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Find out which are the zodiac signs most ready to find love in the summer season.

Summer has always been known as the season of flirting and so-called summer loves. The holiday atmosphere, the rediscovered freedom, and the absence of thoughts are a push towards falling in love and the desire to experience strong emotions to take with you once home. Whether it is a simple summer love destined to remain so or one able to overcome distances and changes of seasons to transform into something more lasting, not everyone is always ready to live such an adventure. This can depend on the situation in which you are, the year you have had, the sentimental situation, and many other factors that are often difficult to determine.
That said, there are zodiac signs that seem more than others predisposed to find love in this summer of 2022, and that depends at least in part on the influence that the stars have on them. After having seen which are the most mysterious zodiac signs and which are the ones who do not feel guilty after a betrayal, today we will see which are the zodiac signs most ready to find love in the next two months.
When it comes to feelings, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of each zodiac sign to have a clearer idea of ​​what awaits us or our friends.

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Horoscope: the signs that they are ready to find love and those that need more time

Aries – Super ready
Those born under the sign of Aries always have a positive approach to summer and everything related to it. Summer loves are one of the things that excite them most and this is so strong in them that sometimes they end up getting involved even if they are romantically engaged with other people. We can therefore say about them that they are more than ready for a new love but that in most cases it will be a simple summer flirt from which they will come to their senses with the end of the summer to return to their lives, happy to have experienced new emotions but unwilling to take them with them in everyday life.

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Taurus – Ready for pleasant stories
The natives of Taurus always have high expectations towards the summer which for them represents the time to go on vacation from everything. Often too focused on solving problems related to work or other areas of their life, they perceive the hottest season of the year as a moment of escape in which to allow themselves as many pleasant moments as possible. For them, therefore, meeting new people is almost an imperative that can only be realized with those who they consider light and possible in their way. If there is one thing they just don’t want, it is possible complications from which they will always keep away. For the rest, they are ready for anything, and as romantic as they are they do not disdain any love stories for which they will not worry too much,

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Gemini – Ready but with reserve
Those born under the sign of Gemini never have clear ideas when it comes to love. They usually prefer not to make plans and follow the course of events or, even better, their own heart. This often leads them to change their minds and this happens especially in summer where if on the one hand, they feel the urgent need for freedom, on the other they find themselves eager to experience stronger emotions such as those given by a new love. For them, it is therefore often difficult to predict the course of things that varies according to their choices, often instinctive and sudden. Nevertheless, it can be said that they are ready and that the possibilities of a summer love are there. It all depends on their way of handling things and how much they want to get involved in a sentimental story.

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Cancer – Ready but only for a romantic love
The natives of Cancer, as great romantics, as they are, always feel ready for new stories and this also happens in the summer period. What they must pay attention to are the intentions of others, because if it is true that they are more than ready it is also true that they are only towards romantic love and that the idea of ​​a simple adventure is not for them. For this reason, in the face of a possible flirtation, they should put their hands forward and immediately declare their intentions in order not to suffer. An alternative is to follow the heart and live things as they come but this only applies if they are sure they can accept a fixed-term story without this then ruining their return to everyday life.

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Leo – More than ready
Those born under the sign of Leo are so taken by the love and the many emotions it can give them that they are always ready to experience it under every facet. Whether it is a transitory feeling or one destined to last, what matters for them is that there are strong emotions and such as to give them a good memory of the period they lived. After all, they don’t usually worry if not when necessary. After all, they might be the ones who tire first, so why bother? For them, it’s a big yes to summer flirts and the thrilling pleasure of not knowing where they will lead.

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Virgo – Not quite ready
Virgo natives come from a time full of thoughts and decisions that have made them somewhat tired. While diving into a summer story attracts them, they are not sure if they have the strength to carry it on. For them, summer holidays must bring lightness and fun but above all freedom to be able to choose everything at the last moment, without making plans or feel bound by third parties. On the other hand, the thought of having someone around is always pleasant for them. Everything, therefore, will depend on the encounters they will have and on how important they consider them to be worth getting involved in despite everything.

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Libra – Ready but on their terms
Those born under the sign of Libra love the very idea of ​​love and are always ready to fall in love. For the summer, therefore, they have strong emotions in mind to live and for which they are ready for practically anything except moments of tension or that can give them negative emotions. For this reason, it can be said of them that they are more than ready to live a love story that is transitory or lasting but as long as it is pleasant and light. Having to suffer tensions even when they are officially on vacation is something they can’t stand and that in the long run would make them pass every possible momentum.

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Scorpio – Half ready
The natives of Scorpio never say no to the possibility of having a love story. To do this, however, they need to be certain that it is worth it. This, of course, depends on the person in front of them, and that to attract them to the point of convincing them to start something they must prove to be intelligent, attractive, and possibly mysterious in their way. The natives of the sign are very complicated when it comes to feelings and personal relationships and, for this reason, they always proceed with extreme caution, thus proving to be ready but only halfway. A problem that only rarely disappears completely, or when they feel so intrigued and attracted to someone that they lose all hesitation. The situation in which they are ready to launch even without being able to imagine the eventual evolution of history.

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Sagittarius – More than ready
When it comes to love stories, those born under the sign of Sagittarius are always super ready. This happens because, with a cheerful disposition, they love to dive into all that is new. Furthermore, getting to know people is for them one of the most engaging aspects of life and this is true both when it comes to friendships and, above all, in the case of love. Their desire for new adventures is such that sometimes they fall in love with someone even if they are sentimentally committed. This is why they can also find themselves in complex situations and from which, at times, they have difficulty in getting out.

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Capricorn – Not very ready
The natives of Capricorn come from an intense year in which they found themselves reflecting on many things. For this reason, they are not exactly ready to find love. Before they can do this, they need to get back on their feet, rediscovering their priorities and making peace with those they consider free. In these months they need more moments of serenity to share with friends. And those who, despite everything, would like to leave the door open to love? Better to focus on some light flirting, to be lived with carefree and without too many problems. For the rest, they can always rely on time but always without too many worries. What matters is being able to recharge given the winter season.

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Aquarius – Not ready
Those born under the sign of Aquarius, this year do not have a great desire for love stories and prefer to feel free to meet new people without creating stakes that they already know they do not want to have. That said, if they come across love they can always change their minds but the advice is to always follow their instincts and not force themselves to do things that don’t feel natural. The most important thing is in fact to live the summer months carefree, enjoying every free moment and everything that can make them happy. And among these, there is, as always, the time to spend peacefully and without obligations towards others. Freedom that resumed work will be more difficult to obtain.

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Pisces – Very ready
The natives of Pisces are in love with love and for them, there is no holiday without the possibility of living it in every aspect. Whether it’s a concrete story or a heartbeat that can make them dream, it doesn’t matter. What they aspire to is to experience important emotions, to feel excited, and above all happy to live in the present. For this reason, all sorts of approaches are recommended for them. Whether it’s a flirtation or a story destined to turn into something more, they just need to experience the emotions of the moment, aware of being able to discover the evolution of things at the end of the summer, a moment in which it will be easier to understand in which direction. they are going.

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