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Here are your positives and negatives. All according to the horoscope.

Each person embodies multiple aspects that make them appear different based on the occasions and the people with whom they interact. Forced to wear masks constantly, almost all of them, from time to time, end up forgetting who they really are, especially if they basically have a complex and difficult character to manage. Every living being, in fact, is made up of light and shadow and, consequently, of positive and negative sides. On these, as often happens, for the most part, the stars influence. Today, we will discover the positive and negative sides of each sign. For a more complete idea, as often happens in these cases, it is advisable to also check your ascendant which can sometimes be even more influential than the zodiac sign itself.

Find out the positives and negatives of your zodiac sign

Aries – Active but aggressive
There is no doubt, the most positive characteristic of your zodiac sign is that linked to your vitality. Your way of being in fact makes you a person who is always charged and able to infect others as well. The downside is that you have an aggressive disposition that tends to emerge when you fear that your plans will not go through as you would like. Fortunately, the positive aspect is stronger than the negative one and by working a little on yourself you can get excellent results, smoothing the most angular corners of your way of being, in order to be an extremely pleasant and shadow-free person.

Taurus – Serious but too rigid in your positions
. Your positive side? Without a doubt it is your seriousness that leads you to face any situation with the utmost attention. Your always wanting to do everything correctly leads you to be taken as an example by many people, so much so that you are often a point of reference. Unfortunately, the other side of the coin sees you too rigid and anchored in your positions and this even when you risk being in the wrong. Learning to be more elastic will lead you to improve yourself and push you even further on your very own path to success.

Gemini – Friendly but often agitated
Even in your duality, you distinguish yourself thanks to your being very friendly. Sociable with everyone and always cheerful, you know how to be really company, bringing people to be next to you and this despite the fact that you are also known for being particularly moody. Speaking of negative aspects, however, it often turns out to be too anxious and tending to agitation. An aspect that makes you unreliable and that you also appear superficial. Anxiety, in fact, often plays bad tricks on you, pushing you to make too rash decisions. Working on this aspect, however, can help you manage your life.

Cancer – Sensitive but too proud
Your zodiac sign leads you to be very sensitive, which makes you a great listener and a good friend to rely on. Unfortunately, you also have a negative side that sees you too proud and taken by yourself. This often leads you to lose sight of others, making you focus too much on your own needs. In this way the empathy that should be part of your character disappears completely, leaving only your negative sides to emerge. To avoid this, you will have to work hard on yourself, avoiding being touchy with others and shifting your attention elsewhere.

Leo – Ambitious but superficial
One of your characteristics, known to practically everyone, is your ambition, seen mostly as a positive side and this above all because thanks to it you are able to assert yourself in life and to be an example to those around you . Unfortunately your character also shows signs of an evident superficiality on which it would be good to work in order to appear even more credible and to be an example for those around you.

Virgo – Precise but critical
Accuracy is your greatest quality, the one that often leads you to excel and to be one step ahead of others. All this aiming for the best, however, also implies a tendency to judge not only yourself but also others, all with a hyper criticality that often risks being excessive, leading you to be heavy and at times unpleasant. The solution? It will take a little effort not to make rash judgments and relationships with others will have a marked improvement, making you noticed only for your positives.

Libra – Fair but Often Undecided
Fairness is your main characteristic and one of your greatest qualities. Your need for harmony leads you to give excellent advice and to act as a peacemaker among the people you know. This often makes you the confidant of your friends and a person everyone loves to hang out with. A downside? Too often you are indecisive about what you want. This basic way of doing may not even be a defect, but it often makes you nervous and susceptible to what you would not want, taking away part of your amiability.

Scorpio – Emotional and sensitive but vindictive
. Your positive side? A strong emotionality that leads you to be much more sensitive than it seems at first glance. This makes you a person who, once known, leads others to be close to you and particularly care about your friendship. Too bad that when you feel betrayed, even for small things, you tend to bring out the worst in you, showing yourself as vengeful as ever. An aspect that is really difficult for you to change but that you can try to smooth here and there, making it much more pleasant.

Sagittarius – Positive but with great concentration difficulties
The most positive side of you is the positivism that characterizes you and that leads you to always find the best side of things. Cheerful and proactive, you always launch into new adventures, infecting everyone with your enthusiasm. So much exuberance, however, leads you to have difficulty focusing on things, all with the risk of losing sight of what is really important. Nothing serious but that you can change by trying to think about one thing at a time, thus learning to savor every moment to the fullest.

Capricorn – Hardworking but really stubborn
You are a great worker, always focused on what you are doing and willing to do anything to carry out your commitments. A really positive aspect, especially if you are aiming for important results and able to take you far. Too bad for your stubborn character that, if at work it can be positive, leading you to never give up, in relationships it can be quite heavy, making you look like a person with whom it is difficult to dialogue.

Aquarius – Unpredictable but too closed in on yourself
. Your positive side? You are a truly unpredictable and resourceful person, able to surprise everyone around you. On the other hand, however, you are also in need of your spaces and moments that you only want for yourself and from which you always tend to exclude others. This can lead to souring some relationships, especially with loved ones or those who are not ready to understand your needs. The only solution, in this sense, is to explain yourself and find a way to be forgiven after each moment dedicated only to yourself.

Pisces – Empathic but often immersed in your own world
Your sign is full of positive characteristics. Among these stand out the empathy and sensitivity for which you are considered an excellent friend and confidant. If you are very good and sensible in giving advice to others, things change a bit when it comes to you. Too often you tend to live in the clouds, in a world that is only yours and that for others is definitely impossible to understand. The solution? Strive to keep your feet more grounded or at least learn to discern between reality and dream. Of course, maybe your creativity will risk losing a few points but you will definitely gain some points in terms of relationships.

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