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The Signs That Will Part In The Week Of April 17-23, 2024

For some signs, the next period comes accompanied by broken hearts and disappointments.

The week of April 17-23, 2024 will bring quite a few disappointments regarding the couple’s relationship. Arguments, conflicts, but also separations.

Eclipses are significant events that can have a strong impact on our lives and the world around us. The first solar eclipse of 2024 will take place on April 20 in the sign of Aries. The solar eclipse on April 20 is expected to have an impact on all 12 zodiac signs. However, 4 natives in the horoscope will feel its effect negatively. In addition, on April 21, the day after the eclipse, Mercury goes retrograde, accentuating the discussions and conflicts in the lives of these natives.

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In the week of April 17-23, problems appear in your life, especially where there were already cracks. If you had conflicts with your life partner, they will intensify. Many thoughts appear, and you may even have strange dreams. Pay more attention to what your subconscious is sending you. Ask yourself why some things come your way and what is the message behind them.

There is a discomfort in your soul and, if you have ignored it until now, this eclipse is coming, together with the retrograde of Mercury, which forces you to confront your feelings. It is possible that the current relationship does not bring you fulfillment and it is time to give it up.

If things are good between you and your partner, the separation can be avoided, with the help of communication and honesty.

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Several events will take place in your life that will make you question the future you have designed for yourself. Call on introspection and trust your intuition. Things are about to change in the next period. Nothing will go as you expected, and that might demoralize you.

A surprise element also appears, most likely in the form of a man from your past. It can be about an ex-boyfriend or someone who meant something important to you. This reunion will bring a lot of jealousy in the soul of your current partner. Your relationship is on the edge of a knife. Will you fight for the present or give the past a chance?

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The eclipse takes place in your opposite sign, Aries. This will bring many truths to light, but they may be quite unpleasant for you. You find out about your partner’s feelings towards you certain things that you would not have expected. It is also possible to find out that your lover has hidden the truth from you about something he did (or didn’t do, if you asked him to). In general, they can be small things, but with a pressing significance for your relationship.

If you are not willing to go over them, they will lead to separation. It is quite difficult for you to accept the violation of your principles.

Separation can be avoided if both of you are willing to communicate, but also to make compromises.

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The past appears surprisingly in your life. Someone you loved before your current partner will want to reconnect with you or even reconcile. If this gesture causes you joy, no matter how small, it’s time to think about the relationship you have now. Does it fulfill you?

It is possible to have left an unresolved situation in the past, and now you have to pay the price for it. There are not necessarily conflicts, but an oppressive atmosphere and quite a lot of tension.

Try to get another point of view and ask for advice from those around you. If you don’t solve these problems now, separation is inevitable.

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