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The Signs of the Zodiac Who Tend to Neglect Themselves a Lot

Taking care of yourself and making yourself beautiful is never easy, but some signs just can’t give weight to their physical appearance. They don’t care and tend to neglect themselves very much, they are like that, and they can’t do anything different.

Well, these are people who, by mindset and character, would never wear an elegant suit if they didn’t experience an ad hoc occasion, and even in that case, well, their tastes wouldn’t push them to do their best, let’s say Like this.

Another important thing to underline: these signs tend to neglect themselves a lot also because, at times, they tend to maintain an almost adolescent style that lives forever in their heart and which they can’t do without, ever. Perhaps they should learn to give themselves a tone, but in the end, why distort themselves like this? Well, let’s find out better how things are.

The signs that don’t have obsessive care for their aesthetic appearance are them.


To tell the truth, the bull does not like to have an elegant mood and way of dressing, at least as we understand it. He usually dresses casually and knows how to give himself a certain tone, a certain style, something that fully represents him. Some believe that the bull is a radical chic by way of doing, way of life, and interests, sometimes it is not so, but it is also true that this sign does nothing different to demonstrate the opposite, on the contrary, knows how to go its way with a certain look that knows how to impress, even if it always appears a bit sloppy and disheveled. But let’s go ahead.


The Gemini manages to make two or three personalities coexist more or less within himself, but his true personality is as if it imposes him not to move elegantly and not to wear clothes that are too celebratory of his personality. Elegance is not part of him, let’s say so, indeed he tends to give little importance to his way of dressing, preferring instead to have a very “loose”, casual mood, a bit like we said for the bull.


And then we have Aquarius, a sign that lives with a style that for many are not a style. It is the most romantic of all and for this reason, he knows very well that what matters is what a person has inside, nothing else, let’s say so. Sometimes he tends to be a little careless in dressing but always knows how to get to the bottom of things. That they are not external, let’s say so.

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