Zodiac Signs

What Kind Of Heart You Have, Based On Your Birth Month


You have an exhausted heart. You have been hurt before and you’re scared it will happen again. You don’t want history to repeat itself. You want to put in the effort, want to care about someone new, but you’re tired. You don’t want to make another mistake. You don’t want to let the wrong one in again.


You have a closed heart. You rarely show your emotions, even once you’ve found the right person. You don’t want to give them the means to hurt you. You take a while to warm up to new people because you don’t want to let the wrong ones in. You only want to hand your heart to people who will treat it gently.


You have a whimsical heart. You are a romantic with big dreams. You want your relationships to play out like the love stories you see on the big screen. Your expectations are high, but you are confident you can find someone who will meet them. Who will even rise above them.


You have a resilient heart. You have been heartbroken before, but you have made it through stronger. You have grown and learned from your past relationships. Getting over your exes wasn’t easy, but it has shaped you into who you are. It has helped you become independent and more sure of yourself.


You have a fragile heart. You get your feelings hurt easily because you are a sensitive soul. You take every word others say to heart, especially the people you value the most. You don’t forgive or forget easily. If someone hurts you, you won’t be able to let go of the horrible things they’ve said. You carry it with you.


You have a fickle heart. You might fall for someone one day, but you will get distracted by someone else the next day. This doesn’t mean you’re disloyal. Once you commit, you mean it. But you usually hesitate to settle down because you want to make the right choice. You don’t want to end up with the wrong person.


You have a generous heart. You will always reach out to help people in need. You care more about others than you do about yourself, so you will put their desires ahead of yours. You will go out of your way to make someone else smile and you won’t expect credit for it. You are as selfless as they come.


You have a hopeful heart. Even though you’ve been hurt in the past, you are ready and willing to love again. You aren’t afraid to put in the work. You always think positive, always see the bright side. You know you are lovable. You know what you deserve. And one day, you’re going to get it.


You have an open heart. You fall in love easily because you want to trust others. You want to believe in their goodness. You want them to rise to your standards and believe that they will if given the chance. You are an optimist who isn’t afraid to love loudly. You’ll risk getting hurt because love is worth it to you.


You have a huge heart. You aren’t the type of person who falls in love once. You fall in love constantly. You’re always finding beauty within other people. You’re always falling hard for someone new. You understand that more than one person can make you happy, which is wonderful, since some relationships are only temporary.


You have a cynical heart. You have trouble trusting new people because you don’t want to get your feelings hurt. You don’t want to end up sobbing your eyes out over them anytime soon. You’ve been hurt one too many times before, so you keep your guard up to protect yourself from people who cannot give you what you deserve.


You have a wary heart. You are cautious when it comes to love and relationships because you don’t want to get your feelings hurt. You don’t want to commit to the wrong person or chase after someone who doesn’t want to be caught. You let others make the first move to save yourself the embarrassment.

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