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These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Constantly In A New Relationship

While some zodiac signs enjoy their single life and have no desire for a permanent partner, others feel like they are jumping from one relationship to the next. No wonder – because they simply don’t feel comfortable being alone and, on the contrary, are absolute relationship people. We’ll tell you here which zodiac signs we’re talking about.


Those born in Pisces are hopeless romantics! They dream of one great love and see no point in being alone. Until they find their perfect match and build a future together with them, they usually have numerous long or shorter love relationships.


The zodiac sign Cancer has a great need for stability and security and feels lost and lonely when single. If a relationship breaks up, people born with Cancer quickly start dating to find a partner again.


Virgo-born people are always up for good conversations and activities and prefer to do both with their partners. Their desire for togetherness is very great and with this attitude, they will be able to land the next permanent relationship in a very short time.


Libras are also absolute relationship people. They are only balanced when they have a person at their side with whom they feel comfortable and can exchange ideas. This need means that they quickly get involved in a new relationship after a separation.

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