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Find out if he is a big baby and how many possibilities he has to grow within your love story.

When starting a relationship with someone, one of the biggest fears you feel is related to their potential “baby”. Very often, we find ourselves living with an eternal Peter Pan who, instead of looking forward, always tries to have fun and live in the present. Although this trait, alone, is not necessarily negative, it often combines with the need to escape responsibility and this, in the long run, can lead to a stagnant relationship in which you find yourself having to almost be a mother to your partner and everything. with the due limitations of the case.

Fortunately, the childish side of each of us is also influenced, at least in part, by the stars. It is, therefore, possible to try to understand if the person you are with is destined to remain childish forever, if they are willing to grow up or if they are already more adult than ever. So today, after seeing what it’s like to go out with the men of the zodiac and what part of us is to always preserve, we will find out how big a man is based on his zodiac sign. Since this is a way of being, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea of ​​the situation.

Is your he a Peter Pan? Here’s what the stars say

Aries – Infantile when you feel in a stable relationship
Dealing with an Aries man can be difficult because if at first, he appears confident and strong as a rock, he hides a more childish side inside, ready to emerge when the relationship becomes stable. If he feels threatened or in the balance Aries tends to be always on the alert, striving to be more and more piece, which is why he is forced to draw on his adult part. When he can finally relax, however, he lets himself go to his childish side which, if not controlled, can become bigger and bigger until the relationship engulfs the relationship in a spiral with no way out. How to get out? By putting your feet up and playing with cunning to ensure that even in a stable relationship it is always clear that things can change at any moment.

Taurus – Mature but sometimes a bit mammon
The Taurus man is usually a staid person with a stable character. This helps him to have a mature attitude towards life and consequently in love. Stubborn like few others, he always tries to make ends meet in his life, and to do so he usually puts in place rules that are difficult for him not to follow to the letter. In all of this, he tends to be a bit mammon and, more generally, tied to the family. If he has sisters, he will always take them as an example and keep them (along with his mother and sometimes even with his grandmothers or aunts) as the ideal female example. Getting along with him, therefore, means entering into the good graces of his family or at least of the female part of it. Once you have achieved this, you will also be able to enjoy its more adult and safe side which is also one of its greatest qualities.

Gemini – An eternal Peter Pan
The Gemini man is an eternal boy, to the point of being the envy of even Peter Pan. Elusive in relationships and friendly with anyone he meets, he always knows how to win the sympathies of others and this way of doing is often a source of jealousy for those around him. His desire to live life fully enjoying it leads him not to want to take on too many responsibilities and this can represent a problem for those who want to build something usually and lasting. An ace in the hole? Make him understand that you are independent and that you can live very well even without him. In this way, his interest will remain high at the highest levels and the chances that he decides to change at least a little (quite impossible) will increase exponentially. For the rest, you have to take it as it is,

Cancer – The eternal mammon It is
useless to go around it, the Cancer man is an eternal mammon. Always tied to his mother, to his cooking, to his way of seeing things, he has a personality that is usually kind but never too ambitious. In life, he likes to enjoy good times and the right company and for this reason, he often finds himself willing to escape any possible responsibility. If he has away, he leaves the trouble of making every decision about the future to those at his side and lets himself go to what he does best: dreaming. Having said that he is a sweet person, romantic at times even idealistic. The right way to be next to him? Never criticize the mother and do not compete but try to be the partner she wants and loves. Only in this way will it be possible to live together peacefully and without unnecessary tension.

Leo – The capricious adult
The Leo man is not known to be a big kid because he knows how to live his life and always can get what he most desires. Whether it’s the success he has always longed for or the recognition he constantly needs, he is a person who knows how to show himself as an adult in more than any circumstance. Sometimes, however, he can’t help but let himself go to some whim and if he does he manages to be quite childish. This is particularly the case if he does not feel flattered as he would like. The right move? Always fill him with compliments, make him understand that he is the most important person in the world and that everything he does is worthy of respect and admiration. It will be a treatment that he will find adorable and that will lead him to feel pampered at the right point.

