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The Rule You Must Follow to Be Together in the Long Term, Depending on His Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign has a limit beyond which it cannot cross – not even when it loves someone with all its heart.

It takes us some time, but relationships teach us what we are willing or not to tolerate because our partners are like mirrors of the subconscious. Depending on its main features, each zodiac sign has a limit that you cannot cross if you want to build a lasting relationship. See which one is yours and your partner’s – the information below is valid for both sexes.


Aries are afraid of losing their independence when they are in relationships, which leads to capricious behavior. To make them stay with you, you have to show them that you value your independence and that you can do things on your own. A partner who is too attached and dependent will push Aries away.


An important limit for Taurus is to feel protected and safe in his personal space. Tauruses need a partner who respects their home and recognize that being in a relationship with them means sharing and doing things together.


Geminis need to communicate their needs and desires and will not accept a partner who does not know how to listen to them or who closes in on him when he is upset. Likewise, partners who accentuate their insecurities have nothing to look for in their lives.


Cancers protect themselves from strong emotions, that’s why they are sometimes hard to reach. A partner who laughs at their sensitivity or does not understand this side of them will hurt them a lot and in the end, they will move away. When a Cancer finally learns to say “No”, nothing will make them go back to something toxic.


An evolved Leo will focus on emotional growth to be successful. For his relationships to thrive, he needs a partner who loves him for who he is and encourages him, instead of trying to diminish his brilliance.


Virgos are tired of “fixing” everyone. An evolved Virgo recognizes the signs of an immature partner who relies completely on the other to keep afloat. He will immediately distance himself from someone who cannot take care of himself.


Libra has a great need for affection and validation, so they will not stay in a relationship where it is not appreciated. When he feels that she is not good enough for you, he will close in on her, and the relationship will deteriorate.


Scorpios take a long time to trust someone. They have a strong need for respect and loyalty, so they won’t stand around someone who tries to make them jealous or doesn’t respect them as human beings. Usually, “open” or “casual” relationships are not for them.


Sagittarians tend to run away when a love relationship materializes. Freedom is an important value for them, and the partner must understand that. If they feel controlled, they will not stay with you.


A Capricorn will never be able to stay with someone who does not respect their career and long-term goals. He will support you in whatever you do, but he will need the same support from you.


In a relationship, Aquarians will feel happy when they resolve conflicts with their partner without outsiders interfering. Don’t even think of turning to someone to ally against him.

Aquarians also have an innate fear of losing something they can’t control. They need a partner who will encourage them, respect them, and take care of them.


Pisces will not tolerate a partner who tries to manipulate them. Being a water sign, they have extraordinary intuition and know all the manipulation methods by heart. When this happens to them, they feel offended and will most likely move away.

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