One Day, All The Love You Gave Him Will Find It’s Way Back

One day, all the nice things you told him will find their way back to you.

One day, you won’t get back a snarky look and a sea of insults in return.

One day, you’ll get back what you deserve.

You’ll get, “I love you,” a warm look and a tight hug—those few little things you’ve been missing so badly.

You’ll feel safe and protected instead of confused and worried.

Next time you fall in love, you won’t have to choose your words wisely just in case you don’t trigger him into yelling at you.

You know why? Because he won’t misunderstand you.

He won’t be that selfish to only think about his problems and project them onto you.

One day, all the failed dates you had with him will be recreated better with someone who actually gives a damn about you.

Next time, there won’t be heartbreak, there won’t be times when you’re stood up at a restaurant.

Next time, you’re going to be loved and cherished like you’re the most important person in the whole world.

You’re not going to be left alone, staring at the window, looking at your own reflection and wondering why you aren’t good enough for him.

A man who falls in love with you will make you feel irreplaceable and unique.

A man who falls in love with you won’t make you wait in front of a restaurant.

He will already be there, looking at you with sparkly eyes and an attitude full of beautiful expectations.

From that moment on, he will be ready to change your life for the better, having in mind all the sacrifices he has to take to love a broken girl.

One day, all the missed calls and unanswered texts will magically appear, erasing those painful memories.

You won’t be left alone in the dark, sitting on your bed, wondering where he is or if he is coming back ever again.

You’ll have conversations with someone who doesn’t wait for you to hang up.

You’ll talk to a person who will coax you into talking more so he can hear your sweet voice and memorize it in his head until the next time he hears from you.

You’ll wake up to the sound of a text message wishing you good morning and a beautiful day, for no particular reason… just because.

You’ll finally live the day when he calls you out of the blue just to say he misses you and wants to see you.

One day, all the times you weren’t respected and loved, all the times you were mistreated, will stay in the past in a terrible nightmare you’re going to forget.

The man you’ve been waiting for will come along and make everything right.

One day, a man will come along and he will convince you you’re good enough.

He will chase away all your insecurities that meant you kept your head down low.

He’ll breathe life back into you, making you feel like no one can touch you, like you’re capable of doing anything.

This man won’t laugh at you or call you names.

He will recognize where your beauty lies and he will make sure you are aware of it as well, every single day.

He will never try to change you because he fell in love with you while being his true self—without a mask, without pretending, just his bare self.

One day, all your tears will dry.

All the people you cried over won’t matter anymore because you’ll find the love you never knew you’d have.

There will be no more tears, I promise you.

There will be no more of those splitting headaches after sobbing in despair over your life and where it had gotten you.

This man you’ll come across, he’ll wipe those tears away and put a smile on your face instead.

Not a fake smile to keep the nosy people away but a true one, right from the bottom of your heart.

One day, all those times you were alone will be filled with company you want to have around.

Every time someone told you he’d be there and didn’t show up, you were devastated but all that ends on that one day you’re waiting for.

The time has come for destiny to change its course and pay you back for everything you’ve been through.

A man will come along who will give you the love you never saw coming.

A man who will make amends for everything you’ve been denied so far.

And do you know what the best part is? You won’t find him because you won’t be looking for him.

He will find you. True love will find you. Find you and choose you.

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