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What Happens To Your Zodiac Sign On September 23

This year, on September 23, the sun will be placed exactly above the Equator, resulting in a day and night of equal length and bringing a change for all the zodiac signs.

Horoscope for the autumnal equinox for each zodiac sign. Here’s what you can expect after the autumn calendar officially begins.


The fall equinox opens the season of Libra, your opposite sign, bringing an entire month dedicated to finding balance. It will be a challenge for you to give up extremes for a while and seek more balance in your life. After intense activity, rest, and after an active day try to have a calm day. The people around you put you to the test and, from September 23, the masks begin to fall and you see the true faces of some friends or acquaintances that you thought were close.


The autumnal equinox is a balanced and elegant time of year, and this speaks directly to your soul. A tip from astrologers is to get out of your comfort zone and take advantage of the opportunity offered by the Harvest Full Moon on September 29, which takes place in the sign of Aries and urges you to do brave things. This autumn brings a new beginning and a breath of fresh air, so it is recommended to take action!


The approach of autumn can bring a feeling of loneliness, which Gemini hates. It is possible to feel confused and directionless in the next period. The equinox is about balance, but it’s not exactly specific to you to keep things in balance. Therefore, it is more plausible to go out into the world, to party, to try to do unusual things. You are supported by the stars in the communication sector, so you can have interesting discussions that clarify many aspects. On a professional level, you give results and you are appreciated.


Because the equinox is an event dedicated to the Sun, and you are a sign ruled by the Moon, you may rather feel the impact of the Harvest Moon – a period of endings and gathering resources – on September 29. This month takes place in the sign of Aries, which represents action and aggression. You will feel the need to be more direct in your actions and, especially, in your words. You manage to say exactly what bothers you and fix several things that have been bothering you.


Leo’s planetary ruler is the Sun, and therefore celestial changes such as the solstices and equinoxes are of great impact to you. Give the date of September 23 the importance it deserves, because it will have a strong influence on you. The cool autumn breeze makes you reconsider your plans and make decisions now that give you direction for the coming years. It’s a good time to be determined and act because you are on the right track.


Your season is ending, and this gives you peace and reconciliation. It was quite an intense year, and now you are going to reap the rewards. The autumnal equinox comes, with many lessons and learnings, especially from the people around you. Spend time with as many people as possible, because you can learn some valuable information for the future. In addition, you need to get out of your comfort zone, to spice up your love life or, if you are single, to meet a possible partner.


As the Libra season approaches, you feel at home! No one will enjoy this comfortable season more than you. The autumnal equinox signals this change that you have been waiting for and that you need. A magical period is coming for you, in which you will be creative and inspired. Good ideas will come to you and you will know exactly what decisions to make. Don’t be afraid to say “yes” to new challenges and accept the invitations addressed to you in the coming months.


With the arrival of the autumn equinox, Scorpios leave summer behind and find comfort in the shadows of winter. It will be a refreshing time for you. All the commotion of the last period disappears, leaving room for calm in your life. Autumn also means a little mystery, it also means fashion, style, and appearances. All those things that fulfill you. Enjoy them and take care of your soul. Do those things that brought you joy in the past and that you may have forgotten about.


The equinox calls for a moment of calm and balance, although this is not your vibration, because you are still dreaming of vacation destinations. Astrologers recommend allowing yourself to be quiet for a few days, put your phones away, and honor the autumn season with a few deep breaths. Collect your thoughts and see what perspective awaits you in the coming months. Productivity can be adventurous, and the challenges are there, you just have to find them. This autumn is very beneficial for you.


The autumnal equinox serves as a reminder that what once worked may no longer be effective, signaling the need to adjust your routine. For you, this is a sign to change something in your life. You are the most productive zodiac sign and you will take advantage of this change to find opportunities and gains. You enjoy the arrival of the cool season, which takes you out for long walks and helps you charge your batteries.


It is a season of introspection for you. The change of seasons, the shortening of days, and the influence of the Sun, but also of the Full Moon from September 29, all these things make you think more and more about what you have to do in the next period. You will visit new places and learn all kinds of things in the next period. You are encouraged to read or take courses. You will reinvent yourself, just like a phoenix bird.


Autumn is the most romantic season, and this is definitely on your soul. Feel how the clean and cool air fills you with creativity and inspiration. You will tend to be more introverted in the next period because you prefer to look for meanings and directions within yourself. Don’t forget to spend time with the people you appreciate, otherwise, you will send the message that you are removing them from your life. Do not forget that the equinox has the role of bringing balance to our lives.

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