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There are a lot of things offered to us in an effort to make us more appealing, more attractive, more desirable. Makeup and clothing, hairstyles, fitness regimes, ways of texting or talking or behaving in public… The list goes on and on. However, it’s not about changing who you are to get someone to be impressed by you or notice you. If that were the case, it would be pretty exhausting and unfulfilling to pretend to be someone else in order to score a date, right? And who wants to be in a relationship with someone if they’re not attracted to the real us?

Instead of looking at what we can change, how about looking inward, to the qualities we already possess, and how those are actually alluring enough that we don’t need all the extras? Looking at our astrological sign can help us understand our strengths and most irresistible qualities, which we can play up a little in order to shine.

Taking what comes naturally and using it to our advantage is a tried-and-true formula when it comes to attracting people we want in our orbit. Both in friendships and relationships, our most appealing qualities will draw people to us without having to try so hard or become someone we’re not. Because let’s get real here: the person you already are is pretty great.

Here are your two best qualities, based on your astrological sign.

24 Pisces: Their Artistry

Arguably the most artistic sign, Pisces has a knack for making things beautiful and appreciating the beauty around them. Poetry, pottery, painting, music – all are in the Pisces oeuvre.

Many people are attracted to the pained artist aesthetic, and Pisces is able to play that up well. They enjoy brooding if it makes them appear deep in thought (which they often are). Expressing themselves through their art shows a vulnerability that few signs are willing to express, and that is extremely attractive to certain people.

23 Pisces: Her Dreaminess

Known for being soulful and sensitive, Pisces is a little mysterious, like the other Water signs. They tend to get lost in daydreams and romantic thoughts, because they often prefer the world through rose-coloured glasses. For some people, this dreamy quality is especially alluring.

They want to know what Pisces is seeing, what they are thinking and how they get the inspiration that so often infuses their art. For these people, Pisces’s dreamy vibe is an enigma, and they want to crack the code to discover what’s inside.

22 Aries: Her Confidence

The first astrological sign, Aries is also the youngest. That means that this sign is prone to bouts of impulsivity and spontaneity, which requires plenty of confidence to pull off! Confidence is a major aphrodisiac for many people, and Aries has it in spades. They walk through life boldly and self-assuredly.

People are drawn to that fire and trail-blazing passion, simply because so many other people (and signs) try to dim their light. Not Aries, though – they actually want to light things up!

21 Aries: The Willingness To Be Up For Anything

Always adventurous, Aries is often in search of the next exciting journey. They live for the thrill of discovering something new and being the first to stake their claim on it. For those who are also looking to have a great time, Aries is someone absolutely irresistible. This sign has a lust and passion for life that makes them up for just about anything – even when more timid signs might be inclined to hesitate or avoid risk altogether.

Aries women never back down from a challenge and that thrilling magnetism draws people to them like moths to a flame.

20 Taurus: Their Affectionate Heart

One of the Earth signs, Taurus could get a reputation for being staid and dull, but they’re actually incredibly warm and affectionate. When it comes to the people they care about, they’re not shy about showing them how they feel. Thoughtful gifts or gestures of goodwill and kindness are par for the course for this sign, who tends to lead with their heart rather than with their head.

This makes them simply impossible to resist, because living with their heart on their sleeve means that what you see is what you get with Taurus.

19 Taurus: Sensuality

Rather than abstain from the things they enjoy, Taurus would much rather indulge in all the delicious things life has to offer. Food, dance, drink, art, fashion – all hold a strong sensual appeal to this sign, and a sign that doesn’t try to limit their appetites is incredibly attractive.

Taurus also knows the power of using the senses to their advantage. So, a date with them will likely consist of a glorious gourmet meal and maybe a massage later, because there’s something about touch that they appreciate so much.

18 Gemini: Her Charm

Always a social butterfly, it’s pretty much impossible not to have found yourself drawn to a Gemini at least once in your life. This sign has an affable nature about them that attracts crowds at a party or a diverse group of friends. Their lightness and genuine interest in getting to know those around them is so incredibly appealing and it is easy to get lost in conversation with this charming sign.

