Some People Will Break Your Heart But Clear Your Vision

Every heartbreak is, to say the least, a pain in the ass. You don’t only feel the emotional pain that’s been eating you alive, you’re angry.

You’re angry at this other person who crushed you, without giving it a second thought or minding the consequences of his actions.

You’re upset at yourself for your bad judgment, for letting someone who was clearly wrong for you in all the way, for trusting someone you obviously shouldn’t, and finally – for allowing all of this to happen.

Not only that – you’re also mad at karma, destiny, faith, God, or whatever divine force you believe in.

After all, you’re the last person who deserved to go through this, so why did this devastating experience have to happen to you?

You never harmed anyone, let alone this man who treated you like crap and ended up dumping you, as if you never mattered.

In fact, you were always the kindest person possible – someone who was extra careful not to hurt someone else’s feelings intentionally.

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Instead of seeing this heartache as the worst thing that could happen to you, you should be grateful for it.

Be thankful for all the pain you’re going through, all the lessons you’ve learned, and having a new valuable experience in your life that will help you grow into the woman you are supposed to become.

Be thankful for each heartbreak because it helped you see many things way clearer.

If it hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t have known the things you know now and you’d still have that douchebag who doesn’t deserve a place in your life next to you.

If he hadn’t decided to show his true colors, you would’ve never found out what kind of a monster sleeps beside you.

You would’ve never known all he’s capable of. Never realized he didn’t love you enough.

You would’ve never kicked this toxic man out of your life and wasted more years next to someone who had what it took to break your heart, without even taking your emotions into consideration.

You’d have still been convinced that your boyfriend is this nice guy who’d never do anything to hurt you and whose love for you is eternal and undying.

You wouldn’t be aware of the fact that he’s actually ready to bail out on you at the first sign of an obstacle or minor inconvenience.

If this jerk hasn’t decided to crush you, you would never know how to spot the red flags common to all toxic men, and you wouldn’t be wiser and more careful when it comes to your future selection of potential boyfriends.

You wouldn’t know when to run for your life and when to try and save your future relationship.

And you certainly wouldn’t have the ability to tell the difference between a good guy and an asshole who’ll hurt you.

If you hadn’t experienced this heartbreak, you’d never have gotten the chance to see who your real friends are.

Who were the ones who were constantly available for you, never minded hearing you out, and kept offering you their shoulder to cry on?

And who were the ones who were always too busy to talk about your problems and couldn’t care less about helping you feel better?

If you hadn’t had your heart broken, you would never know how strong and powerful you actually can be.

You wouldn’t have realized that this is not the worst case scenario of your story and  you can survive it – the same way you can survive anything life throws at you.

You wouldn’t have known that being single is not the worst thing that can happen to you, and embracing your alone time can be the best decision of your life, if you just play your cards right.

You would’ve never found out that you can make it on your own and don’t need a man to complete you.

Most importantly – if this guy had never shattered your heart, you’d never have seen the importance of loving yourself more than you love anyone else, and especially your romantic partner.

You would’ve never realized how wrong it is to put a guy in front of yourself, nor learned the importance of prioritizing yourself without considering it a selfish act.

So yes, some people break your heart into a million pieces when you don’t even see it coming.

That said, instead of cursing them for doing so, consider yourself lucky for crossing paths with them because they actually helped you out – they cleared your vision, made you take your rose tinted sunglasses off, and taught you more than you could’ve imagined.

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