Which flavor is best for you? Here is the opinion of the stars.

When it comes to food, the taste is undoubtedly the most important component of all, the one that establishes whether a given food will be chosen other times in the future or whether it will be eliminated forever because it is considered far from one’s preferences. Although there are people who are able to love almost any flavor and whose curiosity in the culinary field pushes them to taste and eat everything, each of us is more inclined to appreciate a particular taste and this inclination mostly depends on the influence that the stars have on us. Today, therefore, after having seen how we are in the sheets and how we live on Sunday, we will discover together which is the taste to prefer when you want to play it safe.

Horoscope: Here is the flavor that best suits you based on your zodiac sign

Aries – The extreme spicy
It could be said that the taste that best suits you is the one that best represents you. So what’s better than a spicy note to add to each course? Chilli pepper is among all the one that suits you best and that makes you feel in tune with yourself, leading you to appreciate any food that contains it. On the other hand, you too are spicy in your own way and rich in extreme shades, the same ones you always look for in life and in the kitchen, where you like to feel strong and decisive flavors, ready to surprise you and tantalize your palate.

Toro – Sweet and salty, possibly to be alternated
Let’s face it, for you good food is a unique experience that must be lived from every angle. Having to choose a single taste is a bit like choosing a single color through which to perceive the world. And for you who love complete things it is a quite pleasant image. If we really had to choose a flavor, however, the one that will give you the most satisfaction is certainly the salty one. But be careful, because to fully enjoy it you need to alternate it with something sweet. The monotony of a single taste, in fact, would end up boring you, partially extinguishing your enthusiasm. Yes to salty, therefore, but always followed by something sweet that knows how to highlight even more the sapidity of the first taste.

Gemini – the taste… alcoholic
In the kitchen, as well as in everyday life, your worst enemy is boredom. For this reason, you like to experiment with multiple flavors without ever fossilizing in a specific one. If you had to pick one, though, you’d definitely be aiming for something sweet with an alcoholic aftertaste. A flavor that smacks of celebration, of happy days and that evokes moments when boredom was not present at all, a symptom of a perfect day.

Cancer – the sweet reminiscent of childhood
As romantic as you are, your favorite flavor is sweet. For you, however, a simple sweet taste is not enough, what best suits your strings is a sweet taste that reminds you of the childhood to which you are particularly attached. Something that refers to milk and cookies or a simple milk chocolate. Simple flavors but which for you have the power to take you back in time, making you relive forgotten emotions and sensations dear to you, even after so many years.

Leo – The exotic flavor
As a person who loves to stand out, you can only be drawn to exotic flavors, those who know of holidays and days spent under the sun. A flavor that you will gladly find in any food but which you tend to prefer in light appetizers or desserts and specially created to highlight a fruity note capable of making you feel on holiday at the first taste. For this reason, do not even design alcohol that lends itself well to making this particular taste the protagonist.

Virgo – The sweet tending
to sour The flavor that best suits you reflects your personality at least in part. In fact, you are more inclined to appreciate sweet flavors but have a hint of sour inside them. Which is why you are often attracted to citrus fruits or foods that contain them. Green light therefore to salads containing oranges, lemon spirits or sweets that contain one of these fruits. A taste that you will never tire of and that you always find interesting and different in its own way.

Libra – The light dessert
In the kitchen you like to eat a bit of everything and you don’t usually make a fuss about preferring one dish to another. If you have a choice, however, you like to end your meals with something sweet but without it being heavy. As a lover of the line you are, you like to give yourself something that knows how to gratify you but without making you fear the presence of too many calories. For this reason you appreciate simple flavors like that of a panna cotta, a light dessert or a good fruit ice cream.

Scorpio – The Spicy Flavors
Spices are your gateway to culinary heaven. From turmeric to curry, there’s no spice you don’t like to add to your dishes, which is why you have a truly lavish pantry around the house. Perhaps the one that suits you best, as it is a mix of many others, is the curry you love to find almost everywhere, including desserts. It follows that you do not disdain elaborate dishes and which for others may be heavy but which for your palate are only the antechamber of an unforgettable culinary experience.

Sagittarius – A mix of flavors
Always around other shores, you are used to different flavors so much that choosing one is definitely difficult for you. In life you like to experiment and this is also reflected in the kitchen where more than preferring a single taste you like to taste many, savoring the whole that remains and that makes you feel like a veteran of a trip around the world. An attitude typical of you and that describes well, making you the diner that everyone would like to have at dinner.

Capricorn – Light flavors
Your relationship with cooking is rather ambivalent and leads you to appreciate its flavor without ever fully enjoying it. To ensure that a food satisfies you fully, it is therefore essential that it is good but not overdoing it. Strong tastes, in short, are not for you. Green light therefore to light flavors and all without any specific details. What matters is that there is not too much salt, too much sugar, too many spices or too much of anything else. To be on the safe side with you, the important thing is never to abound.

Aquarius – L’amaro
Ok, maybe the bitter taste is not exactly your favorite but your way of being makes you perhaps one of the few people able to appreciate it already at a first taste. Chocolate, sugar-free coffee and simple flavors are for you, including some good spirits that can give you that extra note that makes everything quirky, just like you, that if you were to be a taste you would probably be a mix whose the first hint would be that of bitterness, only to discover immediately after a whole range of hidden nuances.

Pisces – The bittersweet
The best flavor for you? Surely the bittersweet, perfect to fully satisfy your palate and to make you feel complete in some way. Because in life you need to experience the sweet and the bitter, the black and the white and the whole range of emotions possible. So why not follow the same path when it comes to cooking? The bittersweet in this sense is the flavor that best reflects you and that goes well with your taste, always looking for new things but that know how to refer to something ancient.

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