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Find out which are the most spiteful zodiac signs of all. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

Each person has different ways of relating to others. Some always prefer to take a relaxed attitude, those who are on the lookout for who goes there, and those who have different answers based on the various past. The aspects of oneself that are shown to others are many and varied and among these one of the most difficult to bear is undoubtedly the one linked to being spiteful. Like it or not, everyone has had such an attitude at least once.

Some found themselves without realizing it and those who, on the other hand, acted voluntarily. These are aspects related to the way of being and which can depend on various factors such as character, the way of seeing things, and, of course, the influence that the stars have on each of us. Today, therefore, we will find out which are the most spiteful zodiac signs and which, on the other hand, let everything flow on them without making any particular problems.

Astrology: the most spiteful zodiac signs and those that are not at all

Aries – Those who are downright spiteful, especially if provoked
Those born under the zodiac sign of Aries are people who love to be noticed and who want to excel in everything they do. When something does not go as they would like, therefore, they tend to take a vexed attitude that leads them to be often spiteful. They are with work colleagues, with friends and with the people they love most. And all because they just can’t tolerate things going differently than planned. Of course, this way they do it only occurs when they are particularly angry. The reason why, many times, they end up regretting any spite that is a little too over the top. However, these are temporary repentances because at the first opportunity they will be ready to repeat everything.

Taurus – Those who are spiteful enough
The natives of Taurus are usually calm and calm people. When they feel they have been wronged or feel provoked by someone in some way, they turn out to be extremely spiteful. For them, it’s a way to let others know how they feel and to show disappointment. In doing so, however, they often end up exaggerating. When they act as if they are moved by anger or resentment, they do not pay attention to the feelings of those around them. A way of doing things that can lead to great misunderstandings and sometimes even to important quarrels. The natives of the sign, however, tend not to worry about it. And all because for their way of seeing, if they suffer something it is right to respond in style and maybe adding a little bit more. It must be said, however, that once their revenge is completed,

Gemini – Those who become highly spiteful with those they hate
Those born under the sign of Gemini are among the sweetest signs of the zodiac. Always jovial, they know how to be loved by practically everyone. This depends on their knowing how to deal with others. Which leads them to always be kind and to show the best side of their character. As dual people, however, they also have another face, which they tend to reserve for those who just can’t stand or who, in their opinion, are guilty of wronging them. If provoked the natives of the sign can become extremely spiteful, literally driving crazy the people they choose to target. Their unpredictable way of doing things and the ability with which they know how to mix sweetness with pungent actions can make life impossible for anyone who is in their sights. A weapon that the Gemini know they have and that they love to fine-tune whenever they can. Because, let’s face it, aware of being very good at mischievous, they find some fun doing it.

Cancer – The Extremely Spiteful
The natives of Cancer are among the most spiteful signs in the zodiac. They don’t need the pretext to show the worst side of their character. Lunatic by nature, it is enough for them to have even a very small dislike to take action against anyone who in their opinion is “uncomfortable”. Teasing is something that he does very well and that they do almost having fun. Because of this, they can become unbearable and difficult to manage. If you then think that if you bet on the quick they can start real wars that can last even years, it is easy to understand how having them against them can become almost intolerable. Especially if you take into consideration the fact that these are signs with which it is practically impossible to reason.

Leo – Those who are very mischievous, especially if you don’t do what they want
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo may turn out to be born despots. Authoritarians like few others, always try to get as much as they can from those around them. Whether or not they feel affection for someone, they know they can turn any relationship into a form of convenience. And when they don’t get what they want, they end up taking things personally. When this happens, they can become extremely spiteful, especially if the people they connect with are not in their good graces. Having to deal with them at work, for example, is annoying. Especially because they are very good at making more than obvious teasing, without stopping smiling. A way of doing that can make them hateful and that in some cases can lead them to appear less sunny and positive than they would like. Which, however, they do not always realize.

