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Yes, the ranking of the ugliest zodiac signs exists and is here to shake up your world (and raise a lot of controversies). Are you ready to find out if there is even your sign among them?

We already know that asking stars and planets to help us draw up this very special horoscope ranking could cause a real fuss.
After all, it’s certainly not nice to know that your sign is among the five considered the most ” ugly ” by the stars, isn’t it?

We hope, of course, that yours is not in the ranking but if there is, know that we will explain why and how the stars consider you among the … least cute signs of the zodiac.
Ready for the controversy?

The ugliest zodiac signs: help, will you be in today’s horoscope ranking?

We already know that this will be a very difficult horoscope ranking. How do you determine what is good and what is bad since both of these concepts are subjective and personal?

Fortunately, we have stars and planets that will help us better understand the question: is there the ranking of the ugliest zodiac signs in the horoscope?

The answer is yes, but beware: ” ugly “, in this case, does not mean a personal and subjective judgment but one that has to do with classicism.
These signs are certainly not following fashion or worrying about their physical appearance: this is why we have labeled them this way !. Let’s try to understand this concept better thanks to today’s ranking and the top five positions. Here are the ugliest signs of the horoscope and also why. (We hope that your mark isn’t on the podium anyway!).

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Capricorn: fifth place

No, no dear Capricorns, don’t take it personally! As? Ah, not only do you not take it personally but couldn’t you care less about being in the ranking of the ugliest zodiac signs? Wow!

Capricorns, like all the other signs found in this ranking, are not “ugly” in an objective way.
They simply don’t care how others see them! They have their style and unshakeable self-confidence – they don’t need your judgment or approval!

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Taurus: fourth place

The Taurus, on the other hand, happens to end up in the ranking of the ugliest zodiac signs for another reason: often and willingly, the Taurus does not care about how it presents itself in society.
They are busy thinking about anything but their physical appearance!

Often and willingly, when there is some event that the preparation has been going on for a while (a birthday or a wedding), the Taurus is presented in an extremely elegant way. In everyday life, however, Taurus is not interested in being seen a little disheveled: for them, it is more important than worrying about styling!

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Scorpio: third place

Even those born under the sign of Scorpio are included in our horoscope ranking today for one reason and one reason only: they do not care to be considered beautiful!
The Scorpios are often fascinating people who bet everything on their uniqueness and charisma.

They do not care in the literal sense of the word because they think it is of little use to comb your hair: you have to be important and decisive people, other than models and dolls!
Scorpios lack a fundamental requirement to be beautiful: that of believing that they could improve themselves if only they accepted to see that they also have defects!

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Aries: second place

That Aries are in second place in our ranking, perhaps, we could have expected. Those born under this sign end up being considered ” ugly ” mainly due to a very important defect in their character.

Aries do not care about others and this, sooner or later, weighs on the judgment that others have of them!
Always at the center of the dramas, always ready to make the best decision for themselves, and always ready to engineer something, Aries ends up being considered ugly because of their attitude.

New clothes, make-up, or accurate hairstyles are of little use, dear Aries if treated badly all the others!

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Gemini: first place in the ranking of the ugliest zodiac signs of the horoscope

Dear Gemini, this first place will certainly seem undeserved to you, doesn’t it?
Maybe you are right but you, on the other hand, have to tell us one thing: how much do you look after your physical appearance for others? Gemini cares nothing about the people around them, in a very literal sense: Gemini only matters to their judgment, to hell with others!

For this reason, very often, the Gemini is never elegant or well-groomed and it seems that they do it on purpose.
This is their way of communicating to all the people they don’t care about (and there are a lot of them) that they aren’t worth enough for Gemini to dress up for them.

Anyone who has been ” prey ” to the benevolence of a Gemini knows that these can be truly fascinating! Too bad, however, that most people only see one side of Gemini: that of people who take advantage of others, who leave them in trouble, and who have no respect for the people around them. Difficult to be considered “beautiful” outside when you behave badly!

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