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Zodiac Signs: What Is The Phrase They Hate To Hear?

Every sign has a phrase they hate to hear. Well, today we decided to talk about this topic, which is too often little studied but which has great relevance and which, in most people, knows how to arouse great curiosity. If you’re curious to know which phrase you hate the most, based on your sign, well, then you need to read the piece we wrote for you today. But let’s go in order and start from the first on the list.


“Nothing happens.” It’s the phrase he finds most irritating, especially when it’s said at a time when something has gone wrong. He smacks of corny pleasantries, which he deeply hates.


“Relax, don’t take it like that.” This can generate the opposite effect in the bull, on the other hand, we are talking about a sign that has a behavior that always aims for the top. And when he does something, he tries to do it well. If you know him, you know him well.


“You should change.” Gemini feels incredible hatred for this sentence, as we know, it is a sign that she always loves to do everything on her own, and being told to change something, well, it just isn’t for him.


“You should be meaner” or “You trust too much”. These are phrases that the Cancer sign finds irritating. Well, we’re talking about a person who manages to be on excellent terms with everyone and who doesn’t want to be reproached for a character that is unlikely to change.


“Don’t be so self-centered.” This is a phrase addressed to the lion that speaks for itself. How do you tell him something like that? We are talking about a sign that always seeks the attention of others, there is very little to say about this.


“Leave it alone”. Her phrase that the virgin finds unbearable, also because she loves to always have everything under control and no, she just can’t “let go”.


“Put it aside”. Well, he finds this phrase irritating, in different contexts, also because Libra is a very balanced sign that pays enormous attention to detail, and no, it never puts anything aside.


“What you say cannot be true.” Well, this sentence is truly among the worst that can be addressed to a sign like a scorpion, which bases everything on the honesty and trust it has towards others.


“Why are you doing this?”. If there’s something that makes Sagittarius mad, well, it’s this sentence. Often it is a sign that acts recklessly for the pure pleasure of doing it, he is moreover the most artist of the zodiac and does not always look for reasons in what he does.


“It’s not so bad.” You can’t say such a thing about Capricorn. Also because if they don’t like something, no, there is no such thing as “It’s not that bad”. Well, how to say, he is very clear in the judgments he gives.


“It won’t work for you.” Negative phrase and full of pessimism that the aquarium hates. Before embarking on an adventure, this sign has the task of loading up on positive vibes and for this reason, it does not want to hear phrases of this type.


“You are too exaggerated.” Pisces doesn’t like this phrase, because sometimes, even in strange and perhaps redundant and exaggerated ways, they need to express their opinion and their emotion.

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