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Well yes, the time has come to admit it: some people do not know how to dress and you could be among them! How will we find out? Thanks to our ranking of zodiac signs without style: sure you are not in the top five?

Okay, okay: we know style is personal, you don’t have to tell us aloud!
Stars and planets, however, are on our side this time and have allowed us to draw up a truly particular horoscope ranking.

Although we know very well that style and beauty are completely subjective, today we want to talk about those zodiac signs that just don’t know how to put together an outfit.
There is nothing they can do about it: they have no style and we are here to reveal which are the top five positions in this ranking. Ready to find out if you are there too?

The zodiac signs without style: find out immediately if you are one of those signs that dresses really badly

We hope not to find your zodiac sign in today’s horoscope ranking, shall we?
We asked the stars and planets to reveal to us which are the five zodiac signs without style, who dress very badly and the ranking is here.

Ready to find out if you are there or not?

We hope not to find you in the ranking of the zodiac signs that dress badly but we can not help it.
Here are the top five positions of ” baddies ” of the zodiac: do not be offended if you find your sign, rather take a look at your closet and evaluate your purchases better!

Aries: fifth place

Dear Aries, we are sorry to tell you but it is time to freshen up your closet. We understand that you like your style and that once you have found a shirt that fits you well, you buy at least three more, in different colors: style, however, is something very different from this!

Aries are people who, while being very careful about what they wear, cannot really help but always dress in the same way.
They don’t dress badly per se, just in an uninspiring and boring way!

Sagittarius: fourth place

We can say that those born under the sign of Sagittarius, at least, have the effect of surprise on their side: you will never know what they will look like when going on a date with them! Sagittarians are people who do not value clothes or their appearance.

For them, it doesn’t matter at all how you dress (and, therefore, they don’t even evaluate what you wear, most of the time). Sagittarius
, after all, are like this: for them, clothes are meant to cover themselves up, not to make a style statement!

Gemini: third place

Even for those born under the sign of Gemini, we can say that style is not a great friend of theirs.
But for what reason?

Simple! Geminis don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear. They just want to get out of the house, not wait hours before they can make an appearance! Geminis don’t care what they wear as long as it was bought by them; in doing so, however, they often make rather risky combinations that do not pay off much from the point of view of style!

Leo: second place

As? Are those born under the sign of Leo in second place in our ranking of zodiac signs without style? Are we joking?
The answer is: not! The Leos, unfortunately for them and their ego, are not very gifted in the field of clothing.

On the contrary! Whenever they want to create an outfit of some kind, Leos end up messing around.
When they keep to the classic they are not wrong but when they get stuck in trying to create a ” statement “, here is where the trouble begins.

Accustomed to always being right and to command, Leos like to have brightly colored garments, oddly shaped shoes, particular elements, and accessories. Too bad, then, that their wardrobe is full of the most extravagant objects and the Leos find it impossible … to dress well!

Libra: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs without style

Dear Libra, do not blame us if you are in the ranking of the zodiac signs that dress the worst of all.
We are sorry to have to tell you but the style, however personal, clashes with the overlap … well, of everything you have in your closet!

Used to being exuberant and disruptive, those born under the sign of Libra often end up making choices of style that are at least questionable.
For the ” too much ” is too little: they end up creating outfits that are full of accessories and colors!
Nothing wrong with being cheerful and colorful, mind you: style, however, requires more than abundance!

This is why, therefore, Libra often ends up winning the ” worst dressed ” award in the horoscope. Sorry but someone will have to tell you, right?

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