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The 3 Zodiacs Who Are Experiencing Good Luck During This Mercury Retrograde


As Venus moves along with Mercury through your first house of appearances, identity, and self-image, you may find that this Mercury retrograde has been a great time for you to find good luck in areas regarding romance and creative expression. While everyone else may not feel as over the moon as you, this Mercury Retrograde may be working in your favor, Aries. This has a lot to do with the strong influence that Venus has on you in your first house. You’ll find yourself coasting through this month on a high. Maintain this energy and outlook because this is what’s gonna get you through any potential turbulence.


Things will unfold favorably if you just let it be. You might be shocked to see your sign on the list of zodiacs who may be experiencing good luck during this mercury retrograde, considering how you might be feeling like nothing is going your way. Rest assured that this is all happening for a specific reason. Consider all of this a huge blessing in disguise that you’ll be able to look back on soon enough and be grateful things unfolded the way that they did. This could potentially play out in social dynamics regarding your career. Don’t let your frustrations get the best of you, keep your head up, and roll with the punches. With Mars and Saturn also affecting your finances from mid to late April, just do your best to be patient right now, Leo.


To put it eloquently, this Mercury retrograde ain’t got shit on you, Scorpio, with an upbeat Mars Aspect following Venus in your sector of romance at the start of the spring equinox. With that said, you’re carrying those positive and uplifting vibes all through the retrograde. You might find yourself riding a strong emotional high that will energize you and fill you with confidence. There is an opportunity for you to get a lot done and even get past some major life hurdles.

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