Rarely superficial and always preferring a deeper connection to surface encounters, a Gemini’s charm will have you wanting more.

17 Gemini: Her Wit

The way to a Gemini’s heart is through conversation, which means that this Air sign has mastered the art of humour. All too often, they will leave their listener in stitches! These guys know how to read a room and can tailor their sense of humour to match it, which makes them feel like a natural fit wherever they go.

Many people consider sense of humour or wit near the top of their list of most desirable qualities in a partner, and Gemini never disappoints.

16 Cancer: Her Nurturing Nature

Cancer is very in tune with their emotions, which means that they are excellent at making others feel right at home and understood. A sign that prefers their creature comforts over exploring the world, Cancer has a knack for taking care of others.

Their presence is warm and comforting, and seems to attract everyone to them, specifically those in need of a little TLC. And you don’t even have to feel like you’re putting them out when you accept their kindness, because this Water sign genuinely enjoys helping others feel better, the natural nurturers that they are.

15 Cancer: Her Sensitivity

These days, more and more people are recognizing the importance of sensitivity and being emotionally intelligent, especially when it comes to relationships. Rather than sweep feelings under the rug and hope they’ll go away, the attributes of a sign like Cancer are becoming more celebrated!

This sign is sensitive and could be prone to melancholy, but their selflessness usually has them looking outward rather than reaching in. Being in touch with their emotions is a sign of inner strength for this Water sign, which is incredibly attractive to others.

14 Leo: Their Loyalty

The sign of the lion is an accurate one for Leo, because they are regal. While they might be thought of as the sign most likely to stray, thanks to their love of the spotlight and desire for pretty things, Leo is actually remarkably loyal and generous when it comes to relationships.

They want their king or queen to rule at their side, and will refuse to allow a passing fancy to come between them.

In family and friendships, too, Leo is fiercely loyal. Knowing how strong-willed they are and how devoted they are to those they care about is an irresistible quality for many.

13 Leo: Her Boldness

No wallflowers here! Leo has always been known for their bold behaviour, because history is written by those who make it theirs, right? This Fire sign effectively demands that all eyes be on them, because they thrive in the spotlight and ooze confidence. It’s impossible not to notice them and be drawn in by their charisma.

Leo has the unique quality of being able to stand proudly in front of a crowd and still stand out. In fact, it’s where they feel most at home, and that assured sense of self is absolutely impossible to resist.

12 Virgo: Trustworthiness

Virgo may be guilty of being more than a tad judgmental, but they will also guard your secrets with their life. This sign knows the true value of loyalty and won’t give their two cents until you ask for their advice. Because of their natural tight-lipped personality, this means that our secrets are safe with them, but also that they’re excellent partners in relationships, because what is a solid relationship built on if not trust?

Virgo has this air about them that puts others at ease, and that’s pretty hard to say no to.

11 Virgo: Her Down-To-Earth Personality

An Earth sign who happens to be down-to-earth, too? That’s the way of life for the Virgo! This sign doesn’t ask for much and is arguably the most low-maintenance of all astrological signs. While they’re not exactly a “go-with-the-flow” type of person, they don’t require a whole lot to keep them entertained and engaged. In fact, showering them with too much attention can have the opposite effect and send them into spirals of anxiety!

The down-to-earth nature of the Virgo is deeply appealing, especially to anyone who has had to deal with drama in the past.

10 Libra: Her Love Of Harmony

When a Libra is in the room, it seems that a calm descends upon all the guests. This Air sign is known for bringing a sense of harmony to any environment they find themselves in, and that positive energy radiates joy and light without being too overwhelming.

Many people will find themselves attracted to or interested in a Libra, because this sign has a natural, enviable ease about them and they greet everyone with so much genuine warmth that it’s impossible to turn away from them. In times of conflict or instability, the harmony of a Libra is a welcome refresher.

9 Libra: Her Grace

Being one of the most social signs (along with Gemini), Libra always feels right at home wherever they go. They have a knack for getting people to open up and feel at ease around them, and they always know the right thing to say.

