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Each person has black and white inside, is part of the dichotomy of life and, in some ways, of the fascination that has always been inherent in the human being. Obviously, in each of us, this difference is not played at 50% but it can be distributed differently and this usually depends on the way we grew up, the intrinsic goodness, and the temperament. One thing that doesn’t change, however, is that the dark side of each of us is not always visible and sometimes even escapes those directly concerned. This, as well as other things, is also linked in some way to the stars, which is why it is easy for those born under a certain sign of the zodiac to tend to have a particularly dark side. Which, of course, can be managed and decreased by working on it. To do this, however, we must, first of all, learn to recognize and accept it. Today, we will try to look at the dark side that hides behind each of us. And you, are you ready to discover yours?

Aries – Impulsivity
Your being always on the alert and ready for action leads you to be impulsive too. This aspect is the least pleasant as it leads you to act often without thinking and without caring for others. Thus, you risk ending up trampling on those around you, blowing them some brilliant ideas or ignoring their feelings in order to achieve your goal. A flaw that you could correct by making an effort to take care of others and to overshadow your own needs. In fact, apart from the negative side, your impulsiveness can be diverted to beneficial situations where, while running the risk of finding yourself involved in unexpected situations, the biggest risk you will run will be to make someone happy. After all, it’s worth it, isn’t it?

Taurus – Possessiveness
Your dark side leads you to be possessive and very attached to material possessions. This results in relationships that are not always serene where your exchange currency is precisely linked to what is material. On the other hand, however, you want important tests and absolute dedication in exchange. If at the beginning your way of being can be intriguing at times, with the passage of time it tends to push people away, rightly in need of their own spaces and similar demonstrations of affection. Try to give yourself as well as with sensational gifts or demonstrations and try to have more trust in others. You may be the first to find it pleasant.

Gemini – Unpredictability
It is true, until today you have thought that being unpredictable was part of your innate charm. In reality, as pleasant as it is to be surprised from time to time, this way of being of yours risks putting those around you in crisis. The others, in fact, most of the time do not know how to take you and this creates particular discomfort in them. Without necessarily changing completely, try to keep only the parts in light of your way of being and make an effort to give some firm points to the people you love. Sometimes a support base can represent a comfort even for those who contain a multifaceted personality like yours.

Cancer – Touchiness
The moon that rules your sign makes you highly moody and terribly touchy. The latter is undoubtedly your darker side because very often you tend not to realize that you are really offended at all and to see offenses in the gestures or words of others that, in reality, do not exist. This leads you to risk distancing important affections, leading you to suffer for no reason. Try looking in and counting to ten. If you have any doubts, before closing yourself in the shell, look for the comparison. You will find that many times you have suffered for nothing while also providing the same to the people involved.

Leo – Self-centeredness
You are too busy with yourself and this leads you to overshadow others. Among the flaws you have this is probably the biggest, so much so that it can be considered to all intents and purposes a dark side. Dark as the corner where you tend to confine others to your presence alone. True, being the center of attention often and willingly comes naturally but imagine the beauty of knowing that thanks to your contribution, someone else has also been able to experience that same light. You may even find it pleasant.

Virgo – Rigidity
Your being highly precise also gives you a certain rigidity which, in the negative sense of the term, translates into often too negative judgments of others. In your view, only what you do is right while others always tend to be wrong. Unfortunately for you things are not exactly like that and, sometimes, even if you can’t believe it, it’s you. Learn to expect less from yourself and from others, accept human errors and limit judgments as much as possible. In addition to hurting the recipients, they risk poisoning you towards them, which can often lead you not to see the beauty inherent in the people around you.

Libra – Vanity
Your being vain often makes you adorable but in the long run it can be heavy, especially when your way of being leads you to overshadow others and their needs. Try to bring this dark side to light by learning to dedicate your aesthetic side to others as well. You will surround yourself with beautiful things and people and they will feel loved and the center of attention. A give and take that will make everyone happy.

Scorpio – The thirst for vengeance
Among your faults there is undoubtedly a grudge and a highly vindictive disposition. This leads you to try to control people and events. Something that sometimes you do almost without realizing it and that for this reason turns into your dark side from which you risk getting involved. Strive to follow the flow of events without anticipating any move and in case of injustices or situations that you feel require your intervention, try to count to ten before taking action. Sometimes waiting patiently leads things to settle on their own without your sometimes too impetuous contribution.

Sagittarius – Sincerity
Yes, you read that right. While this is a great virtue, sometimes your truthfulness borders on an unpleasant dark side. In fact, telling the truth does not mean speaking without measuring words and this is a defect you often fall into, unknowingly hurting those around you. Obviously it is also a weapon that you know how to use well when you want to hurt but for there to be balance you should learn to dose it and to apply a touch of diplomacy in your affirmations. This will also lead you to be listened to with more interest by those around you.

Capricorn – Control over others
In life you like to be in control, but this leads you to a very dark side that risks compromising your relationships with your loved ones. Your desire to make everything go the way you want it leads you to try to manipulate people. One thing that you do well but that sometimes escapes you, leading you to build castles of lies from which it is then difficult to escape. So try to accept the unexpected and ask instead to build situations that lead others to the path you want. Demonstrating that you have certain needs can bring people together and will ease the tension you place not only on others but on your own life as well.

Aquarius – Perfection
You like to do everything well and for this reason you are almost completely unable to delegate things to others. This risks burdening you both in everyday life and in the workplace and makes it very difficult to create lasting relationships with colleagues and friends. Try learning the art of cooperation. Of course, it will be difficult at first but over time you will learn to appreciate this new way of relating to others.

Pisces – The ingenuity
Your romantic vision of the world and of life leads you to always see the good in those around you. While this is very beautiful on the one hand, on the other it risks making you fall into the traps of others. As difficult as it is to accept it, not everyone is good and ready to give the best of themselves. It is a rule that must be accepted and applied, even by you. This does not mean to stop looking for the good but to have eyes open to what surrounds you. It will ultimately help you avoid negative people by being surrounded only by those who deserve your trust. So, after all, it’s not that bad, is it?

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