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Hey, we certainly don’t want to prosecute you but it is clear that the list of the most hypocritical signs of the zodiac we need. You’re not there too, are you?

Hypocrisy is a very difficult condition to identify and/or judge in others.
After all, who hasn’t happened to be a little self-righteous in life? Maybe in front of someone you don’t know very well, at a job interview, or, simply, to get out of a situation you didn’t like so much.

We certainly cannot judge (who is without sin cast the first ranking of the horoscope and so on) but we can rely on stars and planets to know what they think.
Do you think you will be on the leaderboard today?

The most hypocritical signs of the zodiac: you are not in today’s horoscope ranking, are you?

There are signs that, no matter how hard they try to hide it, they have a big problem on their face: a double face!
Hypocrisy, also according to Wikipedia, is an ” attitude, behavior or vice of a person who voluntarily pretends to possess beliefs, opinions, virtues, ideals, feelings, emotions that in reality, he does not possess .”

In short, apparently, the hypocrites have only one goal: to tell others that they … have very strong values!
In an ideal world, where the hypocrites can live by themselves and away from other people, their hypocrisy never would see.

This attitude is very difficult to identify, especially since the hypocrites are true masters of fiction!
Let’s find out what stars and planets think about them and see which are the five zodiac signs at the top of the list of the most hypocritical ones in the horoscope.

It’s not that you’re even you, right?

Cancer: fifth place

We cannot help but include Cancer in our horoscope ranking today: useless to make that indignant face, dear friends of Cancer!
You know very well that you are guilty of hypocrisy … even if you are not in the first place ( thankfully ).

Cancer is a sign that is particularly hard to say no, to establish themselves, or respond when someone puts them in trouble.
His hypocrisy is certainly a nuisance … but above all for him!

Virgo: fourth place

Even the Virgin Mary can be considered a pretty sign incoherent … especially when it speaks of friendships!
The Virgin, in fact, is a sign that has only one goal: to command everything and everyone, in no uncertain terms!

For this reason, therefore, the Virgin does everything to always remain in everyone’s good graces: elegant and poised, she distributes smiles everywhere (and then maybe she has a decidedly low opinion of you).
This is not falsehood but pure hypocrisy: the Virgin has a goal and does not stop until not it reaches!

Gemini: third place

If the twins knew what result in hypocrites also and especially in the eyes of others, perhaps they would take one scare.
Hypocrisy? They pretend they don’t know what it is!

The twins are in fact people who make decisions and statements almost always … very confused! Even they don’t know exactly where they are headed with their way of doing things and are hypocritical in the eyes of all (even if, for them, they never miss a comma).
They are people definitely ” detached ” from trouble: for their hypocrisy is … a simple trait of their character!

Aries: second place

Dear Aries, we are sorry to tell you but we know that while you are reading this horoscope, you are still grinning under your mustache.
You are the true hypocrites when you want, is not it?

L ‘ Aries is a really always “sign immersed ” in the affairs of others, as well as, of course, of their own.
Ask for advice at the right and left, telling the gossip of all and everyone and also shares with no problems their problems personally.

After having painted a truly terrible picture of the people he associates with and surrounds himself with … here is that Aries makes himself seen quietly in their company!
Whenever they say they will no longer go to a club or place, rest assured that you will see them again exactly there.
They can’t do anything about it: they are simply … a little (er, we meant great) hypocrites!

Libra: first place in the ranking of the most hypocritical signs of the zodiac

Dearborn under the sign of Libra, do not be ashamed to admit it: you can be truly hypocritical, so much so that you deserve first place in this ranking!
Basically, there is an issue of basic: you never want for any reason to be nasty to someone!

That’s why, then, especially when you know someone new you end up indulging them in every way.
His interests become your, his way of talking about equal to its: can not help but to “assimilate” because she is convinced, as well, to make you pleasure!

The Libra is one of the signs that, more than anyone, so ends up being a hypocrite in a totally involuntary.
His tendency to try to please everyone turns him into a person … with infinite faces!

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