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Find out which are the most selfish zodiac signs of all

When it comes to selfishness it is often difficult to distinguish between the positive and the negative. If in some ways, a healthy dose of selfishness allows you to better live everyday life, on the other hand, when it is in excess, it risks making interpersonal relationships arid and ruining. Like many behaviors of the human being, selfishness and the way one is are also partly influenced by the stars. Today, therefore, after having seen which are the most fatalistic zodiac signs and which are the most fragile signs, we will discover which are the most selfish zodiac signs of the zodiac. To get a clearer idea, it is advisable to also read the profile of the ascendant which in these cases can have a certain impact.

Horoscope: find out how selfish each zodiac sign is

Aries – Quite Selfish
Those born under the sign of Aries are predisposed to both healthy selfishness and what can sometimes lead to negative attitudes towards others. Accustomed to thinking first of all about themselves, they can assert their emotions and create the opportunities they need in life. Doing so does not create major problems for others and if they are forced to bypass them they do not hesitate to do so.

Taurus – Moderately Selfish
The selfishness of Taurus natives largely depends on the situations in which they find themselves and how they feel moved to move. Equipped with a component of a healthy selfishness, they know how to move among others by always asserting their rights. Occasionally this leads them to put aside all attention to third parties, which happens punctually if we are talking about dreams or projects that are close to their hearts.

Gemini – Egoists in alternating phases
Gemini is people who when it comes to selfishness tend to move in alternating phases, according to their needs. When they are in the positive mode they can be quite selfless, dedicating themselves to others without necessarily thinking about their interests. If they get stuck on something, however, then they can start in gear and stop only when the goal is achieved. It matters little who was in their path at that particular moment.

Cancer – Rather Selfish
The selfishness that characterizes those born under the sign of Cancer is infantile. For them, what matters more than anything else is feeling good about others and having the constant feeling of being at the center of the world. When that doesn’t happen, they tend to throw tantrums and demand more from those around them. It is a way of doing things that hurt them as well as those around them and that often leads to misunderstandings that can lead to deteriorating relationships with others. Healthy selfishness which they often do not realize but which can be very harmful.

Leo – Selfish people
Those born under the sign of Leo have both positive and negative selfishness. They usually tend to put the former into practice, reserving the latter only for extreme situations. When the opportunity arises, however, if they think that to get where they want, the only way is to take something away from others, then they act without any problem, strong in the fact that what matters most is to act first of all. for your well-being.

Virgo – Very Selfish
Virgo natives are among the most selfish signs of the zodiac. When they are afraid of losing their grip on what they consider important, they tend to close themselves up and think only about their well-being. A little as if they were at war and for this reason, they had every reason to fight to assert their thoughts. Theirs is therefore an egoism that almost always leads to something negative and over which many times they even lose control, letting themselves go into words or gestures that are stronger than they had in mind.

Libra – Selfish according to the circumstances
Those born under the sign of Libra often tend to a form of positive selfishness, that is, aimed at their well-being. This makes them excellent advisors and confidants except when they feel threatened in some way. In this case, there will be no problem admitting to being a party involved and not being able to express themselves freely. A loyal way of doing things that simply highlights their need to emerge where they have an interest in doing so.

Scorpio – With a very personal selfishness
The natives of Scorpio are people who like to experience their emotions in a very personal way. For this reason, it is really difficult to be able to understand what is on their mind and when a certain attitude can bring out their selfishness. Usually altruistic towards those they consider friends, they end up putting in a certain amount of selfishness if they feel threatened in some way to the point of fear for the success of their interests. For this reason, with them, you must always be very careful because having them as rivals is never an advisable thing.

Sagittarius – Strongly Selfish
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are extremely selfish people, especially when it comes to their living spaces. In need of freedom of which they have a very personal idea, they are ready to do anything to conquer it, so much so that they can assume attitudes capable of hurting or disturbing those around them. Determined to follow their path, however, they do not seem inclined to be discouraged by the attitudes of others, so much so that they do not care what even the people close to them think if this is what they consider necessary to achieve their goals.

Capricorn – Ambiguously Selfish
Understanding the form of the selfishness of the natives of Capricorn is often very difficult. If they always appear ready to spend themselves for others, in fact, behind the scenes they will always try to reach their goals by first trying to please everyone and, when they can’t, pushing to get what they want without acting actively. They will attempt to ensure that others go to meet them and although this is often difficult, they have a way of doing it that often helps them while creating a certain confusion around them.

Aquarius – Extremely Selfish
The natives of Aquarius are eccentric people, extremely focused on themselves and, consequently, rather selfish especially when it comes to their well-being which they always put in the foreground. Often turned more towards themselves than towards those close to them, they are very attached to their privacy and not having a great interest in how they look, they end up appearing for what they are, for better or for worse and, of course, also under the aspect of selfishness.

Pisces – Almost Not Selfish
At All Pisces is probably the least selfish sign of the zodiac. Always turned towards others, they often find themselves even putting themselves aside to help those who believe they are in a moment of difficulty. This depends on their being empathic and the desire to know others calmly. Of course, they too have a positive but very limited form of selfishness, especially because they are skilled at managing it so that they can always take into account the needs of others.

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