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Unlucky Signs In April 2023. Gemini Loses Money

While some signs enjoy a period of luck and success, others face obstacles and challenges. In this article, we will discuss the unlucky zodiac signs in April.

The stars are not on their side and quite a few problems arise, both in personal and professional life or from a financial point of view.

Four natives in the horoscope will feel on their skin what it means to be disadvantaged by the stars. The month of April is quite complicated because there are astrological events with a significant impact.

For example, Mercury in Taurus on April 3 emphasizes communication, and the signs that will feel this impact are especially the water ones, sensitive and vulnerable. The Full Moon in Libra from April 6 comes with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness, bringing difficulties at work.

Venus in Gemini, on April 11: refers to our relationships, pleasure, and money. It can disadvantage zodiac signs that need to make a change in their lives.

April 19th comes with a New Moon that asks us to set our priorities and brings quite hard lessons. The next day, April 20, begins the Taurus season, which brings slowness and the desire to stay longer in one’s comfort.

We end the month with an energy that is very difficult to manage, because Mercury Retrograde, from April 22, 2023, can be a delicate period for these signs because things will go backward.

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The twins could face financial difficulties in April. Unforeseen expenses and problems with payments could lead to stress and anxiety. It is important to organize your budget well and avoid risky investments during this period.

If you were born under this sign, don’t despair and try to save. It is a period that prepares you for what follows in your life.


Scorpios may have to face some health problems in April. It is important to pay the necessary attention to physical and mental well-being and to have regular medical check-ups. It is also important to organize your time well and avoid being overloaded with activities and responsibilities.

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If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, try to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Put food and sports first.


A rather complicated period is coming in terms of love and love relationships. Single natives will not be able to build any new relationships, and this comes with a wave of frustrations and disappointments. Those who are already in relationships will have conflict and reproaches.

If you are an Aquarius, try not to open sensitive topics and not to throw accusations without clear arguments. Many times, you can misunderstand a subject.


Pisces could experience confusion and uncertainty in April. It is important to clarify their objectives and prioritize their actions, to avoid feeling overwhelmed by situations. They could also have problems communicating with those around them, so it is important to clearly express their thoughts and feelings.

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If you are also born under this sign, you will notice that certain changes appear in your life. They are for your good, but it will be quite difficult for you to adapt.

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