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Depending on Your Sign, There Are 3 Mistakes That Will Make Love Disappear From Your Life in 2023.

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How to stop blocking the positive energies of love depending on your zodiac sign.

Even if you long for her, you unwittingly drive away love with the wrong attitude. Discover the wrong approaches that you have to give up in order to stop blocking the positive energies of love, depending on your zodiac sign.

What mistakes do you make in love depending on your zodiac sign

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You keep looking for someone who will bring you passion and madness, but most of the time you end up getting involved in forbidden or futureless relationships.

You prefer to be alone than to give up even a little bit of your freedom.

When the first difficulties appear in the couple, you decide far too easy to withdraw.

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You leave the impression that you are unapproachable and hardly welcome anyone into your life.

You bring up the idea of ​​the family much too early, which scares men at the beginning of a relationship.

You know very well that people don’t change, but you don’t give up, you try to change your partner every time.

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You are very indecisive. Today you give hope, tomorrow you are unapproachable until the courtesans give up trying.

You are so afraid of making the wrong choice regarding a potential partner, that in the end you are left with no options.

You talk more than you should about your flaws and about your former loves.

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Although you have been hurt many times, you still trust people too much and invest feelings before finding out if they are shared.

You are very sensitive and emotional in your relationship with your partner.

You judge yourself too harshly and believe you are guilty of love failures, which makes you a sure victim of suffering.

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You want to take control and intimidate with a domineering, selfish attitude.

You confuse sexual attraction with true love and put a higher price on your partner’s physical appearance, to the detriment of the security they offer you.

You are very possessive and have real bouts of jealousy without a serious reason.

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You are far too critical and do not accept anyone who does not correspond to your ideal.

You hide under the mask of perfection, you censor your every gesture and you fail to be yourself from the beginning of a relationship.

When someone attracts you, you don’t take the first step for fear of being rejected.

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You don’t talk openly about the expectations you have from your partner, which leads to frustrations and reproaches

You want peace and balance so much, that too many times you let it go, at the cost of unhappiness.

You don’t completely separate yourself from the loves of the past and you never go back to your ex.

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You are more interested in sexual compatibility than emotional compatibility.

Possessive, you control the man you love until you end up suffocating him.

You wait for your partner to guess your thoughts, instead of telling him what you want.

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You delude yourself that you are better off alone, for fear of falling in love with the wrong person and suffering.

Even when a good game appears, you sabotage your chances with various pretexts.

In the relationship with your partner, you are very indecisive and capricious, which tires him over time.

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You take as a standard all the unhappy relationships you see around you and delude yourself that love does not exist.

Do not get emotionally involved in relationships, for fear of suffering.

You are introverted, and it is not easy for your partner to communicate with you.

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Do not accept that only love is not enough for a couple to be happy.

You live in the past and think too much about your past mistakes, instead of focusing on what will be.

You care too much about your freedom and you are not willing to compromise for the sake of your partner.

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You love a lot and ask too little in return, and when you are upset you cry, instead of approaching the problem maturely.

Many times you give a second chance to people who don’t even deserve the first.

Romantic and dreamy, you want love to be like in the movies and the difficulties in real life scare you.

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