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6 Things That Men Find Repulsive in a Woman

Take care of the way you look, how your hair looks, and the clothes you wear, but never neglect the inside.

It is not for nothing that they say that beauty comes from within. Indeed, physical appearance is also important – hence the love at first sight – but the way of being and thinking of a person is rarely overlooked.

So, no matter how beautiful a woman is, if she ticks even one of the points below, men will take a step back.


A woman who during romantic meetings does nothing but talk about her friends, colleagues, or who knows what relatives has every chance of keeping men away from her. When a man invites a woman to town, he does it because he felt attracted at first sight and wants to know more about her. If the meeting turns into an endless moment of gossip, all she will manage to find out about it is that she is too preoccupied with the lives of others instead of living her own life (which is most likely very boring).


Love, at first sight, is related to physical appearance. To give a person a chance, they must first attract us physically. Not? When a man falls in love, it means that he sees the woman who conquered him as beautiful.

A dark foundation, excess powder over the foundation, blush, and bronzer, applied eyelashes… the way you do your makeup is your choice, but it might seem too much to him, especially if you have a scheduled meeting at lunch.


I was once in a dilemma: I liked two guys and it was extremely difficult for me to figure out which of them would make me happier. The big problem with the one who made me feel like the coolest woman in the world was that he was divorced. So when I asked a psychologist who I should choose, he told me: “See how he talks to you about his ex-wife. If he talks bad about her, keep in mind that he will talk about you as well”.

Therefore, when a woman ends up criticizing her ex too much in front of a man, from that moment she will no longer be seen favorably. What guarantees the current one that he won’t get the same treatment for the first little mistake he makes in front of her?


The energy of a man is felt from the first meeting. You can tell from the beginning if a person is protected by positive energy or where he goes is burdened with his negative energy. Men are by nature emotionally strong and somewhat more optimistic, even if they are always down to earth and don’t get carried away. And this means that it will be difficult for them to accept in their lives a woman who exudes negative energy. Even their friends will not accept that the girlfriend of one of them spoils their good mood every time.


Or to always do as he proposes. “Where do you want us to go out to eat?”, “Where do you want?”; “Which movie do you want to go to?”, “You choose, I don’t care.”. “I was thinking of going to x and y on the weekend.”, “That’s how we do it.”. No matter how much someone loves peace and harmony, such lines end up tiring and annoying them. An attractive woman is a woman with personality, a woman who takes a stand, and who knows that she doesn’t have to do or say what the man wants her to like.


It is quite exciting the game in which he tries to conquer you, and you are not impressed at first. The messages from the beginning, small surprises, stolen touches, night meetings… how many butterflies in the stomach and nights asleep with a smile on your face. But all this magic disappears when the game doesn’t end. When the woman starts to play hard and be tough. The game of cat and mouse is tiring and can end up being toxic.

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