8 Messages Guys Send When They Are In Love

When a girl starts dating a guy, it is normal for the girl to feel anxious or worried about his real intentions.

It is okay to question herself if he is really into her or if he just wants to fool around.

The girl’s immense wish to be liked raises a lot of doubts within her.

The majority of guys have a problem when it comes to expressing their emotions. They do not seem to know how to process their feelings well.

If we are talking about good guys, then they will always find a way of admitting if their intentions are true. But that might take some time.

If you want to really know if that guy you like so much likes you back, and you want to find it out as soon as possible, the first thing you have to pay attention to are his messages.

You see, the messages he sends to you, say a lot about his feelings for you.

Most women have that sixth sense when it comes to reading the body language of a guy when talking to him directly.

It is a lot easier to get the idea of what he means when he says something to your face.

His actions can also be a clear indicator of his feelings for you.

For example, if he comes to a date in his work uniform, if he cancels the dates at the very last moment, or if he never asks you out first, then it is kind of obvious that he is not that into you.

With texting it is a bit different.

It is more difficult to understand what he really means when he is texting.

Messages are always a good way of communication because through texting, you will realize if you are dealing with a jerk or a potential soulmate.

If a guy sends you these texts, then it probably means he really cares about you and perhaps wants to deepen your relationship:

How are you feeling today?

If a guy sends you a message just to check about your mood or about your feelings, then there is a big possibility that you are often in his mind.

This is a good message to start a conversation. And if he takes the time to hear about the terrible incident at work or how much you hate your boss, then ladies, it is a hell of a good sign.

Have you eaten already?

If a guy checks if you eat regularly, it means that he cares about your well-being. He does not want you to have bad habits and poor health choices.

He would, of course, take care of you if you got sick, but it is always better to prevent than to treat.

You have just crossed my mind!

Receiving this type of message obviously puts a big smile on our faces. It is always good to hear that somebody is thinking of us, especially when it comes to the guy we actually like a lot.

I wish you were here!

This message implies that the guy you like is missing you. Maybe he is having an important day in his life or maybe he just feels lonely and wants someone to talk to.

No matter what the case is, you are the first one on his mind and he wants to share it with you.

Sorry for not having answered immediately. I was busy!

Many guys will not bother calling if they see a missed call. Many of them will forget to reply to a message if they are not interested in you.

But, if he answers by writing this, then he cares about what you think of him.

He doesn’t want to leave a bad impression. If you get this message, be understanding, and don’t be inconsiderate!

I want to see you. When will you be available?

It is always good to get asked out and not maintain all the contact only via texting.

This means that this guy is willing to take his time to see you in person and get to know you better.

Can I call you?

Hearing the voice of a loved one is priceless. When he wants to call you, it is a sign that he needs to talk to you about something.

He doesn’t want to waste time texting and you are probably the right person who will help him regarding the issue he is experiencing.

I saw X and I remembered you!

“I saw the most adorable kitten right now. It reminded me of that cat you showed me the photo of, the one you had in your childhood!”

Getting a message like this means that a guy is actually listening to you when you are talking to him.

He is not distracted when you are talking to him nor does he pretend to be listening to you.

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