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These Are The Zodiac Signs Who Aren’t Afraid To Make The First Move In July


Capricorns have too much going on to wait on someone to approach them. They tend to have a strong sense during a first impression if they are into someone, so they won’t bother wasting time. If they are pursuing you, then you’ll know it- they aren’t a fan of miscommunication.


Sagittarius signs do enjoy the chase- but they also know someone has to start it! They will tease and joke around in a way that seems subtle to some but spend enough time with a Sagittarius, and you’ll notice it will become much bolder in a short amount of time. They have a natural connection with so many. They don’t want to miss out on any opportunities, so they won’t hesitate to start something if they are interested.


Aries aren’t afraid to dive headfirst into a moment- if they are attracted to you, they will jump at the chance to let you know. Their enthusiastic personality enables them to make the first move without coming off as desperate, and they know it. They refuse to sit around and wait for a person to approach them- they prefer to grab life by the *ahem* horns.


Leos can go either way- they like to be pursued but also are driven to get what they want. They likely will make the first move to pull you in, though they will fully expect you to pick up the pace and follow up. Leos aren’t ones to be understated in their affections, so if they are attracted to you in any sense, they will ensure you’re aware of it.


Taurus signs seem reserved to some, but they won’t be afraid to reach out if they are interested in a person. However, Taurus isn’t a person who dives headfirst into much of anything. They take their time to make sure when they take this step, it’s the right one for them. If they decide that you are worth their time and effort, they won’t mind making the first move.


Gemini signs aren’t afraid to strike up a connection with a person, considering it’s one of their strong suits. They can sense in a moment if the person they are talking to is someone they might be interested in, in more ways than one. They won’t be afraid to initiate the flirting or even ask you out on a date- they just hope you can keep up with them afterward. Geminis tend to start things without following through, so you’ll need to pick up the pace if you want things to keep moving!

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