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Find out what hurts you the most when you feel sick and don’t understand why. The answer is based on your zodiac sign.

Each of us, however strong he may be, has a sensitivity that leads him to experience things in always different ways. Thus, it can happen to resist situations of all kinds only to end up feeling bad for those that would have been thought to be irrelevant. This happens because even if we often don’t realize it, we end up being hurt by particular gestures or situations that when they arise strike us to the core. An aspect that varies from person to person.

Usually, a lot depends on the character and life experiences. In some cases, however, even the zodiac sign can say a lot about it. For this reason, today, after seeing what love will be like in May for the various signs of the zodiac, we will find out what really hurts each of us.

The thing that really hurts you based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Who Thinks They Know What You Think
If there is one thing that hurts you deeply, it is the presumption with which some people decide to know you so well that they know who you are and what you think. This is something that you take a lot personally and that when it happens you struggle to manage. The thought that someone can frame you, in fact, makes you feel naked and vulnerable and as if you are suddenly unable to surprise those in front of you. A problem that you could solve by focusing more on your many resources and on the fact that even if they knew you thoroughly you could always have surprises. Some of which even you are not aware of.

Taurus – Feeling cast aside You
are particularly possessive in interpersonal relationships. So, if there is one thing that particularly hurts you, it is feeling suddenly pushed aside by someone else. When this happens, you take it as a betrayal and you tend to go on a rampage. Something that you don’t know how to hide at all and that often leads you to go wrong. Thankfully, as you work on it, you may learn to tell the difference between friends who can love more people and those who actually try to rip you off. Once you have learned how to do it, experiencing things with greater relaxation will certainly be easier.

Gemini – Feeling Judged
If there is one thing that bothers you deeply, makes you nervous, and hurts you at the same time, it is feeling judged. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend or someone you barely know doing it. Feeling challenged in your abilities is something you don’t accept from anyone. Often, behind this wound that is caused to you every time there is underlying insecurity given by being aware of often acting too quickly. Nonetheless, even a single judgmental look can hurt you more than you would like. It will be only by learning to be stronger than your convictions that you will be able to live better even in these situations.

Cancer – Not to be considered
Even if you always try not to show it, you badly need to feel the center of attention of the people you love. When that doesn’t happen, you immediately start thinking that you can’t count on them anymore, that you have been pushed aside, or that you have never been important. It is something that hurts you deeply, so much so that when it happens you often risk giving the worst of you. A problem that you could solve simply by working on yourself and your insecurities. Because it will only be by overcoming them that you will finally be able to feel strong even when others do not pay attention to you for a few minutes.

Leo – Being belittled
The thing that hurts you the most? When someone tries to belittle you. Regardless of the situation in which this may happen, when you perceive that your value is being questioned or indeed considered lower than it is, you tend to feel bad. This is mostly due to your excessive need to always feel praised and appreciated. Which somehow makes you a slave to what other people think. The key to free yourself from this prison? Learn not to rely so much on the judgment of others and rely first of all on your own. The rest will be just a gift.

Virgo – Feeling left out
If there is one thing that hurts you deeply, it is feeling left out. This is something you find hard to recognize in everyday dynamics. However, we can say that it is what makes you angry when you feel hurt in front of gestures or situations that you do not fully understand. It is a problem linked partly to insecurity and partly to the fear of being alone. The point is that to avoid feeling bad, you are often the first to cut yourself off from uncomfortable situations. Learn to deal with them and you will find that doing it is, after all, easier than running away and then finding yourself always and in any case feeling bad.

Libra – Being contradicted
Let’s face it. Basically, you are a pretty confident person as well as of your own means. This leads you to be aware of who you are and this way of often making you able to gain approval from others. The point is, you’re not used to rejections or different opinions. So when you happen to feel contradicted, you end up feeling worse than you would like. The truth is that your need for perfection prevents you from admitting that you too can be wrong or appear imperfect. And that makes you feel bad about things a lot more than you would like. It will be only when you learn to accept that even in perfection there are margins of imperfection that you will learn to better manage situations of this type.

Scorpio – Feeling made fun of
The thing that hurts you the most? Thinking that someone is making fun of you. Precise and loyal as you are, you cannot bear injustices in general and even less tolerate those aimed at your person. When one shows up, even if a very small one, you tend to review the relationship you have with others. And, as typical of your way of being, you don’t forget. So in addition to feeling bad, you start looking for a way to avenge yourself. Fortunately, few people are so reckless as to want you as a rival. Thus, it is a situation that you hardly find yourself living in. When it does, though, learning to let go a little bit might be a good way to experience it better.

Sagittarius – Not being appreciated
When you do something for someone, in general, it is not only because you like it but also and above all because you love to feel thanked and appreciated for what you have done. If that doesn’t happen, you take it personally and you start to feel really bad. Often the discomfort you feel leads you even to turn against anyone who has dared not to appreciate your presence or your help. An attitude that can also be understood but that often only puts you in the wrong. Learning to talk to others about how you feel is undoubtedly much better than tying your finger on things that only you often notice. And doing so, maybe it would make your own life more peaceful.

Capricorn – Being told you’re wrong
If there’s one thing you just can’t accept, it’s feeling wrong. Knowing that you have made a mistake is already such a setback that it makes you feel bad and when it happens that others notice it, you go out of your mind. Unfortunately, this limitation of yours often leads you to deny even the obvious or to seek excuses that do not stand. The attitude ends up making everything worse. Working on why you always want to feel on the side of reason and learning to admit your mistakes is the only way out of these dynamics that often make you feel sicker than you would like.

Aquarius – Criticism
From others, you do not accept in any way to feel criticized. It is an aspect that you cannot manage and that often brings out the worst part of you. Learning to be self-deprecating and having a prompt response that isn’t cutting edge or aimed at hurting could make a difference and allow you to live better. This way your relationships with others can also improve. And that would give your life much more serenity than you think.

Pisces – Being Left Alone
Being an empathic person you tend to expect others to always be able to understand how you feel. So when that doesn’t happen you end up feeling hurt. Obviously, this is something that you keep to yourself but that continues to hurt you for some time. Or at least until those who haven’t noticed how you were doing something positive towards you. The truth is that like everyone else you deserve the closeness of others. And for this reason, you should learn to ask for help without fear of disturbing. Only in this way, in fact, will you be able to fully enjoy even more special relationships that make you feel loved as you wish.

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