Man or woman – you probably know the claim that little presents keep the friendship. All the more so in a love relationship. A sweet surprise here, a little present there – all these little gestures emphasize feelings of affection and love.

None of this has to be expensive or expensive. On the contrary. Rather, it is important to meet the partner attentively and to recognize what might make your counterpart, or you together, joy.

We have some suggestions for you here that are located between generally understood romance for two, the practical demands of everyday life and gender-specific attentions only for your loved one.

Sometimes the romantic is not in the foreground and also not in the use of the kindly hearts open on the table, but keeps more discreetly in the background. Just then she can give your feelings for each other special expression.

Incidentally, how each individual person receives loving gestures and surprises is very individual. The art of small gestures lies in knowing your counterpart so well that you can ” press the right buttons ” with your friend .

That’s why you’ll find very different suggestions that can appeal to different types of people and even surprise a lover who says he does not like surprises. It does not always have to be the heart symbol and the color red to create a soulful and intimate mood.

Find your own individual language of love as a friend and friend, then you remain a happy pair of lovers for longer.

The little gestures and surprises

  1. Flowers for him – not just a pretty sight for herIt is not automatically a sign of a guilty conscience when you give each other flowers. It’s best to have a brief consultation with the florist that suits your partner and surprise him with a bouquet of fragrant colors.And it does not even have to be the expensive bunch of roses from the flower shop next door. You can also find beautiful flowers in a blooming summer meadow. Especially if you both like to spend time in nature, he will probably appreciate the home-made bouquet.Incidentally, flowers are also decorated as petals, for example in the bathroom in combination with candles, a symbolically understood, wonderful gesture, on the one hand to create a romantic mood and on the other express your affection.Especially romantic men can warm themselves up for rose petals in the bath or bedroom. If you want to turn up a little bit more, you give it a heart of flowers. 
  2. The football night for himOften, his passion for football may be more of a bone of contention in your relationship . (It can also be about the Tour de France or handball.) Not only when there is a World Cup coming up, it is especially enchanting to organize a leisurely football night for your friend.Ideally, you’re going to invite some of his best buddies without knowing it first. On the contrary, let him assume that he will not be able to enjoy watching his beloved football match in front of the TV that evening. Heimlich organizes for him the football evening, whereby his favorite beer and the corresponding treats can not be missing.You do not think that’s romantic at all? Just imagine how your friend will be happy, when he knows that you do not make anything out of football. And it’s probably not that easy to make a real surprise for him.You can assume that this gift will not be forgotten soon. Connectedness not only shows in intimate togetherness, but also in wordless understanding and sometimes bittersweet renunciation of one partner in favor of the other. 
  3. Surprises for partners who do not want to be surprisedThere are these people who can not do much with a surprise and also with superficial proofs of love. They quickly feel overwhelmed by unexpected events that make them very insecure. To pamper such a person with attention, you must be strategically skilled.Your friend belongs to this type of person? It is not appropriate here to override your counterpart with a glaring surprise effect. Do you know, for example, that he appreciates a particular style of music, you buy a CD that discreetly accompanies the dinner. Ideally, the partner then asks you what that great music is.You can then tell him that you were quite sure how much he liked this artist, and that’s why you got this CD for the evening. You really like the music too. This is well received and maybe it develops into a romantic blues dance between you. Other developments can not be ruled out on this evening.It is important that he realizes that you can motivate yourself sincerely for his interests. Just imagine how nice it can be for your partner if you support him in his favorite hobby. That alone can sometimes be surprise enough. 
  4. The classic – the cultural eventGranted, this gesture may sometimes lack originality, but it still has charm . You have bought tickets for a very nice evening for two. Depending on individual preferences, it may be theater tickets, tickets for an opera or a museum visit on a museum night.Especially engaging in this kind of gifts is that you spend wonderful hours together. Romance, as most people understand it, comes about by itself. It may of course also be a romantic weekend for two people – with candle light dinner and everything that goes with it. Look at our suggestion under point 8.14.8 years on average holds a marriage!This anonymous test will help you figure outwhether you are made for each other.“Is he  realyour soul mate ? “Find out!Start the testThis test will help you better assess your existing partnership.With this unique test, we want to give you the opportunity to get to grips with your problems with the male world. Take 1 minute and answer all 8 questions.The results vary from person to person, and you will be offered perfectly matched solutions.
