feminine sphere and the more masculine, fun and practical one that will make you lean towards models that can catch the attention and arouse reactions. strong.

The twin bride will be looking for a certainly particular dress that not everyone can wear, made with even extravagant and unusual fabrics and materials, with polka dot or floral prints, tassels, fringes, in the 70s style or with punk-rock details. Nothing snug or snug, nothing that forces or limits the movements.

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One of the most romantic and respectful of tradition signs, even in the nuptial sphere, is certainly the sign of cancer. Perfect in this case wedding dresses with a retro taste with antique and elaborate lace, in an empire style characterized by some special detail and – why not – shades of silver and ivory, colors of the moon.

Because cancer, let us remember, in addition to being characterized by an extremely romantic and dreamy emotionality, is undoubtedly the most moody zodiac sign that exists.

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The Leo woman has courage and femininity to spare and on her wedding day she will want to conquer the scenes with an important, princely dress.

As lion brides you will be looking for a dress that emphasizes and outlines your bursting décolleté, or a mermaid model that expands your already very marked self-centeredness to the maximum power.

Lion brides will certainly prefer wide and elaborate models, laces, precious fabrics, certainly not minimal or linear. On a chromatic level you can push yourself towards the precious shades of gold, because your sign is strongly influenced by the influence of the sun. You will also be looking for the precious detail to weave in your hair, since the sign of the lion gives the hair a truly exceptional importance.

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If you belong to the sign of virgo, you are rational and extremely precise women . Belonging to the sphere of the earth and for this you will appreciate the cuts and tailoring creations more than other signs. More than accessories and decorative elements, you will give priority to the structure and the workmanship of the dress itself.

You can therefore direct yourself to high fashion wedding dresses , made to measure for you, with laces that reveal a sensual see-through effect, or dresses with a linear cut but embellished with extremely refined details, with veils that become cloaks or with layers of different lengths and textures.

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The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus. Unlike what one might think, Libra women are anything but balanced. Their marked femininity passes through a disordered, restless and strongly indecisive character.

Perfect then for brides belonging to this sign are the dresses that will be able to combine different styles, fabrics and particular shapes, enriched with lace, feathers and embroideries, bringing together different concepts in a single dress: short dresses in front, but with a train, or made in smooth satin silk but with semi-transparent lace inserts.

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The Scorpio woman has a very strong personality, strong and instinctive, a passionate queen with a mysterious charm that alternates moments of maximum sweetness and romanticism, with others of even exaggerated meticulousness.

It embodies provocative and extremely femininity that will allow her to look magnificent with a sensual and feminine wedding dress worn with Texan boots or punk amphibians, to surprise and arouse strong reactions.

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Fire sign ruled and influenced by Jupiter, the largest planet. Probably if you belong to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius you will have organized a great party, both because you love everything that is big and pompous and because you are indomitable optimistic, vital and energetic. You can therefore direct yourself to important and wide wedding dresses, with a strong visual impact, enriched by a few flashy details: a maxi bow at the bottom of the neckline of the back, or an important neck that transforms you into a modern countess.

In perennial movement and lovers of exotic cultures, you may have organized the ceremony in some distant country: in this case you can wear clothes freely inspired by oriental queens or gypsy princesses.

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The slightly snobbish seriousness of Capricorn women will make them lean towards princely wedding dresses, like a real diva.

As a sign of the earth, you will appreciate the elegant simplicity of a dress that is perfect in its linearity, devoid of frivolity, lace or accessories, but characterized by square, sculptural and angular lines. A suit with trousers and jacket with a masculine cut will also be perfect, but worn by a Capricorn bride will acquire extremely feminine shades. Lovers of minimalism, but extremely chic and sophisticated, you will also look perfect with a haute couture dress.

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Unconventional par excellence, but endowed with great intellect and cunning, the Aquarius woman loves nature and all its elements. It has an asymmetrical and eccentric character that often makes it lean towards excess.

The brides aquarium, therefore, will be able to choose between clothes completely made of natural fabrics, with zero impact, draped and large, special and structured on different fabrics, lengths and shapes, with floral lace, coroncine inserts between the hair, feathers, ruffles and fringes with a modern hippie taste.

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If you are a Pisces woman you will surely have an emotional and vulnerable character, romantic and dreamy, refined and precise.

The brides belonging to this zodiac sign will be perfect in antique lace dresses that will outline the figure with skilful elegance, in a retro, hippie or more bohemian style.

You will therefore love draped dresses, but without particular excesses, refined but not too much, to best represent your deepest nature that assigns maximum importance to being, rather than to appearing. Classic wedding dresses enriched with some sober details , never too eccentric or exaggerated.

n, which could influence the choice of a wedding dress model.

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