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Find out which are the signs of the zodiac that, more than others, know how to come forward in love.

Starting a love story is not an easy thing for everyone. After the first game of glances, natural sympathy, and flirting together there is always a moment in which one of the two has to make the first move. This is a fundamental moment for the future of the relationship and its correct evolution into a love story.

A phase that not everyone knows how to manage as they would like and that for some are so complex as to represent a real problem. After all, to come forward you always need a certain amount of security that must always be measured out to one of courage. Quality that is not always possible to put together in love and therefore can often be difficult to find.

Often having them also depends on the influence that the stars have on each of us. For this reason, today, after seeing how strong the signs of the zodiac are and which zodiac signs need a change for April, we will find out which are the signs that know how to come forward in love.

Since this is an aspect closely linked to the way of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant. Thus, it will be easier to have a clearer idea of ​​what to expect from others.

The signs of the zodiac who come forward in love and those they prefer to avoid

Aries – Those who step forward without hesitation
Those born under the sign of Aries are self-confident and very active people. Waiting is not something that is part of their character and this means that when they want something they are the first to move in this direction to obtain it. In love, therefore, they turn out to be quite enterprising and able to come forward without problems. This can result in a ruthless court or in a game of seduction in which their intentions still appear very clear even without expressing them directly. It is one of the most enterprising signs of love. Always able to understand what they want, they are not afraid of rejection and for this reason, they immediately aim for the goal, always giving their best.

Taurus – Those who come forward in a polite way
The natives of Taurus are people who love love and who are therefore always ready to do everything to be able to live it fully. Since this is a feeling to which they particularly care, it is always their concern to act in the best way in each phase and even better during the so-called courtship. This makes them people always able to make people understand what they feel but without exposing themselves directly. Romantics prefer that it is the other person who comes forward or who in any case gives them a way to understand what they would encounter by taking the first step. This makes them particularly attentive, kind, and attentive albeit in such a polite way that it can sometimes be mistaken for little interest. However, these are rare exceptions because in most cases,

Gemini – Those who sometimes come forward and sometimes not
Those born under the sign of Gemini have a special relationship with love. This leads them to often have conflicting behaviors. Sometimes even with the same person. When they find themselves having a feeling, they try to be as direct as possible and to make the other person understand what they are feeling. An attitude that begins well but that many times they do not know how to carry out to the end. In other cases, they may feel so insecure that they need input to take action.

Predicting how they will behave is therefore very difficult, especially if you think that their way of tending to change from day today. Which, needless to say, can happen in an even more extreme way when they feel at the mercy of a strong feeling like love.

Cancer – Those who prefer to be courted
The natives of Cancer are not among the signs that are particularly capable of coming forward in love. When they have feelings for someone, they tend to withdraw and become extremely shy. Added to this is a hunger for love that combined with their romance drives them to want to receive attention rather than to give it. A way of doing that at times can lead to misunderstandings and that at other times it works well thanks to their attitude. For things to go as they wish it is always necessary that on the other side there is someone able to move with ease in the early stages of love.

Leo – Those who quietly become lovers
Those born under the sign of Leo are people who love to live in the center of attention. For this reason, they do not disdain someone who is so enterprising as to woo them in a flashy way until they capitulate. That said, they are also very confident and capable of getting what they want. If they are interested in someone, they do not hesitate too much and if they realize that waiting for a first move is likely to take too long, they come forward without problems, showing an interest or even going so far as to woo the person they are interested in. After all, they never leave with the doubt that they can get no for an answer and that’s one of their greatest strengths.

Virgo – Those who come forward if they can not help it
The Virgin natives do not like to waste time and when they have feelings for someone prefer to know immediately what awaits them. This means that if at first, they prefer to test the ground to see if there is room for a love story, once they understand this they usually show interest without exposing themselves too much. An attitude that they continuously monitor, so much so that they can decide to change their strategy if they do not receive the desired response from the other side. If cornered, therefore, they are among the signs of the zodiac capable of coming forward in love.

An option that, however, they always hope to be able to treat as an emergency plan. Their dream is in fact to be able to give birth to a story in a much more natural way that provides for a simultaneous and decidedly more rational awareness than anyone else could hope for.

Libra – Those who would like not to come forward
Those born under the sign of Libra are people who love to feel appreciated and pampered. This means that in love they don’t like the idea of ​​having to make the first move. If they can choose, therefore, they prefer to be courted, letting their interest be understood only at a later time.

When they realize that things may not go as they would like, they know how to roll up their sleeves and immediately change their strategy, becoming the ones who make the first move. A choice that they do not particularly like but that they are willing to make if they believe that there is the right person for them on the other side.

Scorpio – Those Who Make The First Move Only When Under Pressure
The natives of Scorpio know each other well enough to understand almost immediately if a person can arouse the right interest in them. However, they do not like to come forward very much, partly because of the need for privacy that distinguishes them and partly because they prefer to be courted. If under pressure, however, they know how to make it clear that they are interested in someone, and are even willing to take as many steps as necessary to get the other person to take the first step. A gesture that, if they believe they have no other possibilities, they can also perform alone but which they prefer to avoid until the end.

Sagittarius – Those who take the first step without thinking too much
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are direct people and this leads them not to think too much when they meet someone they like. Their way of approaching and showing themselves always confident and cheerful helps them a lot in this sense, allowing them to test the terrain in different ways and all without making themselves vulnerable.

If coming forward first is the only possible move, they still manage to juggle naturally, expressing what they feel and waiting for a response from the other side. Even in the face of a refusal, they know they know how to get up rather quickly to start again without major repercussions.

Capricorn – Those who try to get others to act for them
The natives of Capricorn do not like to expose themselves very much and when they feel interested in someone they always try to manage events to push them to come forward in their place. It is a way of doing that belongs to him in many other fields and that therefore they know how to manage so well that they do not even get noticed. In the rare cases in which despite their efforts they do not succeed in their intent, they end up feeling in crisis and in the position of having to decide how to move. The outcome of their choice may vary according to the moment they are experiencing and the interest they feel for the other person. In some cases, however, they may risk missing the opportunity due to their delay in finding the right way forward.

Aquarius – Those who don’t want to make the first move
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who have a lot of faith in themselves and who don’t like having to chase others. Accustomed to being sought by others rather than the other way around, they expect the same kind of treatment even in love. For this reason, they tend to never want to make the first move and when they find themselves interested in someone, they just let them know, hoping that this will be enough to make the other person court them. It is a way of doing which they cannot do without and which therefore leads them to always wait, even at the cost of losing the person they care about and who at that point will say they are not the right one for them.

Pisces – Those looking to go hand in hand
The natives of Pisces are extremely romantic and for this reason are always ready to get involved and do everything to ensure that things go better, especially when they realize that they have a keen interest in a person. Nonetheless, they don’t like to take the first step and before moving in that direction they need to be sure that there is an interest on the other side.

For this reason, they often launch inputs aimed at allowing them to test the terrain and everything without exposing themselves more than they should. It can be said that they are very good at flirting while when it comes to taking action they always end up having some qualms. If truly involved, however, they can put aside all fears and choose to take the first step.

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