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Find out what is the biggest mistake that the various signs of the zodiac (including yours) make between the sheets.

In a two-person relationship, many dynamics ensure that you are in harmony and obviously among these there is intimacy. Whether you’ve been together for a day or a lifetime, the moments between the sheets have certain importance to the point that they can make a couple more united and accomplice, giving more liveliness to the days spent together. To make intimacy work, however, it is essential to be able to understand the needs of others and stop thinking only of yourself.

A detail that some people do well and others less and that at times can lead to not noticing mistakes that are made, even quite often.
Since how we behave between the sheets also depends at least in part on the influence that the stars have on us, today after having seen which is the ideal woman for the men of the zodiac and which is the perfect man for women, we will find out what is the biggest mistake that each sign makes in intimacy.

Horoscope: the mistake that every zodiac sign makes between the sheets

Aries – They go straight to the point
Those born under the sign of Aries are in a hurry to live and this way of being is also reflected in the sheets where they mainly aim to get to the most important moment without worrying about everything that comes first. For them cuddling or foreplay is almost a waste of time and they struggle to understand that not everyone sees it the same way and that for many other people, the absence of a period in which to warm up together can be a problem. To remedy, they must therefore simply learn the art of patience, taking the right time and trying to understand what the desires of those who have at their side are. And who knows if they try trying they don’t discover that this different way of understanding intimacy can be enjoyable for them too.

Taurus – They rely too much on past experiences
The natives of Taurus, unlike the Aries, love to be lulled into a sea of ​​pampering and foreplay that they consider as an integral part of the couple’s intimacy. Their problem is that they tend to focus on what they like or on past experiences. They rarely take into account that the current partner may not like certain attention, even if the results have been different in the past. All in all, an easy problem to solve. It is enough to put aside what has been and focus on the present. The surprises may be such that they make things even more fun.

Gemini – They focus too much on themselves
Yes, Gemini is often a bit spoiled and particularly self-centered. Being adorable people, it is difficult for the partner to point it out to them but in the long run, this defect could start to burden the relationship, becoming a problem. Better to provide while there is time, remembering that the other person also needs attention and that giving it to him will simply prolong this moment of sharing that will become more intense and rewarding, this time for both.

Cancer – They are too habitual
Cancer natives are very romantic and in love, they always know how to make their partner feel the center of attention. Unfortunately, between the sheets, they tend to be a bit repetitive. A situation that may not be a problem for many but that for some it could become. Trying to understand your partner and possibly renew yourself a little, can be a good way, among other things, to show that you care about the relationship and that you are ready to make changes where they are needed. And then, who knows that something new doesn’t turn out to be pleasant!

Leo – They think too much of themselves
Even those born under the sign of Leo, just like Gemini, tend to think too much of themselves and the problem is that sometimes they also do it consciously, avoiding taking care of the needs of the other. person. This leads them to dictate the rules in intimacy and this may not be liked by many. To safeguard the relationship it is therefore essential to think about the other as well, perhaps leaving him the possibility of choosing from time to time. And then, why not take it to be better even in the sheets?

Virgo – They appear distant
Virgo natives have no major flaws except that they are often distant. They do this in a way that is difficult to decipher and that leads to the other person feeling confused and rarely complaining about it. The emotional distance while being intimate together, however, can create a distance that is difficult to bridge in the long run. Better to worry about this aspect and try to be more involved and to make it clear that in those moments you are there not only with your body but also with your mind and heart.

Libra – They are often passive
Those born under the sign of Libra tend to never take the initiative between the sheets. If some may like this aspect, for others it may represent a problem or cause for boredom. Unless you are certain that your partner has ideas for both of you, it is, therefore, best to make an effort to be more active and involved. After all, it is something that involves the couple and that, therefore, must include both equally. And then you know, it is often enough to try to discover that you are more gifted than you thought.

Scorpio – They have strange fantasies
The natives of Scorpio are alternative in everything and the thing does not change even in the intimacy where they often have different thoughts from those of the partner. While always managing to be creative, they should try to communicate more to understand what are the points in common and which ones they just don’t meet. In this way, even the strangest fantasies can find meaning and the relationship between two will only benefit from it.

Sagittarius – They seem to think about their things
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius, when they are intimate, end up estranged so much that they seem absorbed in their thoughts. This, of course, creates in the partner a sense of lack that is difficult to explain in words but which in the long run can be felt in a rather important way. To avoid problems it is, therefore, advisable to leave aside problems and thoughts and focus on who is in front of you. After all, it is between the sheets that you often get the most distracting, so why not take advantage of it?

Capricorn – They do few cuddles
Always loyal to duty, even between the sheets, Capricorn natives tend to be too rigid, immediately returning to their things, never thinking about cuddling. In a relationship of two, however, being together even after, cuddling and exchanging effusions is just as important to ensure that the complicity remains such. From time to time it is, therefore, better to let yourself go in this respect and give the right attention to the partner. Eventually, it may even be pleasant enough to become a vice.

Aquarius – They are a little too cold
The coldness of the Aquarius natives is quite well known among those who know them. The problem is that they tend to carry this way of being even between the sheets, risking ruining everything. Emotional participation in some cases is essential and with their ways, at times, the risk is to cool the person next to them and the feelings they feel. Although it is difficult for them to understand, the best way to act is definitely to make an effort to change a little, they embrace the emotional sphere in which they are often lacking.

Pisces – They have no limits
Pisces are used to giving themselves a lot in love and it doesn’t change even between the sheets where they always worry about the other person. Wanting to find a mistake in their way of acting, what they often commit is to have no limits and therefore to be unrestrained. If it were up to them, the moments of intimacy would never end, as well as those of cuddles. From this point of view, therefore, as well as in other aspects of their life, moderation could help them manage without being too unbalanced in one way or another.

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