We can’t believe it: until now you didn’t know you were one of the most enteropathic signs of the zodiac? Let’s immediately run for cover!

Um … but what does it mean to be enteropathic?
If you do not know no problem: let us explain ourselves and, perhaps, on this occasion we also finally understand certain traits of your character that others (and yourself, after all) just can not explain.

How about: the ranking of today’s horoscope could finally help unravel some of the mysteries about your changes of mood?
As you may have realized, even you got to do the conditions of the weather: ready to find out if you are on the list of zodiac signs that are left to influence … the forecasts?

The most meteoropathic signs of the zodiac: is it not that you are also in today’s horoscope ranking?

Ok, okay: everyone, when we look out the window on Monday morning and see that it is pouring with rain, we sigh with resignation. Nobody likes to go to work under the rain pouring, with the clothes that you soak, the umbrella that we discover too late to be broken, and with the rise of the opportunity to take a nice cold, right? True?

Do you think there are some people for whom the rain does is, however, the worst possible time: these are the moments before the real problem!
(Okay, maybe not on Monday morning: but we can’t know this).
Today we talk about the most enteropathic zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: is it not that you are among them too?

Meteoropaths are people who are sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure: in pop and common parlance, they are defined as people who allow themselves to be influenced by the weather but this is simply not the case. Today we want to ask the horoscope if there are some of the zodiac signs that are more predisposed than others to become enteropathic. What do you say, could you be on the leaderboard today?

Cancer: fifth place

Certainly, those born under the sign of Cancer have won their place in this horoscope ranking due to their extreme sensitivity.
Cancer is a sign that manages to get in tune with the environment around him and has a way of ” thinking ” what he sees.

Those born under the sign of Cancer do not ” wasted ” energy, but they let the circumstances influence them. This is why, even if they may not be enteropathic in the classic sense of the term, often those born under the sign of Cancer can ” darken ” together with the sky. For them, a pair of glasses with colored lenses is enough to feel good again!

Sagittarius: fourth place

Delicate and impressionable, nervous and snappy: those born under the sign of Sagittarius are also definitely enteropathic!
The Sagittarius lives in full connection with nature and what nature leaves “flow.” It is not so much a pose but a way of doing it that comes naturally to Sagittarius.

For him, therefore, being enteropathic is simply the way to closely follow the course of nature and be, as much as possible, part of the change.
If time goes mad suddenly, Sagittarius goes mad with him; when there are sweet and quiet days, Sagittarius settles into contagious indolence. In short, you have understood: being enteropathic together with Sagittarius is impossible but you must have a lot of consistency!

Capricorn: third place

For those born under the sign of Capricorn, it will certainly be a mistake but instead, they are on the first step of the podium of today’s ranking.
Because? But because they are truly and literally among the most enteropathic in the whole zodiac!

Indeed, every climate change brings something new to Capricorn. Whether it is the sun or the rain, a storm or a clear, perfect day, the Capricorn is deeply affected at the bottom of his soul.
To deal with a Capricorn you could just look at the weather forecast and act accordingly.
Nostalgic and serious in the bad days, without worries and full of life in the good ones: be careful, however. The Capricorn feels inside when the weather starts to change is impossible to keep up with him and understand all its changes of mood!

Virgo: second place

What a surprise that those born under the sign of Virgo are in second place in our ranking of the most enteropathic signs of the zodiac!
But how, precisely those born under the sign of the Virgin so anchored to the ground and with their feet on the ground, regardless of what surrounds them … would be enteropathic!

Well, the answer is yes: the change of the weather contributes, often and willingly, to change the mind and body of the Virgin.
Those born under this sign have learned early (or perhaps they are learning it now and all the pieces of the puzzle are back in place) that the weather has a big impact on their lives.
As soon as the clouds gather, the Virgin falls prey to a melancholy that is truly impossible to fight.

For this reason, Virgo often becomes decidedly irritable just before major depressions in the climate. He can’t contain his nervousness and knows that soon the situation will get even worse. Better pay attention, both to the Virgin and to the weather!

Aquarius: first place in the ranking of the most meteoropathic signs of the zodiac

Yes, dear friends born under the sign of Aquarius, that’s right: you are the most enteropathic zodiac sign in the whole horoscope!
After all, perhaps, deep down you knew that: you are new to pressure Atmospheric, no, but you do have a relationship very ” strange ” with the weather!

You always know when a storm is coming, smell the air when you start to feel that something is wrong. For you, Aquarius is not simply a question of knowing how to identify the signs of the arrival of clouds or the thickening of the air quality. No, you are truly enteropathic! You have an almost magical connection with nature and the elements around you and have known this for a long time.

Maybe some of your ailments or ailments, as you like to call them, are amplified before a sudden change in temperatures.
In the eyes of others you are almost prophetic even if you take it very lightly: for you Aquarius that means that you always know what to wear when you leave the house!

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