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Zodiac Signs That Break Up In The Week Of May 8 – 14, 2023. Special Horoscope

This week comes with dissatisfaction in the area of ​​relationships and love, and 3 zodiac signs will end up breaking up. What are the astrological events that lead to this point?

The Sun-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on May 9, 2023, reflects where we need to express ourselves more authentically. Venus, the planet of love and harmony, began a transit in Cancer, bringing a stronger sensitivity. Also, on Saturday, Venus forms a trine with Saturn, who is the teacher of the zodiac, so we can expect lessons in love. Everything related to love acquires an air of commitment.

This means that some relationships are welded, but others will come to an end.

Who is separating in the week of May 8-14, 2023

Special horoscope for the next period: these signs will go through quite difficult moments.


Mercury retrograde does its last dance this spring, for another week, until May 15, 2023. This means that your relationship is targeted, and the news is not very good. Problems from the past appear, and some of them may even have the appearance of an ex-lover. If an ex or a mysterious man from your past appears, and your heart beats faster, it is a sign that the current relationship does not have many chances of success.

Communication between you and your partner will be difficult, so take care to measure your words. It is possible to say something painful, which will lead to the end of your love story.

Special horoscope: Sagittarians put an end to the love relationship

This week is difficult for you because you find out unpleasant things about your relationship or about the partner you have. Ugly, oppressive and very difficult to manage things come to light that will give you headaches. If you listen to your pride, you might make a radical decision to stop suffering. It will be easier for you to put an end to the relationship than to fight the windmills.

It is important to listen to your instinct. The reason will put sticks in your wheels and present you with only one facet of the situation, but your soul knows best what you need. If you feel it’s time to live life on your own two feet, you’ll probably be better off alone.


You yearn for freedom and, if you don’t get it in your current relationship, you will want to get away from it. Many dissatisfactions and frustrations may emerge between May 8 and 14, 2023, especially related to the freedom of expression that your partner offers you (or rather, NOT). Important lessons appear in your life and it is possible that they do not include the man who has been by your side until now. The decision could be made by mutual agreement, but you are the one who needs to enjoy solitude the most.

Even if a painful period follows, it is the best way to your spiritual healing. You will understand in the future why it was better to stop at this moment.

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