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Discover the most suitable ceremony dress for you according to the horoscope.

With the arrival of spring, invitations to weddings, communions and various celebrations are on the agenda. People have always chosen the summer to celebrate the important moments of their lives and this implies the necessary choice of a suitable dress to take part in the party moment. Whether during the day or in the evening, the choice of a formal dress has always been particularly challenging. We wonder about the right color to wear, the model that suits us best and how much to dare based on the occasion for which you were invited.
What if for once, we try not to pay too much attention to social conventions, focusing only on what suits us best? Beyond the physical form in which we are, there are models that adapt to us based on character. Wearing them makes us feel particularly at ease and this gives us a particular light that overshadows everything else. According to the stars, in these cases, just like for the choice of jeans, our date of birth and the temperament indicated to it also come into play. Attention, however, as already seen in other cases, here too the ascendant comes into play, so those who are not completely convinced by what is recommended by the zodiac sign, can go and peek under that of their own ascendant. Between the two there will certainly be the advice that can direct you to the right dress.

A ceremony dress for every zodiac sign

Aries – A long, bright dress
Your ability to be the center of attention makes you particularly suited to wearing a long, brightly colored dress. Depending on the occasion, golden and red will be fine. For the evening, on the other hand, sequins are very suitable.

Taurus – A long dress in the colors of the earth
To look your best, the advice of the stars for you is to wear a dress in the colors of the earth. Green and brown will therefore be the most suitable colors, to be worn on both short and long dresses, with a simple cut and made precious by brilliant accessories.

Gemini – A yellow low-cut dress
Where it is allowed, the advice is to be daring with a beautiful neckline. A slip model dress will make you gorgeous. The alternative will be a long or short dress with thin straps to be combined with a light shoulder cover. As for color, yellow in these cases is what will help you shine. Alternatively white or light green will meet you.

Cancer – A long and floral dress
For you, romance is always the right key to enhance your feminine being. A long dress with a floral print in romantic tones will therefore be perfect. If you prefer it, the same style will also go well on the short, perhaps enhanced by a pair of high heels and a handbag that you play with the shades you are wearing.

Leo – A mermaid dress
If the occasion is elegant enough to make it possible, the mermaid dress is what will help you to always be the center of attention in your own way. Alternatively, you can opt for a long dress that plays with transparencies or that has lace embroidery. As for the color, red and orange are what suits you best.

Virgo – A dress full of nuances
Your way of being elegant is very particular and knows how to give the best of itself in the play of colors. This does not mean that you will necessarily have to wear clothes with prints or designs. Even a single color will do as long as it is combined with accessories that recall the tone, while playing with the nuances. In this sober but sophisticated way you will certainly not go unnoticed.

Libra – A dress in pastel colors
Your love for beauty and elegance lead you to express yourself to the fullest on such occasions. Nevertheless, simplicity also plays a fundamental role, especially if used to express elegance. A satin dress in a soft pastel color (maybe a powder pink?) Is what will make you simply perfect. Elegant but with class, sober but able to get you noticed and, above all, beautiful.

Scorpio – A dress that ends broad
Your sign leads to being sophisticated, mysterious and with a romantic soul that you tend to hide too often. For you, the right dress is one that can bring to mind the past. An empire style or something long that ends with a full skirt, in order to recall a great ball or, why not, a princess. As for the colors, focus on the one you prefer. Red will make you bold, green and blue will give you an extra touch of mystery.

Sagittarius – A mini dress in bright colors
Let’s face it, you might as well bring joy to a ceremony. After all, you go there to celebrate something, right? With your temperament and the air of an incurable traveler, you will give your best with a short dress and cheerful colors. Pink, fuchsia or turquoise could be the perfect colors to make you look great.

Capricorn – A classic
dress The classic cut dress is the one you know how to wear best. Something elegant, probably one of those that in the jargon is called evergreen and whose color will be dark. Blue or black are what you are used to but even a nice burgundy might pleasantly surprise you. Seeing is believing.

Aquarius – The vintage dress
Being original for you is like a vocation, so why not go for a nice vintage dress? It will make you special in your own way, allowing you to express elegance in an unconventional way, making you stand out from the others without details that may be excessive. A natural way to do something special.

Pisces – A fairy dress
Who better than you could wear a dress that recalls the gracefulness of a fairy? A long dress, with under tones of lilac or teal will be what you need to really look like a fairy. Valid both in short and long, in the second case, especially if in a light fabric, it will give an extra touch to your style.

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