Being intuitive is a kind of gift that not everyone has. Find out if it belongs to you based on your zodiac sign.

When it comes to intuition, we touch upon very profound and often difficult issues to deal with. The so-called sixth sense although difficult to prove, turns out to be something tangible through the demonstrations that those who have it practically every day. It is an ability to capture sensations and emotions that somehow help to predict what is going to happen or that can indicate how best to move in a given situation. Something that only those who have it can truly understand and that only those who have experienced it at least once, even indirectly, can recognize.

To have the so-called sixth sense and therefore to be an intuitive person, there are no particular requirements or characteristics that make the difference. However, there seems to be a kind of sensitivity relating to the zodiac sign of belonging. Today, therefore, after having seen how the various zodiac signs communicate and what is the fear that paralyzes the signs of the zodiac, we will discover which are the most intuitive signs of the zodiac and which, on the other hand, are not at all. Since this is an aspect that concerns in particular everything that has to do with emotions and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant, to have a clearer idea of ​​the intuitive abilities of each sign of the zodiac.

How intuitive are the various signs of the zodiac

Aries – Those almost not at all intuitive
Extremely anchored in the present, those born under the sign of Aries are not at all intuitive. For them, anything abstract is simply incomprehensible. And, as a result, they tend not to care about it in any way. Mystery and all that is far from what they can see and touch has hardly any charm about them. This leads them to a sort of detachment from their emotions that if on the one hand, it is a bit their strength, on the other it represents a great limit when it comes to feeling the trend of what they are experiencing. Within the zodiac, they are among the least intuitive signs of all. Which they don’t care about at all, too busy living in the present and looking for practical solutions to every possible problem.

Of course, if they opened up a little more towards what they feel, they could hone their skills but it is a path that they hardly intend to take and that over time tends to deviate more and more from their path.

Taurus – Quite intuitive ones
The natives of Taurus are people who, although starting from a base made of concreteness, manage to leave a gap for what is not always visible to the eyes. Thanks to this mix they can face the challenges of life with a certain basis of serenity given by the possibility of being able to choose between multiple options. Generally what they prefer in the way of concreteness to which they trust with confidence and serenity. Occasionally, however, they can end up feeling very strong sensations that push them to stop and follow even a small part of instinct. When they succeed without putting too many stakes in front of them, they always end up finding an almost perfect balance that allows them to make the right choices and carry them out with a good basis of motivation. It’s just a pity that now and then they let themselves be misled, fearing to make a mistake in trusting non-ponderable things like the sixth sense. When this happens, they almost always end up acting prey to basic insecurity due to having moved away from their truest way of being.

Gemini – Intuitive ones from time to time
Those born under the sign of Gemini, due to their dual being, do not have a unique way of approaching the world around them. This makes them people capable of being intuitive but only occasionally. If when they are in a good mood they manage to rely on a certain serenity on what they feel at the moment, when they are tired or upset about something they end up clinging only to what they consider solid. Unfortunately for them, being intuitive hides much of their ability to make immediate and winning choices. This is why they should learn to trust more of what they feel and work on the confidence they have in themselves as well as on the ability to continue the same path even when the mood tends to change.

Cancer – Intuitive ones but not too much
The natives of Cancer start from a good dose of intuition which, however, they never trust enough. This means that they almost always find themselves not paying attention to what they feel or that they allow themselves to be overwhelmed by their emotions going into confusion. A way of doing that only creates chaos and leads them to freeze rather than go on as they should. To be able to live better they should therefore learn to believe more in what they hear and not to listen too much to the opinions of others. In this way, their actions would be dictated by what they have in their hearts and this would lead them to feel more secure. This is a path on which they need to work a lot. Only in this way, in fact, will they be able to make their intuitive being constructive,

Leo – The unintuitive ones Those
born under the sign of Leo are people who are always trying to take action to get something in return. This leads them to calculate and plan every single move. It is purely mental work aimed at taking into consideration everything in front of them. Being intuitive is not something they do for them because it doesn’t allow them to quickly predict the results of their eventual actions. This way of thinking means that there is no connection between mind and heart, which severely limits any possible intuition. Within the zodiac, they are therefore among the least intuitive people. Which they do partly by choice and partly by lack of ability to translate what they feel into action.

