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There are a few days to May. Soon the cards of fate will mix again and one sign, in particular, will enjoy a lot of luck.

The stars are about to reveal to us who among all the zodiac signs will have luck and prosperity in these last days of April until the beginning of May. Will you be the lucky sign? If so, you will notice that many doors will open for you and that luck will enter your lot. The astral configurations are on your side, take advantage of them.

A zodiac sign is about to grant his wishes. In the next few days, life will smile at him. If this is your sign you should keep your eyes open, luck can manifest itself at any moment and you should be ready to welcome it and let it fulfill your wishes.

What is the luckiest zodiac sign since the end of April?

In the next few days, life is about to offer happy coincidences to a zodiac sign that will enjoy these benevolent influences until the first days of May. The next few days will give rise to a solar eclipse that will give birth to an important spiritual change. One sign in particular will be pushed into the arms of fortune and will see many worries that have been gripping him in recent days disappear as if by magic. The moment is favorable to take care of new projects and free oneself from all forms of constraint. This lucky sign is an earth sign, TAURUS.

The TAURUS is about to feel free and happy. On April 21 last the sun entered his sign and in these days all his influences are manifested. Common sense and pragmatism will dominate the life of the Taurus who will assist in the realization of many wishes of him. The time is right to dare and take risks by putting all his talent into play.

Neptune and Jupiter aligning will give Taurus great insight, which will allow him to make the best decisions.

The stars foresee the beginning of a new chapter for this sign which will have to leave its comfort zone and explore new horizons without hesitation and without fear of anything.

Taurus is a sign that is usually very linked to safety and its habits. The news frightens him but in the next few days some good things will happen to him that will change his usual nature and make him feel more free. The good surprises will manifest themselves especially in his professional life. Someone will notice his potential and give him the rewards that the Taurus deserves. His finances will strengthen and the satisfaction he will feel will make him feel very enthusiastic. This renewed spirit of him will make him particularly positive and charismatic and consequently will make him very courted.

His love life will take an unexpected turn, if he is in a relationship he will feel the flame of love burning like the first times. This time is favorable for taking a trip. The stars recommend visiting a luxurious country in which to relax and take a break from life to dive into a promising new chapter.

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