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Find out which flavor of ice cream to prefer based on your zodiac sign.

With the days getting hotter, the craving for nice ice cream is always around the corner. Fresh, greedy, and typical of summer, ice cream is a food that many love to enjoy as a snack, at the end of a meal, and sometimes even instead of lunch. It goes without saying that with the many options available, the embarrassment of choice is getting stronger every year. If on the one hand there are people who always remain faithful to the same taste, on the other, there are those who every time they set foot in an ice cream parlor risk spending hours there. Not knowing how to decide among so many possibilities is a typical characteristic of some people.

And since when it comes to ice creams and their tastes, even the stars can have their influence, after seeing how love lives each sign of the zodiac and what is the discomfort that the zodiac signs should work on by the end of June, today we will find out which ice cream flavor to choose or to try based on your zodiac sign. To have more than one option and the possibility to vary while playing it safe, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant.

Astrology – An ice cream flavor based on the zodiac sign

Aries – Fior di latte ice cream
Those born under the sign of Aries love simple and fresh flavors. Things don’t change when it comes to choosing a good ice cream either. For them, the most suitable for every occasion is the fior di latte one, possibly to be eaten in a nice cone. A way like any other to recharge some of the many energies spent during the day and all with a taste that can satisfy the palate, satiate and not weigh down.

Exactly what the natives of the sign need, always ready for action and with little time between one activity and another. Which, in the summer, makes ice cream even more precious.

Taurus – Dark Chocolate Ice Cream
The natives of Taurus are notoriously greedy. Chocolate lovers, delight in experiencing this taste in a thousand different ways. And the ice cream, of course, is no exception. Although they are most likely regular consumers of this flavor, varying is not recommended. In the end, they would always return to their greatest love. A good option, however, is to take advantage of the many varieties available and change often between milk, dark, chocolate pieces, etc … Even mixing multiple flavors can be a valid choice, able to satisfy them and give them away to savor a slightly different taste. All without leaving their comfort zone.

Gemini – A mix of tastes
Those born under the sign of Gemini do not like to remain fixed on one thing and feel the constant need to change. For them, therefore, there is no one more suitable taste than others. The ideal is to change every time so that you never get bored and experiment with new flavors. Mixing even more flavors in single ice cream is probably the choice that suits him best and that guarantees him a pleasant experience. Having said that, if they feel the need for only one taste, they can opt for stracciatella, able to offer two taste experiences in one shot, passing between two opposites given by fior di latte and chocolate. Another alternative? Choose a flavor and add some cream. The temperature difference will make it more pleasant.

Cancer – Strawberry Ice Cream
Cancer natives do not like to change tastes and tend to be particularly attached to those loved in childhood. Strawberry ice cream is therefore one of those who tend to ask for more often and which, among many, gives it particularly pleasant sensations. Being able to change now and then is certainly pleasant for them too. In order not to stray from comfort food in terms of ice cream, however, a good idea maybe not be to change completely but to combine a second strawberry flavor. This way they will be sure not to regret and still be able to enjoy their favorite flavor, no matter how much they like what they have chosen to experiment with.

Leo – Yogurt ice cream
Those born under the sign of Leo are energetic and always on the move. For this reason, now and then, they love to indulge in good ice cream. When it comes to choosing, one of the most suitable options for their way of being is that of yogurt ice cream. In this way, they can enjoy a fresh and rich taste that is also healthy and nutritious. Lovers as they are of their figure and the idea of ​​always appearing in shape, they will be happy to opt for a taste that is not too caloric and that does not pay attention to their shape.

And if they want to change, they can always opt to combine yogurt with a fruit flavor. Fresh and sweet at the right point to make him fully feel the atmosphere of a typical summer day.

Virgo – Cream ice cream
Virgo natives are true gluttons but at the same time, they love to have fixed points that, once found, never change. This also applies to the choice of ice cream that they prefer simple but at the same time creamy and rich in taste. A cup of cream or trifle is recommended for them. A way to savor an enveloping taste, fresh and at the same time charged enough to give it energy and a good mood. On days when they need to indulge in a little more pampering, they can opt for adding a little cream, useful to enhance the experience given by eating a taste of ice cream they love and considered among the best.

Libra – Fruit Ice Cream
Those born under the sign of Libra do not have great preferences when it comes to ice cream. Their primary goal, however, is to cool off. For this reason, they tend to always opt for a good fruit ice cream. The best is when they manage to find pieces of fruit to enjoy together with the ice cream. As for tastes, whether it’s strawberry, banana, or watermelon, it doesn’t matter. What they need is to have a pleasant moment with tasty ice cream that doesn’t weigh them down.

Knowing that you are eating something that is also healthy and low in fat makes their experience more peaceful. At least from a psychological point of view. And since ice cream has to bring joy, everything that makes you feel better is welcome, right?

Scorpio – The hazelnut and pistachio ice cream
The natives of Scorpio don’t like having to choose and when it comes to ice cream, they always try to get the most out of taste. Lovers of dried fruit, always tend to opt for flavors such as hazelnut and pistachio. A combination that they love to associate and from which they always detach themselves with some difficulty. Nonetheless, they are curious and always ready to experience something new. For this reason, from time to time, they could add a touch of chocolate to the whole or vary one of the two flavors in favor of the third. This way they won’t have the feeling of always choosing the same flavor. And in doing so they will feel more satisfied than ever and, consequently, always in a great mood. Just how it should feel after eating good ice cream.

Sagittarius – Mint ice cream
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to experiment and always have different experiences. In summer, therefore, a taste of fresh ice cream such as mint is the ideal choice and best suited to their way of being. Refreshing themselves with a pleasant taste to savor helps them to recharge and keep their spirits up. Whether with the help of a nice cone or in the classic cup, the mint flavor is perfect for most occasions.

And when do they need a cuddle? In this case, they can opt for the mint and chocolate combination whose contrast will help them to fully enjoy both flavors, without ever regretting the choice made.

Capricorn – Coconut ice cream
The natives of Capricorn don’t usually choose one flavor over others, opting for the one they prefer on the spot. To be on the safe side, however, they can opt for coconut ice cream, purely summer and therefore pleasant to eat. Its strong flavor will help them feel easily satisfied and not have to overdo the quantities. Which they hate doing because it worries them about the risks on the line. An ice cream cone to eat when they are out and about is the choice that best suits their way of being and the simplest one to choose when they are running. Something that often happens to them.

Aquarius – Coffee ice cream
Those born under the sign of Aquarius love to choose a different flavor each time so that they can savor everyone they find. Now and then, however, they too like to stay on the classic and when this happens the flavor of ice cream to choose is that of coffee. In this way they can savor a flavor they know well and love, feeling more energetic and appreciating its many nuances. On the busiest days, they can also combine it with cream, fresh at the right point and soft enough to make them feel at peace with the world. For them, after all, choosing to eat ice cream is equivalent to being cuddled, which especially in summer represents a pleasant diversion to indulge in whenever they can.

Pisces – Chocolate and pistachio ice cream
The natives of Pisces are true gourmands and love ice cream in all its forms. Having to choose one flavor rather than another is therefore always a very difficult choice that they do not like to make. They are certainly made for full-bodied flavors and for this reason the chocolate and pistachio flavors are among the most suitable for their needs. Flavors can satisfy them and that go well with each other. Especially when there is the possibility to choose in different shades and with textures of all kinds.

Being able to vary 365 degrees with these two flavors is a real taste experience for them. This can only be improved with the presence of a couple of cookies. Or, in the case of lunch, with a brioche to be filled with their favorite ice cream.

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