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Here’s why it’s hard for your exes to forget you based on your zodiac sign 2022

1. Aries

They miss you because they have lost an adventurous soul. They have lost such a fun, unpredictable, free-spirited person.

You had a lot of impact on your exes. You showed them what it means to live and have fun.

You gave them passion and now that you are gone they are sad.

They can’t get that spark back because they lack the most important ingredient – you.

Now when they want to go out and have fun, it’s not the same without you.

You were the one who brought every party to life and when they were with you they never got bored.

Now that you are gone, so too is positive energy.

They don’t have anyone to stimulate them to do crazy and funny things.

Maybe they took it all for granted when they were with you, but today they just can’t seem to get over it because they miss your goofy personality.

2. Taurus

There is no problem that you cannot resolve. They can’t forget you because you’ve always been someone they could count on.

You were their shoulder to cry on and the rock they could lean on.

No matter how bad the problem, you always had a solution, because you’re not the type to give up, even when nothing goes.

You never give up and you fight until the end. Who wouldn’t want to have a person like that by their side?

Plus, you do it with such ease that no one else can.

You do it like it’s nothing at all.

You taught your exes how to be strong. You gave them a free ticket to your show and now that you’re not playing it, they’re the losers.

They don’t know how to move forward without you.

3. Gemini

You were the perfect person for them. You made them die of laughter.

Your cheeky personality made them blush and made them happy at the same time.

They have learned a lot about you, and thanks to you, they have learned to want to become better and stronger.

You challenged them and made them want to get more in life.

You are extremely pleasant to live with and yet you are super smart and no one feels threatened by you. People really love you.

This is why it is so hard to forget you and this is why your exes miss you.

4. Cancer

People around you feel like they can be themselves in front of you.

They don’t have to pretend they’re something they’re not since you’re not the type to judge anyone.

This is exactly what your exes lack. They regret how you accepted them with their faults and virtues.

And finding someone like you isn’t an easy thing to do – you’re not a perfectionist, but you know when to say stop.

You know how to protect your feelings and you don’t let anyone step on you.

Having said that, your kindness and the love you have for others are exceptional things.

You left this relationship, but you never tried to change your partner.

It’s just that who he was, isn’t the kind of person you want to have around you.

Your behavior, your perception of love and relationships, and your acceptance are the reasons why it is extremely difficult to forget yourself.

5. Lion

Many people envy you for your confidence. A lot of people would kill to be like you, strong and indestructible.

And when your ex was with you, he felt a lot like you.

He’s been lucky enough to taste a bit of your power, a bit of that light around you, and naturally, it’s hard to let go of it all.

You helped him overcome his insecurities and by leaving you took away his reason to believe in himself.

You have taught him to see the best in himself and to give his best in everything he does.

When you left he felt like it was all taken away from him. He felt lost and insecure again, as he was before he met you.

6. Virgo

They can’t forget you because you’ve shown them that when you really want something and do everything to get it, you can do it.

You are the hardest working and most thorough person they have ever met.

You leave nothing to chance and want to have complete control over your life.

They know you have all kinds of plans because you told them. And frankly, a Virgo doesn’t go anywhere without a plan.

Since your ex knows how good you are in almost anything, he can’t get over you because he knows you will be okay no matter what you do.

He regrets not being there to see it.

7. Balance

People don’t like you from the start, but you bring peace wherever you go.

It’s only when they lose you that they realize they were stupid to let you go.

You make people feel safe around you like you are going to make sure everything is okay.

You never panic and that’s what people need. They need someone who is calm and stable.

Your exes are going to miss you when you’re gone because they didn’t know how to respect you when they had you.

You are a rough diamond. And whoever manages to see it in time will be lucky.

8. Scorpio

They cannot forget you because without your wisdom they are lost. You always had the answers to all the questions.

And not just answers, but the right answers.

No matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to find someone better than you.

They tasted paradise with you and now it is terrible for them to come down to earth again.

Your advice on life and almost anything it asked of you was always right.

Your million-dollar ideas were huge, and they know what they’ve lost.

They have a hard time forgetting you because they didn’t see how useful you were in their life and how smart you were in every way.

9. Sagittarius

You like the attention. Everywhere you go, you are the person you hear the most, but you don’t do it on purpose.

You are just like that and you are good at it. You are constantly on the move and never let anyone tell you what to do.

No one is able to hold you back or tie you to a place. Your nature does not allow you to do this.

Even if the person you love asks you to do something that isn’t like you, you aren’t going to do it. You always stay true to yourself.

The reason your ex can’t get over you is that he’s missing all the thrills, fireworks, and craziness that you would bring upon entering the room.

He misses your energy and your freedom of mind. Now everything is empty and boring in their life.

10. Capricorn

They cannot forget you because you have taught them that when you decide to do something you can do it.

You showed them that hard work pays off and dreams are never too big to make them come true.

Everything you have worked for has come true and it has not been easy.

You’ve invested your blood, sweat, and tears in everything you’ve done, but in the end, you know why you did it.

Now that you are no longer with them, they are lost. They don’t know how to fight anymore.

You were the only person who challenged and inspired them. Without you, they are back to zero.

11. Aquarius

They can’t seem to forget you because you are the only person who gave them one chance after another. You have a lot of patience and you never hold a grudge.

You never held it against them for nothing because you were aware that we all have flaws and no one is perfect.

You are smart enough to understand these things and be reasonable about them; you have been there for them in the worst of times.

You helped them up when they fell and now that you are gone they have no one to help them. They find themselves at their own mercy.

12. Pisces

They cannot forget you because you have taken a deeper look at their soul. You are anything but superficial and that is one of your best qualities.

They miss you because there is no one who will listen to them like you.

You wanted to know everything about them in order to better understand what was going on in their heads, how they were thinking and what they were feeling.

You were nothing but sincere with them for their own good. You loved them for who they were and you never tried to change them.

They can’t get over you because they miss that person in their life who truly understands who they are.

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