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Stop people-pleasing. You’ve exhausted all of your resources this past year, and you need to replenish your heart, and mind by taking care of yourself. You don’t have to do everything that everyone is begging you to do. Learn to say no to the endless requests of others this year, and speak your mind.


Let people in. Break down the walls that you have been holding up for years, and actually let someone into your thoughts, heart, and soul. Know that even if you get hurt, it will be worth the process of unraveling who you are.


Be more accepting of things changing. You’re dead set on the life plan you have, and things are proving to go the opposite way for you. Embrace the unknown, because if you don’t, you’re going to continually be let down. Let change flow through you.


Do not limit yourself this year. Step into paths, passions, and questions that you have, and let that adventure take you places. You are brave enough to let go of what people think of you, and you need to explore your path. Dive into the world of wanderlust, and find a home in the things that scare you.


Focus on one relationship at a time. You pride yourself on being social, and extroverted, but this past year you took on too many relationships at once. You need to slow down, and really tune into the people who are staying by your side.


Simplify your life. It is really easy for you to live in chaos, and it is time to slow down. Clean out your possessions, and use a simple approach when thinking of your belongings, relationships, and emotions. Do not get caught up in the whirlwind of everything, but breathe deep, and find the beauty in the slowness.


Put loving yourself at the top of your list. You have spent far too many days caught up in what everyone thinks of you, and it is time to return back to yourself. Learn to let go of the opinions of others, because they’re going to always leave you empty.


Accept help from others. You have been through a lot recently, and you need to let others guide you. Do not be afraid to open your heart to someone who has your best interest in mind, and wants to be there for you.


Seek emotional growth, and stability. It is easy for you to bring laughter, and good times to others, but you need to find a way to embrace emotional security. Spend time with your past, and get acquainted with the emotions you’re running away from.


Spend time being creative. It is often hard for you to dive into a world that isn’t productive, and full of tasks. You may feel that you lack imagination or ideas. Set aside time to connect with your creative side. You could participate in anything that lets you leave the world of productivity behind.


Set important boundaries. Your kind heart and non-judgment personality is often mistaken as a doormat, and people are not afraid to walk all over you. You need to get real about the things that you are standing in need of and ask for them. Do not let people trample over your feelings, or your dreams this year.


Be completely authentic. You have a tendency of always being the one that is agreeable, and easy to talk to. This leads you to not say what is on your mind, or how you really feel. You need to get honest with yourself, and others in order to be authentic. This, in the long run, is going to transform your life.

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