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Don’t you like to talk? Then you are surely one of the most taciturn signs in the whole zodiac: here is today’s horoscope ranking!

There are some people who consider talking too much … definitely overrated!
Instead of chatting and establishing their relationships with others through a beautiful, long and detailed discussion, there are also people … truly taciturn!

You have already guessed that this writer is absolutely surprised by this concept: do not speak? How do you do? How do you know each other best?
Fortunately, we have the horoscope ranking to help us better understand the other zodiac signs: let’s see together who is among the top positions today!

The most taciturn signs of the zodiac: here are the top five positions in the ranking today

After all, even   Uma Thurman  (or rather, Mia Wallace ) said so in one of Quentin Tarantino‘s most famous films,  Pulp fiction.
“ It’s only then that you know you’ve found someone special… when you can shut that mouth for a moment and share the silence in peace. 

In short, incredible but true it is true: there are people who adore silence!
They are certainly not hermits who have vowed never, ever to speak in life but, simply, taciturn people. But how to recognize them? (Besides the fact that, of course, they keep quiet ).

The taciturn people are often singled out as ” difficult ” people. Sure, imagine going on a first date (and then a second and third ) with a person who doesn’t speak.
You would think you really don’t care! Thanks to our horoscope ranking today, however, you can run for cover.

Hey, sorry, you who are always silent could you answer a question for a momentAre you one of these five signs in the ranking of the most taciturn ones in the horoscope?

Taurus: fifth place

Taurus is a sign that often does not even realize that it is silent. Sure, maybe he hums to himself or talks (always without realizing it). Even if he is not purely the most taciturn of all, the Taurus is one of those signs capable of staying silent for hours, even with friends!

They do this mainly because they have a very rich inner life and a very developed imagination. They are excellent study companions if that is what you need. Do not fear the silences of the Taurus: he always and in any case love you!

Scorpio: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Scorpio are people who do not like to talk too much. For the ” to do ” is an imperative while ” to speak ” … at most a conditional.
Too many feelings and reasoning put them in trouble and they don’t want to hear about it (ah-ah, they are both taciturn and… deaf, in some way!).

Scorpio is a sign that does not open his mouth easily and when he does he will always say a few, clear (and repeated) words. It is useless to try to get too many discussions out of his shell: you will end up making him angry!

Leo: third place

Despite being almost always an exuberant type, who likes to be the center of attention, Leo doesn’t really talk that much. Especially when he is with close friends, in fact, this is a sign that he prefers to be taciturn and silent.

He does not like to waste unnecessary words but prefers to be seen with concrete actions and gestures. He will never ask you how you are doing but, for example, if you need help he will be the first to show up at your door. The Lion knows how to be very taciturn: his words put him in difficulty and force him to take false steps. Better to give him time to express himself!

Virgo: second place

The Virgin is also a sign capable of spending hours and hours in silence: why should she speak to you if she does not consider you worthy of this honor?
Virgo, in fact, is a particularly taciturn and mysterious sign who has a large circle of acquaintances but few true friends.

Among others, instead of being the noisiest or those who draw attention to themselves, those born under the sign of Virgo prefer to be taciturn and intriguing.
They don’t expose themselves too much: they laugh and joke, of course, but they never talk about themselves and, to tell the truth, they don’t even talk that much!

With close friends, then, the Virgin can be even more enigmatic. Instead of opening up to them and pouring all her thoughts into friendship, the Virgin adores her friends of hers precisely because they also allow her to be quiet.
When she has something to say, of course, Virgo first thinks about it, and then she says it: not every second, though!

Capricorn: first place in the ranking of the most taciturn signs of the whole zodiac

Well yes, dear Capricorns, it’s time to face reality.
You are the most taciturn in the zodiac! This is definitely shocking news except that you will not open your mouth to communicate it to anyone (we know you well).
For Capricorns, in fact, speaking is a mere practical matter: they need it in everyday life and nothing else.

Obviously, the problem is created for all the people who are close to Capricornswhat are they thinking about? And why are they silently thinking about it? Will they ever tell you what they are thinking about, right now at this moment? Nobody has the answers to these pressing questions: not even Capricorn!

The silence of Capricorns is, objectively, only their business: they are mainly taciturn people, who do not like to talk.
To “open” them you really need a lot of patience and also care: but never expect great monologues, mind you!

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