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Find out which are the zodiac signs that of all love cuddling the most.

Whether it is love or friendship, there are different ways of dealing with interpersonal relationships. Some always appear a little cold, those who are friendly but don’t go beyond certain levels, and those who are particularly cuddly, so much so that they cling to friends, relatives, and boyfriends on duty in search of attention.
As often happens, this too is an aspect that largely depends on the influence that the stars have on us. For this reason, after having seen which are the signs of the zodiac that get angry more easily and which are the shyest, we will find out which are the signs of the zodiac that love cuddling most of all.

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Here are the zodiac signs that love cuddles and how

Aries – Little used to cuddles
Those born under the sign of Aries are not exactly cuddly. When they live in a love relationship, they can sometimes indulge in some particularly romantic moments but otherwise, they will be more and more projected on how to have fun and occupy free time. The other relationships are free from effusions of any kind. After all, the natives of the sign love to live life as an adventure and certain sentimental attitudes are not for them at all who, on the contrary, consider them almost as a useless waste of time.

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Taurus – Cuddly
The natives of Taurus are rather cuddly. In friendship, they love to confide and be listened to and can establish very close relationships with the people they care about. It is not strange to receive hugs or affectionate gestures from those who, of course, expect the same treatment from those around them. In love, all of this is increased so much that they just can’t imagine a relationship without sweet moments to share. For them, a cold partner is completely out of the question because they would end up feeling depressed, thinking they are not loved enough.

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Gemini – Quite cuddly
Geminis are prone to cuddles. However, this aspect is often fluctuating due to their often variable mood. Depending on the periods they can be more detached, especially if they are in a bad mood. At the same time, if they feel sad, they can come to expect attention from those around them and especially from people they consider intimate. Going to love, they manage to let themselves go totally, giving exclusivity to the partner who, to be with them, must undoubtedly be a patient person and able to appreciate their attention and the variations that sometimes distinguish them.

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Cancer – Extremely Cuddly
Those born under the sign of Cancer are among the most cuddly people in the zodiac. Their need for attention is so high that when they don’t get enough, they immediately feel cast aside, getting offended and no longer speaking to people they deem guilty of ignoring them. In friendship, they pretend to be able to share hugs and effusions and do not understand the fact that certain utterances may not please everyone. The same also applies in love where the level of sweetness is so extreme that it can put the partner in serious trouble. Being with them is a wonderful experience if you have the same need for sweetness, otherwise, it could be a little too cloying.

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Leo – The Right
The natives of Leo are not exactly proponents of pampering and ultra-romantic moments to which they prefer special moments in which to feel the center of attention. While highly self-centered and appreciating attention directed exclusively to them, they prefer to receive gifts rather than hugs. Nevertheless, they know how to dose everything with the right dose of sweetness, so much so that they can even be romantic. Of course, sometimes they are a bit forced, so much to be cloying but it cannot be said that they are not committed.

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Virgo – Not at all cuddly
Those born under the sign of Virgo are too practical to appreciate things like hugs or sentimental utterances. While not rejecting them (unless they become too many) they consider more efficient tangible proofs to rely on to understand if a person cares about them. For the same reason, they are more likely to show affection with gifts or practical gestures. Their concept of attention can be, for example, dealing with an otherwise difficult practice, accompanying the doctor, and so on. For these reasons, they are not suitable for being with people in need of more abstract proof because, in the long run, they would get tired of giving it, ending up appearing distant.

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Libra – Average
Carriers of balance, those born under the sign of Libra turn out to be moderate even when it comes to cuddling. While they love to receive it, they always come to say enough when they believe that the moment of effusions is more than enough and for the same reasons they prefer to keep what they feel to themselves, demonstrating it only in certain moments when they know how to be sweet at the right point. However, one cannot expect to expect anything else from them because balance is an integral part of their way of being, which is why those who need so many externalizations should consider this aspect when dealing with them.

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Scorpio – In Their
Own Way Scorpio natives have their way of experiencing relationships. When they feel they can trust they can let go and show their feelings. However, this happens very rarely and only if they receive the same treatment on the other side. Otherwise, they prefer to close in a hedgehog and remain on their own, showing affection with practical gestures and simply offering their presence. These are people with whom it can be difficult to deal but who when they enter into intimacy, whether it be friendship or love, know how to give a lot.

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Sagittarius – Open to cuddling without exaggeration
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius often feel the need to have people close and be able to show them their affection. When this happens they usually give back but they always do it in a too calculated way, corresponding with what they have received. It is therefore a way of indulging in cuddles that are too reasoned to be felt as true and this is a factor that often leads them to have problems with the people they relate to. Having said that, if they feel understood they tend to open up a little more but it is difficult to see them make the first move and this although in words they are said to be cuddly and very good at showing affection even to acquaintances.

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Capricorn – Seldom Cuddly
The natives of Capricorn have a strange relationship with life, centered mostly on duty. This leads them to keep the affective part in check as well, more because they feel it is right to do so than out of real desire. If they learned to follow their nature, without always feeling obliged to demonstrate that they are operational at any time of the day, they would probably know better how to give and receive pampering, showing that they appreciate and need them. That said, when they let go they know how to make the people around them feel loved. But otherwise, due to the brakes described above, they will always be little motivated to give and receive pampering, even going so far as to judge negatively those who, on the other hand, have an extreme need.

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Aquarius – Not at all
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are not people accustomed to social life or cuddles. In emotional relationships they tend to show themselves cold and detached, judging almost with blame on those who, unlike them, feel the need to exchange hugs and sweet words. Theirs is such a deep-rooted way of doing things that it is practically impossible to hope to change them. Whether you choose to be friends with them or to live a love story, it is therefore important to always keep this detail in mind to avoid relationships that are impossible to manage.

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Pisces – So much cuddly
Pisces is one of the sweetest and most romantic signs of the zodiac. Empaths like few know how to make the people they care about feel loved and hope to receive just as many demonstrations of affection in turn. Very good at listening, in human relationships, they are so used to giving that they no longer notice it. When they feel down in the dumps, however, their need for affection becomes so strong that it overwhelms them, and if in friendship they limit themselves to waiting and hoping, in a romantic relationship they can get to ask and, in some cases, to demand gestures and words. that make them feel better.

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