  5. The heart’s desireYou know a heart’s desire of your lover? He would like to fly once with a hot air balloon or skating again in winter like in childhood? Heartfelt wishes are not always an expensive pleasure.Often it’s about trifles, which prove one thing though: you listen to your friend, he is especially important to you.Heartfelt wishes are a personal matter and just as personal is your surprise . This cozy warm feeling in your heart is then on soft feet simply because you enjoy the event ideally as a couple together. 
  6. The everyday gift and the knightYou do not have to give things away all the time. Sometimes the surprise is that you are freeing your beloved from a chore. You have surprisingly cleaned the apartment and already prepared the dinner, so that your friend now has more free time for himself (and leisure for you).Loving in this context is also a coupon, with which you announce the assumption of appropriate obligations and make them possibly even temporally dependent on the choice of the other. Not superficially romantic, but make this gesture a lot of joy and strengthen the connection between you.Men sometimes perceive a proof of love as such, if you give them the opportunity to prove themselves as a male savior in distress or as a gallant knight.For example, if he can help you with problems in everyday life. Ask him to do things for you because you know he can do them better than you.An example:
    ” Honey, may I ask you for a favor. Could you help me choose my new laptop? You know so very well and can very well assess what I actually need technical gadgets. You would really support me with that. “or” Darling, do you want to help me raise my summer tires? I know that you enjoy screwing the car and I can really use your strong arms for it. “If he is allowed to play his chivalry and you do not want to do everything himself, he may understand that as an expression of genuine affection. More romance is not possible
  7. The picnic in the countrysideCommon outdoor activities often have a particularly romantic ambition. It’s not difficult to prepare a picnic basket and take the loved one by surprise to a lake or forest in your area.You can combine this excursion into the countryside with an overnight stay in the open air. Is there anything better than looking at the stars together? We assume that you may even discover a new constellation. We do not want to talk about the falling stars.Incidentally, similar effects can also be found in games in the hay and on the beach. 
  8. The weekend for twoDepending on your individual options, you can prepare a special weekend for both of you. This can be connected with a small trip or take place in your own home.Significant to the success of this surprise is that you both have time together and you devote yourself intensely to your loved one.This surprise is especially atmospheric when you choose your destination or your own apartment for special, well-known wishes of your lover and thus perhaps even fulfill his heart’s desire. 
  9. The thing with the heartsMost women continue to appreciate the heart symbol as a sign of love. This also applies to men. If you realize that he is open to it, you can leave red hearts in everyday life (like also subliminal without the red color).Did you prepare your lunchbox? Leave him his fruits or vegetables in heart shape in the tin.A romance without hearts can hardly imagine one of us. So grab a post-it and diligently and sweetly on open spaces. After that, you can put the little touches in his favorite book or wallet.You can also use the heart emojis on Whats App. At least now and then, because the inflationary use of hearts can quickly seem banal . 
  10. Silence and speechesModern communication media allow you to stay in touch with each other, even if you are in different places. However, men in particular like to let communication grind a little because they do not attach enough importance to it.If your husband is one of the big silence, the  Whats App messages always a week late or not answered, surprise your friend but once with a special way of communication – Dirty Talk on the phone.Send him erotic voice messages, sexy lyrics or surprise him with phone sex. You’ll be surprised how you can convince him of your sense of attention this way.Your involvement in couple communication has the greatest impact if it does not remain a fluke . Please do not exaggerate, otherwise he mentally goes astray and suspects ulterior motives with you. You will be able to get the right amount of small written surprises from his reaction. 
  11. Your very own form of loveThere are probably things between you that are very intimate, but are the epitome of romance in your relationship. How nice if you remind each other again and again of these things and regularly integrated into your everyday life. These can be rituals, nicknames, anniversaries, places or certain objects, your personal preferences are limitless.Do you still remember that rainy, but heartfelt walk in the park of Sanssouci or your first meeting? You have your anniversary? Then take him to the place where you had your first date or where you exchanged your first kiss.The important thing is that you hold on to this personal form of affection and make it always a little surprise for you.

Romantic surprise wants to be practiced

Your love can fall asleep or even die if you can no longer surprise and respond sensitively. That’s why it always pays off to work on these things in a relationship. It’s best to pick an attractive surprise and spoil your other half with love.

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