In the wee hours of the 1st of March , 2021, the Full Moon in Leo will turn into a foreboding crimson color due to the light of the Sun which will be in Aquarius at the time.

But before taking on this color, the Moon will briefly cross through the shadow of the Earth and will be completely eclipsed by our planet for a few moments. Eclipses which throw the moon into complete darkness are rare and hold great astrological significance.

To be exact, the Blood Moon in Leo will be eclipsed at around 0 degrees and 52 minutes with the Sun in Aquarius. This is the point when the two bodies will be perfectly aligned in a straight line.

Those who were born anytime between 19 degrees to 29 degrees to any of the four cardinal signs can expect to be influenced greatly by the power of the Blood Moon. This information comes from Annie Heese who is an astrologer, working at The signs she’s talking about are Cancer the Crab, Capricorn the Goat, Aries the Ram, and Libra the Scales.

Due to the eclipse, people born at the right time under these four signs will find themselves thrust into a transformational period. Life as they know it will definitely change but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Several doors will open and it is up to them whether they take the opportunities that come their way.

According to Jamie Partridge, an astrologer who works for, the upcoming eclipse will strongly impact Uranus because our moon and the planet will then come together and fall into a square formation that is full of challenges. This formation occurs when two bodies sit perpendicular to each other in the astrological chart.

The square that Uranus forms with this Blood Moon indicates that we should be ready to expect the unexpected. Many will be left feeling anxious and uncertain. Things will start moving faster than ever and we’ll have to be prepared if we don’t want to fall behind.

The eclipse that is due on the 21st of this month is surrounded by stars that aren’t very bright. But to counteract this effect, some bright stars will interact with the Sun and it is this alignment that will give us the strength and bravery to deal with the sudden changes in our lives.

Eclipses always radiate a lot of energy and it is important to not let all of it go to waste. Work on being patient and in control. Don’t close your mind to the possibility of an opportunity because you can’t predict what is waiting for you around the corner. An eclipse has the same power as the Full Moon but with greater strength and intensity.

Marina, an astrologer working with Darkstar Astrology, predicts that this particular eclipse will radiate an energy that will have a great influence on self-dependence, familial ties, and inheritable property.

The position of the moon in Leo decan one brings with it a connection to our ancestors. Though there isn’t any great power which the moon can provide here, except for those who wish to grow richer.

This eclipse will afford us the opportunity to acquire riches either through a hefty inheritance or by making use of a characteristic or skill inherited from our ancestors. Either way, you will face a test that will determine your loyalty and ties to your family.

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