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6 Emotionally Empty Zodiac Signs According To Astrology

Emotionally Empty Zodiac Signs According To Astrology Are…


Capricorn, tough and steadfast, will deceive you. When they are emotionally strained, they closed down in seconds, leading others to believe they have been zombified into blithering emptiness.


They’ve gone through a lot; the agony has been excruciating, and they’ve learned how to cope by shutting down. Aquarius might come across as emotionally damaged at times, and for loved ones, this can be disconcerting. And that is why we add Aquarius to the list of emotionally empty zodiac signs according to Astrology.


Whenever it comes to emotional emptiness, Scorpion is naturally chilly, so it doesn’t require much to turn the switch. When it comes to becoming emotional dead, we usually think of Scorpion as the sign most likely to do so, yet it requires even less effort than we believe.


If you’re as headstrong as an Aries, you also have to maintain that level-headed demeanor, and you understand when to prove to the world you’re dying on the inside. Aries are naturally emotionally unstable, and this instability may either burst at any time or be managed and tamed via the practice of emotional emptiness.


Taureans are already agitated and unwilling to cope with your nonsense to the point that they’ve mentally exited the arena simply to get far with you. Taurus closes down with the assistance of substances such as narcotics, alcohol, and sex.


It’s not easy being a Gemini. Gemini’s hidden side generally leaps in to rescue the day when things become too sincere and mushy, particularly with all those wilful, wild feelings floating about within.

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