You may not know yet but you may be one of the more introverted signs of the zodiac. Would you like to find out together? Here is the ranking!

Being introverted or outgoing is often something we don’t even realize that well. This is not a strong characteristic, since there are taciturn extroverts and very sociable introverts!

You may wonder how this is possible: the problem is that, often and willingly, we consider extroverted people who talk a lot and introverted those who, on the other hand, are only silent.
Today we asked the horoscope to give us a hand: ready to find out if you are in the ranking of introverted signs?

The most introverted signs of the zodiac: here is today’s ranking of the horoscope

Some people are introverted and don’t even know it.
We try to make a sketch summary dell’introverso: Before you go out you are always taken by the desire to give the hole, I love to be alone at home with you and your friends after seeing the need for time to recover.

Do you find yourself in one (or all) of these sentences? Then in all likelihood, you are a true introvert!
Being introverted, in fact, does not mean going out and necessarily being uncomfortable: no! When you go out and you’re with your friends you can chat a lot (too much), laughing, joking and making a party.

Nobody thinks of you that you are an introvert precisely because, when you go out, you are the life of the party. People do not know how much effort it costs you and what you have to do, then, to recover your energy!
Fortunately, the horoscope comes to your aid: here is the ranking of the five most introverted zodiac signs of all!

Capricorn: fifth place

In fifth place in our ranking, we find all those born under the sign of Capricorn. Don’t be fooled by their presence at any event that takes place outside the home.
The Capricorn are true introverts!

The Capricorn is a sign that tends to build walls to protect themselves and does not like being very open and talk with others.
For him, his thoughts and feelings are definitely sacred: he leaves the house but more for social imposition than because he really enjoys it!

Virgo: fourth place

Even the Virgin is a sign surprisingly extrovert: although it is a personality that stands out among the others, in fact, the Virgin adores not pass out Tutt

Scorpio: third place

Give the Scorpio a book, a well-ventilated room, the chance to go for a walk or go out whenever he wants and you won’t hear him again for days on end.
In fact, Scorpio is one of those signs that absolutely does not need contact with others to feel good!

Those born under this sign are a person independent, not afraid of loneliness, and lives very well he is just.
Among others has fun and is fun but it is aware that the time spent by just … is what you prefer!

Taurus: second place

Even Toro is one of several signs introverts of the zodiac … just do not realize it forever and too often very late!
The Toro, in fact, is one of those signs that loves to get out of the house and has always pleased to see his friends: the first to be released, though!

When back at home, the Toro always feel that there was something that made him feel bad. Sometimes it’s the comments of others, sometimes the situation, or, much more often, he just isn’t comfortable with it.
What is the reason?

But simply that Taurus is a true introvert! He loves being indoors, working and lazing around, and not worrying about the judgment of others. When out always feels under the lens magnification here is why do not you enjoy the socializing!

Cancer: first place in the ranking of the most introverted signs of the zodiac

Dear Friends of Cancer, it’s time to do two accounts with himself same and try to really understand how things are.
Did you know that you are the most introverted sign of the zodiac according to the stars? Cancer, in fact, is one of those signs that never really come out of his house .

(But, of course, his home must be his space in which he has already spent hours and which he has made home thanks to a thousand small tricks ).
Impossible to try to force Cancer to spend whole days and nights doing madness: they always need to recharge, have a private moment and be able to be alone!

Often the chatter of others tires them and demoralizes them: Cancer is a sign who likes sociability but only in his times and his ways.
Needless to force it: it will put the muzzle all the time!


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