This sign is the perfect host/hostess, and will remember little details about every individual that makes them feel special and noticed.

Libra’s social graces are impossible to resist and really allow the world to see them as the true peacemakers that they are.

8 Scorpio: Her Mysterious Intensity

How can anyone not be drawn to a Scorpio? This sign has a reputation for being the most mysterious and the most intense. These trademark qualities hint at a deep passion inside the Water sign, but one that takes some digging to get to.

Scorpio is unlikely to open up easily, but there is just something about them that makes those around them want to put in the effort to know more. Underneath that hard shell, there’s a much softer side, but only a few are permitted to see it – and that is incredibly attractive.

7 Scorpio: Her Passion

This Water sign can be a shameless flirt and enjoys being able to work their magic on whoever interests them in the moment. Their passion is essentially boundless and for many signs, that is very appealing, since the appetites of this sign have been known to be bottomless. But it’s not just about those harmless, surface interactions for Scorpio.

Rather than stick with just surface encounters, Scorpio women prefer a more intense chemistry for long-term relationships, and the promise of that is very hard to turn down.

6 Sagittarius: Her Chilled Vibe

Few signs are as relaxed as Sagittarius, who is usually willing to go with the flow and not stress too much about making concrete plans. Their chilled personality means that they’re pretty low-maintenance and would rather just do whatever than have to suffer through some expensive, fancy date that requires more effort on their part. This usually means they’re more open to casual relationships, or at least ones where they have the flexibility to do what they please without feeling tied down.

For anyone who has felt exhausted by love in the past, Sagittarius is definitely attractive.

5 Sagittarius: Their Thirst For Adventure

With an infectious lust for life and always in search of the next great adventure, Sagittarius is the ideal partner in crime. This Fire sign loves taking faraway journeys and exploring parts of the world they’ve never seen before. Their willingness to drop everything in a second to chase some new passion is fascinating and irresistible to many.

Sagittarius laughs in the face of practicality and how can you not be drawn to someone like that? They’re always on a new adventure, and it’s guaranteed to be a memorable one.

4 Capricorn: Their Determination

Not everyone will understand certain aspects of Capricorn’s personality, but those who do will appreciate their determination. This Earth sign knows what they want out of life and are willing to put in the hard work to get it.

This doesn’t have to limit itself to the boardroom, either; Capricorn is a sign that refuses to leave a project unfinished, and that includes relationships. They are willing to put in the effort necessary to make a relationship work, and that, in their weird, Capricorn way, is their idea of showing love, which is both sweet and hard to say no to!

3 Capricorn: Amazing Ambition

Capricorn isn’t a selfish sign. To like-minded people, Capricorn’s desire and drive to succeed are incredibly attractive. Who hasn’t wanted to dump the lazy S.O. who’s been chilling on their couch and being a mooch for years for the one who seems to have it all together? Ambition is a very appealing quality and one that doesn’t get enough credit.

Fortunately for those who do manage to snag a Capricorn, they want to share the wealth, because when you look good, so do they, and they think that success reflects well on both of you.

2 Aquarius: Her Individuality

Aquarius has never been one to melt into a crowd, because this Air sign was born to stand out! They embrace everything about them that is unique and strange with a fearlessness that other signs envy. To be that comfortable in your own skin and not see your “flaws” as something to be fixed gives Aquarius women a certain inner light that attracts a diversity of people to their orbit.

This sign refuses to define themselves by somebody else’s rules and that rebelliousness is pretty alluring.

1 Aquarius: Lust For Life

One of the most enthusiastic astrological signs, Aquarius is a natural optimist. They choose to see the best in people and want to be a part of it. Natural-born humanitarians, Aquarius prefers to expend their energy helping others and devoting time to worthwhile causes, because they want others to see the great gift of life as they themselves do.

This positivity and outstretched embrace of the world and of life is a magnetic quality of the Air sign, and those in their general vicinity can’t help but fall in love.

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