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Finally, Mercury Retrograde Takes a Break and Lets Us See Our Lives!

Mercury retrograde has ended and offers us 3 and a half months of peace. Take advantage of the opportunities that the planet of communication offers you, depending on your zodiac sign!

Mercury retrograde shook our lives for a month and you probably felt its effects too. The retrogradation of this planet brought difficulties in expression and understanding, but also a return to the past – may be former partners have returned to your life.

Mercury, the prince of our zodiac system, is portrayed as a young and handsome boy, extremely intelligent and curious by nature, with reasoning capacity and good communication skills.

In our zodiac system, Mercury is the master of two signs – Gemini and Virgo. It controls our intelligence, memory, learning ability, speech, communication, reflexes, and communication gadgets. Mercury is the representative of commerce, banks, education, writing, books, a sense of humor, and the press.

And now, on January 18, 2023, Mercury becomes direct in the sign of Sagittarius and this sign signifies wealth, motivation, intelligence, and luck.

It should be noted that the next time we meet with Mercury retrograde is April 21, 2023.

Let’s find out now what Mercury will bring directly to the life of each zodiac sign and how we can make it more favorable to our lives!


Mercury rules the third house and the sixth house and will be in direct motion in the ninth house. The house of the father, of politics, of long-distance travel, of pilgrimage, and luck. Therefore, this direct Mercury in Sagittarius will give you freedom in terms of communication problems or terms of health. Professional life is also targeted. It’s time to make plans to change your job or company if you’ve wanted to for a while.


Mercury retrograde made you introspective and think a lot about your desires. Mercury direct in Sagittarius may not give you the peace you were hoping for. Therefore, you must be aware of your health and maintain your well-being, because you risk having problems in this regard. However, Mercury is present in your second house, which indicates that now is an excellent time to increase your financial status.


Mercury is your lord and now it has reached the seventh house. It is the life partner and business partnership sector for your sign. Surely this direct movement of Mercury will bring a great sense of liberation for you. Quarrels and discussions will leave room for passionate reconciliations. Between January and April, you can also expect a marriage proposal.


Mercury directly in Sagittarius may not fully solve the problem that he also gave birth to in December. Ghosts of the past have come to light which, unfortunately, cannot be closed easily. Once you’re back in an unresolved situation, you’ll have to go all the way! Unfortunately, there are quite a few expenses.


Mercury direct in Sagittarius will take place in the fifth house which represents education, love relationships, children, and speculation. Opportunities may appear to make money easily, rely on the inspiration of the moment! It is the perfect time to resolve problems if any have arisen due to your communication misunderstandings due to Mercury retrograde.


Mercury will be in direct motion in the fourth house, and the fourth house represents the mother, domestic life, house, vehicle, and property. Problems with parents can be solved, especially on the mother’s side. Also, your health will improve and you will feel energetic and less irritated.


Mercury arrives in the third house, and this represents your brothers and sisters, hobbies, short-distance travel, and communication skills. Now, with the end of Mercury’s retrograde movement, the communication problem that you probably faced in December and in the first part of January will also be put to an end. You can negotiate well at work if you want a promotion or a salary increase.


Mercury rules the eleventh and eighth house of Scorpios. It moves directly into the second house of family, savings, and speech for you. The money sector is well looked after. Now is a good time to increase your finances and savings. You can even make joint financial investments with your life partner.


Placing Mercury in the first house is one of the best positions for you, it gives you a very charming and cheerful personality. Because it is moving directly in your sign, the planet of communication gives you a strong impulse to socialize. You can make important connections for your development in the coming months!


Mercury is the lord of the sixth and ninth houses, and now it is in direct motion in the twelfth house. The twelfth house represents land, hospitals, and expenses. If you are eager to change your place in your professional life, such as changing companies or moving to a completely new field, you can expect this to happen. Also, business trips can occur. Take great care of your health, because certain medical expenses are expected.


The planet Mercury rules the fifth and eighth houses and is now moving directly into the eleventh house for Aquarius natives. The eleventh house signifies financial gains, desire, older brothers, and paternal uncle. You can expect handsome sums that will enter your accounts. It will also be a good period for students, especially in fields such as writing, communication, and foreign languages.


For the natives of Pesti, Mercury is the lord that governs the fourth and seventh houses, and now it moves directly into the tenth house, of the profession, of the workplace. Therefore, you will enjoy an important status change. The next 4 months will represent professional growth that will bring you great joy and that you have been waiting for a long time!

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