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5 Vital Affirmations for the Libra Season

It’s time to take full advantage of Libra’s season full of positive energy and balance because there will never be another moment as full of peace, happiness, and gratitude as this one.

The sun entered Libra at the time of the autumnal equinox. During this period, the Cosmos rebalances itself so that it is in direct connection with the incredible energy of Libra, while we are offered the opportunity for self-reflection. The universe helps us to review the past, to learn the lessons, and to start over – stronger, braver, and more attentive to our path.

Here are the affirmations that can help us be in tune with Libra in the following period:

1. “I feel love around me. I open my soul to people and learn to be vulnerable in order to create the most beautiful relationships so far. I love to feel love in my heart.”

Libras are known for their desire to get along well with everyone around them. The energy of a Libra inspires, transforms, and creates feelings when it comes to relating and communicating with others. Libra prefers harmony in relationships, and this mantra is perfect to amplify this harmony.

2. “I avoid everything that is bad. There is no place in my life for negative energies and toxic souls. I don’t allow anyone to overshadow the happiness in my heart.”

Libra’s heart is open and always full of love, but sometimes it needs additional protection against dark energies. Use this mantra when you feel that something is not right around you so that you receive protection from the Universe and, at the same time, bring back the feeling of peace around you.

3. “I believe the Universe has a wonderful plan for me. I no longer fight against destiny, but step back and allow divinity to show me the path to take. I trust my journey.”

This period is perfect to enjoy all the opportunities that Libra offers you. Stop focusing on the things that don’t work out for you or the things that you want at all costs because they may not happen for a very simple reason: they are not meant for you.

4. “I am strong in the most difficult situations. No one and nothing can bring me down. No matter the moment, in my heart I find the courage to move on and enjoy every moment.”

Libra brings balance between the realities of the outer world and those of the inner world, thus aligning both sides of the self. This mantra helps you to have more courage in the face of more difficult situations, loaded with stress and anxiety. Don’t forget, you are strong and nothing can bring you down.

5. “I clear my mind of all thoughts that do not belong to me. I allow negativity to leave my life. Inner peace is all I need. I am grateful for the moments when I am happy.”

Libra is an air sign and is often overwhelmed by too many thoughts. The Libra mind is constantly in rapid motion. This mantra helps you calm your mind in more tense moments, remove the negativity from the present and focus on the beautiful things in your life, thus restoring peace to your soul.

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