Virgo – Those who are spiteful but not too spiteful
Virgo natives are very touchy and consequently always ready to set traps for those who annoy them. When they feel stung, they are ready to close in on themselves and give their worst. Their behavior can be vengeful and openly hurting. If not provoked, however, they limit themselves to some teasing that they can do with more or less energy. It must be said that these are signs that do not like to take things long and that tend to easily forget the wrongs suffered. There being spiteful is therefore often limited to sporadic episodes of which they are the first to forget. Too bad that their way of doing things is sometimes so disturbing that it annoys others. And those around them are not always ready to forget what happened just as quickly.

Libra – The relatively unkind ones Those
born under the zodiac sign of Libra they are not naturally spiteful people. They like to live peacefully, enjoying as many positive emotions as possible. And to do so they always end up looking for the quiet living with whoever surrounds them. They are very good at finding meeting points and calming tempers, they don’t like to indulge in things like teasing. If they are provoked, however, they do not usually sit idle. More than doing some spite, however, they prefer to actively take revenge. To make others understand who they are dealing with. It is an attitude that they implement without thinking too much and that they generally know how to manage with their usual ability to always remain in balance. Once a problem is solved they tend to let it go and forget about it to return to their usual life.

Scorpio – Those who know how to be very mischievous
Contrary to popular belief, Scorpio natives are people who love to live in peace. When they find themselves managing relationships with others, they always try to keep relationships relaxed. And they do it by showing themselves reliable and always ready to lend a hand. Being precise by nature, however, they don’t like to be made fun of. So if they feel betrayed or hurt they become extremely vengeful, to the point of being dangerous. While they don’t like to tease, they tend to give them life when they have to deal with people they now consider enemies. Even after taking revenge, the natives of the sign do not forget. And this leads them to take a hostile attitude towards those who have now put in their black book.

Sagittarius – The spiteful ones in their spare time
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius can be quite spiteful, especially if they think they are doing the right thing. Highly judgmental, they almost always end up trying to show themselves better than others. When they fail, it annoys them to the point that it leads them to act through spite that in their eyes have a meaning but which for the recipient are completely devoid of logic. It is a way of doing that belongs to the point of not being able to do without it. Fortunately, they are so caught up in finding faults in others that they easily change their aim, focusing on different people from time to time. Their teasing is therefore almost always relatively simple to manage and set aside.

Capricorn – Those who are especially mischievous
The natives of Capricorn are, surprisingly, among the most spiteful signs of the zodiac. This is because when dealing with others they often find themselves not completely in agreement. And it makes them want to have their say in a very personal way. If they feel challenged or threatened in some way, then they put in place a whole series of teasing that can be particularly unbearable for those who have to deal with them. A way of doing things that often leads them to the wrong side and all without them realizing it. While taking revenge for something right away could be easily understood, teasing only for something born in their mind is certainly more difficult to accept and forgive. For this reason,

Aquarius – Those who are not spiteful at all
Those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign they are people of a quiet disposition. When they are relaxing they like to enjoy their time, avoiding thinking about unpleasant things. Teasing others is therefore something that does not cross his mind. And all because if they don’t like someone, they prefer to kick them out of their world. They are not saints and if provoked they do not hesitate to respond in kind. In doing so, however, they do what they feel is their due and then let things go. For them, living peacefully is what matters most. And the very thought of holding a grudge would mean giving too much importance to people who will never have enough for them. After all, it is one of the signs that live best alone and has no particular desire to mix with others.

Pisces – Those who know how to be spiteful
Pisces natives are people who are always trying to understand others. For this reason, they tend to be more easily kind than the other way around. Even if they have a good heart, however, they are certainly not stupid, and if upset by someone they know how to defend themselves. In these cases, they can become incredibly spiteful, to the point of giving a hard time to anyone who has dared to provoke them. It is a way of being difficult to suspect. A way that the natives of the sign reserve the right to put in place as a last resort and only if cornered. When they want, however, they can go to extremes that border on real revenge. An aspect that can make them incredibly dangerous and difficult to treat. Because if it is one thing sure it is that the natives of the sign when they decide to close with someone, they do it forever. And when simple spite is not enough to make them calm down, this is the choice they usually arrive at.

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