A way of life that is perhaps a bit limited when seen from some points of view, but which for them does not represent a problem at all, since what matters most to them is to be sure about where the road they travel day by day will lead them.

Virgo – The minimally intuitive
Virgo natives are particularly rational people. This way of tending to block any possible intuition in the bud. A real shame if you think that basically, they would also have sufficient skills to listen to their intuition and increase it over time. For them, however, everything that you cannot touch with your hand makes no sense and this means that within the zodiac they are among the least intuitive signs of all. A mix of lack of potential and choice of life. This leads them to always and only use reason and to put aside everything related to emotions or so-called sensations that they try to repress so much and that often condemn in those who, unlike them, prefer to rely also on the good dear. sixth sense.

Libra – Those on average intuitive
Those born under the sign of Libra are very receptive people. This helps them to easily grasp even important feelings about what they are doing. Their ability to grasp them, however, tends to vary according to the situations, how they feel at the moment, and the context in which they find themselves. When it comes to following the sixth sense they are theoretically more than willing to do so but to go forward in this direction they prefer to explore every possibility. When they don’t feel particularly safe, they then come to follow reason, opting for a more stable and safer path.

Their way of being intuitive is therefore average because at times limited by the rationality that is still part of their way of being and that they prefer to choose whenever they feel in doubt about something.

Scorpio – The Extremely Intuitive Ones
The natives of Scorpio are among the most intuitive signs of the zodiac. Their sensitivity, combined with the capacity for introspection, leads them to capture every possible sensation, transforming it into a guideline on which they can blindly rely. When they hear something they don’t usually ask questions, relying on it, more than confident in their abilities. A choice that never betrays them and that leads them to be so precise that they are also noticed by others. And this even though, in this regard, they are usually very reserved. Nevertheless, their intuitive ability is such that often those who know them tend to rely on them for some advice on how to act and all hoping for their famous sixth sense.

Sagittarius – Those poorly intuitive
Those born of Sagittarius are people who are not well suited for everything abstract. Although from a certain point of view they feel fascinated by it, they rarely manage to rely on what does not give them basic security. This depends on the fact that they are much more rational than they like to think and that in the face of unknowns they always prefer to cling to something tangible and capable and to give them security.

A modus operandi that leads them to always prefer the safe and consequently more practical way to the one that would instead create too many uncertainties in them. The aspect they are not good at living with.

Capricorn – Theoretically intuitive ones
Capricorn natives tend to be people who always try to question themselves about the feelings they may have about what they are experiencing. However, they are not always good at grasping or translating them and this, more often than not, leads them to go off the road and make mistakes that could have been easily avoided. This makes them people who are not able enough to work on intuitions and are therefore better suited to plan and follow established projects. Which, if they concentrate properly, they are pretty good. Occasionally, however, it must be said that they too can have sensations so clear and precise that they induce them to follow them and when this happens the results are almost always correct. What matters is not to look for them on command but to limit oneself to what comes suddenly,

Aquarius – Those who are not intuitive
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are not intuitive and do not even try to be. Their way of perceiving life is mostly based on getting where they want by following the best ways to lead them to the goal. This is always based on reason and even when they hear something about it, they prefer not to change strategy. Certain that relying on reason is always the winning choice. Of course, this leads them to be very little connection with the inner self. But it is a problem that affects them only marginally because certain of their way of being there are no problems whatsoever about it.

Pisces – The Entirely Intuitive
The natives of Pisces are, without a doubt, among the most intuitive signs of the zodiac. Born dreamers, they have always been connected with their inner selves. This makes them people able to understand every slightest fluctuation and to capture the so-called intuitions that can guide you towards a better path. Always ready to listen to each other, they do not mind changing everything according to their sixth sense. Something they do almost instinctively and without any reasoning behind them.

What matters most to them is feeling good about themselves and doing what they feel is right for them. Which leads them to rarely make mistakes and to always make choices that can lead them where they want most.


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