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There are some zodiac signs that more than others, tend to run away from relationships. Find out what they are and why they do it. The answer of the stars is signed by sign.

A solid and lasting relationship is most people’s dream. Nevertheless, not everyone can live it serenely. There are several people who often and willingly find themselves fighting with themselves (and with their partner) because once their dream of love has been realized they feel suffocated.

This aspect can have origins from several factors such as examples of negative romantic relationships, previous unpleasant experiences, or an exasperated need for freedom. Added to this is the influence that the stars have on the various zodiac signs. For this reason, today, by analyzing this aspect we will try to understand which are the zodiac signs that run away from relationships and which ones can live them peacefully.

The zodiac signs that run away from relationships and those who live them fully

Aries – Those who run away those
born under the zodiac sign of Aries they are among the signs of the zodiac that most of all shy away from important relationships. An aspect that they do not accept and that leads them to contradictory ways of doing things. Although on the one hand, they love the very idea of ​​love, ending up looking for it almost obsessively, when they find it they end up giving in to different fears that, in the long run, lead them to feel oppressed. This prompts them to get away from it quickly, to seek a quarrel, to betray, or in some other way to escape. An aspect that the natives of the sign struggle to control and that makes them unhappy too, especially when once they have gone away they realize the mistake made. For this reason, natives of the sign should learn to understand each other better and to seek a type of relationship that well matches their way of being. Which would help them to live love to the full,

Taurus – Those who don’t feel the need to escape
The natives of the astrological sign of Taurus are romantics by nature. For this reason, they see love as something extremely important. This way of making the people who never stop in front of love and who when they find the right person are ready to share their whole life with us. They too need certain certainties and the knowledge that love, however long, never becomes something static. With such security they can move forward serenely, bringing positive aspects to the relationship given by the many things they have to offer. An aspect that those who are with them will surely appreciate, especially because when they fall in love they know how to make their partner feel what they feel.

Gemini – Those who escape easily
Those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini are enraptured by the very concept of love. However, they are also aware of their fears and the impediments that these could lead to a relationship. When they meet someone they like, they end up pining through a thousand anxieties of mind, given in particular by the fear of making mistakes and making others suffer unnecessarily. If there is one thing that the natives of the sign do not know how to control, it is the fear of getting bored. Which can lead them to close a story even if they are still in love. This is an aspect on which they need to work a lot, especially because only by doing so can they hope to fully live a relationship, learning to appreciate even the less dynamic moments. For this reason, even before diving into a relationship,

Cancer – Those who don’t run away unless they’re tired
Natives of the astrological sign of Cancer don’t usually run away in love. When something is not as they would like, they know how to point it out, even claiming to see the problem solved in a short time. However, when they feel particularly tired or unmotivated they can become distant to the point of alienating their partner. If this happens, the relationship is put at risk, creating more anxieties in them than they would like. A problem that only a relationship based on dialogue and sincerity can mitigate, pushing the natives of the sign to stay as long as possible and try to solve any problems without letting go of everything just because it seems difficult.

Leo – Those who do not flee
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo do not usually flee, even when things go wrong. Their idea of ​​love pushes them to fight to make sure that everything always works at its best. And this makes them one of the signs that instead of running away, he is always ready to stay and work at his best to make the relationship work. After all, these are people who love to have what they want and when they love someone they know how to enforce this principle by pushing themselves to the limit. Even when they decide to give up they always do it in the open, saying what is wrong and explaining the reasons that lead them to want to quit. An aspect of which they are proud and that distinguishes them in a rather unique way.

Virgo – Those who remain immobile
Virgo natives usually get stuck whenever things don’t go their way. Although they say they are disillusioned with love, they always dream of arriving at a feeling that can give them everything they need. For this reason, when they find what they are looking for, they do everything to keep it tight and not lose it. They are therefore not among the zodiac signs that tend to escape. Indeed, it can be said of them that they have almost the opposite problem. When they feel in some way in danger they end up blocking themselves, limiting themselves to the maximum for the fear of making a mistake. A way of doing that can sometimes be positive but which in many other cases is potentially dangerous, risking giving the partner the wrong message.

Libra – Those who never think of escaping
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra are practical people. This leads them to always consider all aspects of what they are dealing with. When it comes to love, therefore, they prefer to evaluate the pros and cons before expressing themselves and this makes them one of the most stable and concrete signs of the zodiac. Running away, therefore, is not something that crosses his mind remotely. Rather, they prefer to tackle problems by talking about them and looking for a possible solution. What if all goes well? They don’t usually have problems that aren’t there and this leads them to enjoy every pleasant moment. Feeling oppressed or in need of space is not something that concerns them. They know each other well enough to always know how far to go and what to expect from a relationship.

Scorpio – Those Who Never Run
The natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio are born warriors. For them, love is something precious. So when they find it, the last thing they think about is getting it away. Lovers of heated relationships are rather concerned with keeping the flame alive. And when this threat of dying out, they try their best to change things. Among the signs of the zodiac, they are undoubtedly the ones most willing to fight and commit themselves to live a well-rounded story. One that guarantees him the opportunity to feel part of a duo. Which is of great importance in their eyes. Escape, therefore, is not at all in their ropes. Indeed, it is the very last option they consider.

Sagittarius – Those who think about it often
It is difficult for those born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius to decide to escape. However, it must be said that this is an option they often think about, especially if they do not feel motivated as they are at the beginning of a relationship. When this happens, or when they feel the need to take some time just for themselves, they end up fantasizing about living alone. And this, at times, especially if faced with problems, can push them to want to distance themselves. Nonetheless, these are people who rarely manage to take the decisive step. Especially because in the absence of certainties they prefer to keep what they have and complain rather than take a real leap into the void.

Capricorn – Those who move away but then come back
The natives of the astrological sign of Capricorn have a strange relationship with love. They dream of it when it is not there and they feel a little oppressed when they find it. Their need to feel free and the need to be able to do what they most want without having to give an account and reason to anyone, represent problems that the natives of the sign often experience. It must be said, however, that although they often fantasize about doing it and even if they sometimes end up distancing themselves, at least from a mental point of view, they rarely manage to leave. Taken by the sense of responsibility, by love, and perhaps also by the awareness that it is more of their limitation than a partner’s problem, they end up always returning. And this always leads them to stay.

Aquarius – Those who run away one step at a time
Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius are among the signs that most need freedom. This way of leading them to rarely dream of great loves. So, when they find themselves living one they do it without asking questions and without having who knows what expectations. At the same time, they are not willing to sacrifice anything of themselves for their loved ones and this also applies to their free time. For this reason, when things don’t go well or they end up getting tired, the natives of the sign tend to run away. But they do it one step at a time, so quietly that they don’t get noticed. So when the story ends, it all happens almost quietly, allowing him to end the story without too much trouble. Indeed, it can be said that theirs is almost more a strategy to be left,

Pisces – Those who remain always and in any case
When it comes to escaping, the natives of the zodiac sign of Pisces are among those who will never, ever be part of the category. Romantic and faithful to themselves even more than to their partner, if they decide to love someone they are ready to fight to the end. Escaping is therefore not a possibility they take into consideration. Their only intent is in fact to make the story continue in the best possible way. Likewise, it is almost impossible for them to feel oppressed or in need of space. The natives of the sign know each other so well that they do not need much effort. They can easily understand if a person is the right one or not. And when they realize it they are so happy and sure of their feelings that they get involved without hesitation and without ever backing down.

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