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Which Barbie You Are, Depending On Your Zodiac Sign. The Characteristics In The Horoscope Tell You What Style Of Barbie Doll You Are

Barbie’s influence on our culture has never stopped and was exacerbated by the long-awaited Greta Gerwig movie, released on July 21. However, most of us loved this iconic doll long before Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling embodied Barbie & Ken.

So we can’t help but wonder what would be the representation of Barbie for our zodiac signs.

Which Barbie you are, depending on your zodiac sign

Fun Fact: Barbie’s official birthday is March 9, 1959, which makes her a Pisces. This empathetic, emotional, artistic, and creative zodiac sign captures Barbie’s flair for entering multiple personalities and careers while cultivating a bright and eclectic wardrobe. She also embodies what it means to be a good friend, as Barbie would never let down someone she cares about. Pisces is the zodiac sign directly linked to our imagination, which explains why Barbie has always opened the door to a brightly colored universe that you never want to leave.

Aries – Adventurer Barbie

The Aries Barbie doll would be a brave and energetic adventurer, always full of initiative and with a strong desire to conquer the world. She would always be equipped with a backpack and sports shoes, ready to explore the most remote places. However, like any passionate Aries, this Barbie also wants to pamper you, which is why she’s the Barbie to choose for someone who needs some encouragement.

Taurus – Barbie Totally Hair

For sure, if you are a Taurus, you are the Barbie with the longest hair. Taurus is famous for its penchant for beauty and refined taste in fashion, as it is ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury and beauty. The Taurus Barbie doll would be an elegant and sophisticated fashionista, with a perfect taste for beauty and luxury. Her wardrobe would be full of elegant dresses and special jewelry.

Gemini – Barbie Day-to-Night

It captures the essence of Gemini, as it represents the transformation that comes with changing out of work clothes and putting on party clothes. Originally launched in 1985, this doll arrived in honor of the indelible mark that women left in a workplace dominated by men. And like any Gemini, she understands that the fastest way to go from professional to party mode is by changing her outfit. It would be best if the Gemini Barbie doll had two girls – one blonde and one brunette – symbolizing their duality. She would be a charismatic and versatile communicator, always on the go and with a lot of different passions and interests.

Cancer – Malibu Barbie

This water sign lives and breathes on the beach, where the sand meets the water. Malibu Barbie was originally launched in 1971, capturing the feeling of going to the beach and spending a sunny and carefree day with your best friends. Malibu Barbie is here to relax with her loved ones, exactly what every Cancer wants. If you were born under this sign, you already know that the doll that represents you would have strong feelings and would always be concerned about the happiness of your loved ones.

Leo – Superstar Barbie

The Barbie Leo doll would be a bright and confident diva, always in the center of attention and attractive to others. He would have an impressive wardrobe and would shine at any moment. Barbie Superstar knows that everyone is watching her. She has no problem attracting all the attention in the room with shiny frills and jewels that shine under the disco lights. This doll – which was launched in 1977 – knows that it has a lot of fans.

Virgo – You are the working woman Barbie

Barbie is always ready to be a positive example for young girls. Mattel launched Barbie the Working Woman in 1999. This doll does it all, inspiring you to make important phone calls, note down important events on your calendar, and close profitable deals. And with her high-tech flip phone, blazer, pencil skirt, and office bag, it’s clear that Working Woman Barbie does everything in style – just like a Virgo. This doll is a perfectionist, meticulous and organized, with a special talent for finding solutions to difficult problems.

Libra – Dream Date Barbie

The Libra Barbie doll would be a model of balance and harmony. She would always be open to compromises and would always seek to maintain peace in the puppet group. Dream Date Barbie loves love, just like Libra. Released in 1984, this doll was accompanied by Ken in a classic tailcoat and, together, they could attend a high school prom or a red carpet event. Either way, this Barbie doll captures what it means to be a Libra who loves to dress up for a night on the town.

Scorpio – Barbie with magic earrings

Do you remember Barbie Magic Earring? It was launched in 1993 and it was very special. If you are a Scorpio, you know that you secretly carry amulets and crystals that bring you good luck. The Scorpion doll would have a mysterious and powerful aura. He would be a charismatic leader, but also a loyal protector of those close to him.

Sagittarius – Barbie the rock singer

The Sagittarius Barbie doll would be an adventurous explorer, always looking for new experiences. If there is one zodiac sign that will sing rock with all its heart and get the crowd moving, it will be Sagittarius. And when it comes to Barbies, none represent your wild, irresistible, and uninhibited energy like 1999’s Lead Singer Barbie. Dressed in a colorful and funky outfit fit for a rock star, this Barbie gives you the confidence to put on worth and to give everything. They would travel all over the world and always share captivating stories.

Capricorn – the original Barbie

If you could use one word to describe a Capricorn, it would be “classic”. That’s why you deserve to be represented by nothing less than the original Barbie doll. Launched in 1959, this Barbie radiates beauty, grace, luxury, and, of course, tradition. With her retro sunglasses, vintage black and white strapless piece, and tireless expression on her face, the doll that started it all radiates Capricorn’s energy to the fullest.

Aquarius – Entrepreneur Barbie

If there’s one thing that comes naturally to an Aquarius, it’s expanding your social network, making valuable connections, and using your social skills to make the impossible possible. Enter the Entrepreneur Barbie scene, launched in 2014, a doll that is always ready to manage the business. The Aquarius Barbie doll would be a creative innovator, always ready to find unconventional solutions and change the world for the better. She would be friendly and open with everyone else.

Pisces – Mermaid Barbie

The Pisces Barbie doll would have a sensitive nature, always being there to offer support to others. She would be a talented artist and would always seek to bring a touch of magic to the world. Because Pisces are associated with dreams and fantasy worlds, this is the doll that has the greatest potential to make you feel like you are part of a magical world. All you have to do is dip its tail that changes color under water and your boredom will evaporate.

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