Virgo – The one who loves to be an adult
Virgo man is a square person. Ration like a few others likes to always be right and to point it out whenever he can. On the other hand, he needs to feel appreciated and when he doesn’t, he takes it to the point of becoming distant. Kind of like a pouting child. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen all that often and there are strategies you can use to learn how to get along. An example? Always ask for his help, make him understand that he is useful to the point of being irreplaceable and that everything he says or does is important. Reassured by this he will feel comfortable and ready to show off his more mature side.

Libra – The chronic indecisive
It cannot be said that the Libra man is an immature person but he has on his side a form of indecision so strong as to be almost embarrassing. When he finds himself at a crossroads, he risks “freezing” to the point of assuming an almost childlike attitude. Fortunately, most of the time he manages to get out of the stalls asking for help. Which he also does in love and without posing the slightest problem. How can the situation be resolved? Listening to him and helping him understand what he feels inside. Once he has learned to recognize his inner self he will be able to begin to resolve some of his greatest uncertainties on his own, including those about the future and love.

Scorpio – The man in need of emotion
More than childish, the man of Scorpio has an extreme need to feel strong emotions. In the relationship of a couple, he claims to experience the highest form of love combined with jealousy, resentment if he can, even hatred. Being on a roller coaster is his favorite pastime and this leads him to have attitudes that are sometimes childish but never really immature. The right way to be close to him? Play his game and indulge him in the need to experience the various stages of love. Pursuing the drama after a fight and making peace in a heated and passionate way will be the right cure for his need for emotions and will give the relationship what it takes to last forever.

Sagittarius – The eternal adolescent
If there is a phase that the Sagittarius man reflects perfectly this is adolescence. His way of leading him to want to constantly experience adventure, jumping from one thing to another, always in full autonomy and freedom. Within a relationship, this can lead to showing its immature part, the one that does not want any kind of commitment for life and that shuns any kind of responsibility. The best way to stay close to him without going crazy? Bring him to make his own choices, without ever pressing him. In this way, he will never be able to question that he has been forced or, even worse, that he is not free.

Capricorn – Extremely Adult
If there is someone within the zodiac who is not childish in any way this is the Capricorn man. Used to making important decisions from an early age, he is a person in one piece, loyal to duty and always ready to take on all sorts of responsibilities. Unfortunately, this way of leading him a little to excesses, pushing him to be a little too rigid. To be close to him in the correct way, therefore, requires a lot of patience and love capable of making him feel loved and therefore safe. Only then will he be able to let go just enough to become a little more flexible and learn to love life more than he already does.

Aquarius – The one who does not want bonds
The Aquarius man has a way of thinking that makes him appear quite adult. And it is difficult to find in him purely childish ways of acting as it is highly unlikely that he will turn out to be a mammon. However, he has a clear need for freedom on his side. When he feels threatened in this respect, he tends to become elusive, becoming evasive and unwilling to take even the simplest commitments. Even if he is in love, first of all, he needs his space. A need that tends to grow more is perceived as limited. A good way to solve the problem? Being equally elusive and in need of personal space. This will lead him not to feel blocked but to want to define limits that he would otherwise consider as a prison. A little bit contrary,

Pisces – The eternal dreamer
The Pisces man is a mix of potential dreams and realities to be lived in the most concrete way possible. This in addition to giving him a certain charm makes him a man capable of taking on even important responsibilities and carrying them forward. In her life, however, dreams must never be lacking and when it comes to a relationship between two, this translates into an extreme need to feel emotions. We are therefore talking about a person who will tend to turn every discussion into a drama and who will yearn for every little lack of attention. At the same time, however, he knows how to give so much that every possible oddity is forgotten. To be close to him without feeling the pinch it is good to share the storm of emotions with him, helping him to calm it but without ever canceling it completely, unless he wants it.

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